2018 Projects

The ASI Missions Inc. board has selected 38 projects to receive grants from the offering to be gathered at the 2018 ASI International Convention. The offering goal was $1,067,000. Online donations are accepted toward this year’s offering and previous years’ pledges. Each project will receive the designated amount. All combined, the projects represent a significant worldwide impact. In the unlikely event that any of the listed projects do not progress within a reasonable time, as determined by ASI at its discretion, ASI may redirect the funds from the failed project to another ASI-approved project. Below are the organizations, along with descriptions and planned use of project funds.

Past Years Projects

1. Adventist World Radio


Every week, around the world, thousands of people reach out to contact the Seventh-day Adventist Church. For different reasons, many of these people do not receive a speedy response and the opportunity to build a life-changing relationship with them is lost. Adventist World Radio is leading the effort to establish an AWR360º Center for Digital Evangelism (CDE) in the Philippines. There, young missionaries will nurture contacts through phone calls, Facebook posts, WeChat messages, and more. They will pray with those in need, answer questions about God, share resources, connect newcomers with Bible schools, and put people in touch with local Adventist churches and members. Offering funds will go toward making AWR360º a reality.

2. Amazon Lifesavers Ministry


Amazon Lifesavers Ministry (ALM) started in 2007 as a supporting ministry in the Northwest Brazilian Union. Today, they have a full-time dedicated staff of more than 30 missionaries serving in various capacities and have planted nearly 20 new churches in the Amazon. They are currently working in three geographical regions that serve 10 counties and several hundred jungle villages. As a result of the ALM Luzeiro river boat program, which allows missionaries to reach remote villages with the gospel, they have inaugurated a new jungle elementary school. Bible workers come to live in the villages, do church planting, and then ALM’s floating church comes to do public evangelism. Offering funds will help provide housing for the Bible workers while living in these isolated areas.

3. ASAP Ministries, Inc.


ASAP Ministries, Inc. was incorporated in 1995 for the purpose of supporting church planting among Southeast Asians. ASAP supports over 500 national missionaries and projects such as Feed & Read Schools, AIDS Hospice, and the building of water wells. ASAP Ministries works to establish wholistic, church-planting movements that combine the proclamation of the everlasting gospel with physical acts of compassion. Offering funds will be used to produce evangelism DVDs for closed countries in their native languages. One such country, Eretria, has only about 200 Adventist members with limited resources. A young, Eritrean missionary will record sermons at a professional recording studio in the US. Other pastors and gifted speakers will speak in their mother tongues to record appealing sermons on the 28 Adventist fundamental beliefs. These sermons will be shared in closed countries to spread the gospel.

4. ASI New Beginnings and Picture Rolls


Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) has been operating and working with the Seventh-day Adventist Church on evangelism-related projects for more than 30 years. ASI has no source of income for such projects except through the generosity of its members, particularly in relationship to New Beginnings Evangelism (NBE). In the past two years, NBE has presented over 35,000 evangelism series. NBE has trained lay people in many countries and has distributed numerous downloads of New Beginnings (NB) materials through the ASI website. This is a highly-valued resource for the world church. ASI funding will be used to print and distribute NB Picture Rolls, Picture Rolls DVD scripts, supply NB on flash drives, supply DVD players/projectors for NB series, and render any new or revised languages into NB graphics.

5. ASI Youth for Jesus


ASI Youth for Jesus (YFJ) is a 4-week evangelism training program for youth originated by ASI and now operated for ASI by LIFE (Lay Institute For Evangelism). The program has been an annual feature of the ASI Convention since 1999, resulting in hundreds of baptisms and the training of approximately 1,000 youth in the evangelism cycle. Offering funds will go toward supporting Bible workers and youth participants for the YFJ 2018 and 2019 programs.

6. Black Hills Health and Education Center


Black Hills Health and Education Center (BHHEC), in continuous operation since 1979, provides health care and medical missionary worker training. They currently operate a School of Massage and a Lifestyle Health service. Hundreds of students and thousands of patients have received BHHEC services. The buildings where these ministries operate are older, but in good repair except for deteriorated roofs. Due to harsh weather, the buildings are at risk of serious damage if repairs are not made. Offering funds will go toward removing old shingles and installing metal roofs on four large and four small buildings (totaling 30,000 sq. ft.). Maranatha has agreed to install the materials as a donation. Additionally, one smaller building will be re-sided.

7. E.A. Sutherland Education Association


E.A. Sutherland Education Association (EASEA) has been in operation since 2002. They provide educational services and programs to supporting ministry academies and elementary schools. EASEA has expanded to a national and international scope of service. It provides member academies with a written curriculum for teaching work ethic and phase one of a computer-based vocational training tracking program. Offering funds will go toward continued expansion of services to its member schools, as well as to non-member and self-supporting schools. Funds will also assist with developing the next phase of the computer-based vocational tracking system for member schools.

8. Ellen G. White Estate


Ellen G. White Estate (EGWE) has been receiving financial support from ASI since 2011 for the ongoing project of making the writings of Ellen White available for free in non-English languages via the website and apps, as well as ongoing book digitization. This year, offering funds will go toward sponsoring the digitization of a specific number of Ellen White books. All will be non-English Ellen White books, and none of the donated funds will go to the EGWE overhead—every cent contributed will go directly to the digitization project.

9. Family Development International/Kibidula


Family Development International/Kibidula (FDIK) was established as a sister organization of Riverside Farm Institute (Zambia) in 1989, and became a recognized NGO in Tanzania and an ASI member in 1990. Kibidula’s main ministry activities include an evangelism training school, an agriculture training school for young people, an English medium primary school, publishing work, printing operations, health evangelism work, health evangelism training, active evangelism, building One Day Churches, a wellness center for lifestyle training, and an avocado orchard and seedling project. In the near future, FDIK hopes to restart its aviation program and add a Swahili-language FM radio station ministry. Offering funds will go toward purchasing and installing a solar electric power system for Kibidula’s School of Evangelism. Due to the remoteness of their location, the institute is not located anywhere near the national power grid.

10. FARM STEW International


FARM STEW International (FSI) exists to improve the health and well-being of rural, small farm families. Its work is designed to alleviate the causes of hunger, disease, and poverty. FARM STEW is an acronym for Farming, Attitude, Rest, Meals, Sanitation, Temperance, Enterprise, Water. Since 2015, FSI has trained 22,864 people in hands-on, Bible-based cooking and agriculture classes, loaned 250 kg of improved variety soybeans to local farmers, distributed seedlings to start vegetable gardens, provided 1,000 girls with reusable cloth menstrual pads, and supplied more than 200 training packs to equip community leaders to become trainers. Offering funds will go toward supporting, training, mobilizing, and equipping a team of five Ugandan FSI trainers.

11. Fletcher Academy, Inc.


Fletcher Academy, Inc. (FAI) has been transforming lives for Jesus for 107 continuous school years, impacting the lives of over 3,000 young people. FAI provides a high-quality, distinctly Seventh-day Adventist education to the more than 270 students enrolled at Captain Gilmer Christian School and Fletcher Academy. FAI is one of the longest-running supporting ministries in the Adventist denomination and is the largest independent Adventist academy in North America. Offering funds will go toward the expansion and remodeling of Fletcher Academy’s cafeteria and new commercial kitchen. The cafeteria is one of the oldest buildings in regular use by the students. Due to enrollment growth, it can no longer meet their basic food service needs. These improvements will help Fletcher Academy provide students, staff, and guests an attractive, peaceful setting in which to enjoy healthy food and fellowship.

12. GLOW


GLOW has existed for ten years. They have printed nearly one hundred million tracts globally in more than 75 languages. Their primary goal is to activate church members to give out literature in their everyday lives. Offering funds will go toward printing ten million tracts for use by the church in South Korea, Japan, and China. After printing, an ongoing program will be established, allowing churches to sell GLOW tracts to their members. This will bring in funds for further printing of tracts, for leadership, and for promotion of literature distribution.

13. Hartland Institute


For well over three decades, Hartland Institute has operated as a self-supporting educational organization. Offering funds will go toward reconstructing their lifestyle center. The renovation will result in a fully-operational Health Evangelism Center, a lifestyle program, classrooms for health majors and the newly-formed midwifery major, community education rooms, and a birthing center. The birthing center will give midwifery majors an extended opportunity to observe and assist Adventist health professionals engaged in midwifery as a ministry.

14. Harvest Fields Organic Farm


Harvest Fields Organic Farm (HFOF) was founded by Fresno Adventist Academy. The original purpose of the farm was to provide an industry for student labor, enabling students to pay their way through school by working. The farm benefits the students academically and spiritually by connecting them with nature and offering hands-on learning opportunities. HFOF has successfully started three gardens on other Seventh-day Adventist school campuses and is currently assisting a public school with the development of their school garden. The positive interaction with the non-Adventist community has opened doors to share Jesus with them. Offering funds will go toward helping HFOF provide the resources necessary to build gardens at other schools. Additionally, it will assist school administrators and teachers to incorporate gardening into their spiritual and academic curricula.

15. Impact Hope


Impact Hope serves a population of Congolese refugee students attending four Seventh-day Adventist academies in Rwanda. The students are refugees from tribal genocide in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This year, Impact Hope and others have sponsored approximately 411 high school children to attend four Seventh-day Adventist academies in Rwanda located a long distance from their refugee camps. It is unsafe and regressive for the high schoolers to return to the camps during vacation periods. Offering funds will go toward providing a vacation Vocational Training Program that equips students for work in non-agricultural jobs, since the students’ refugee families do not have land. Meaningful training is provided in plumbing, electrical, computers, sewing/tailoring, cosmetology, and agriculture.

16. International Caring Hands


International Caring Hands (ICH) was started by the Hayden Family. After successfully running a statewide dental company, they sold the company and half the proceeds were used to start ICH and Caring Hands Worldwide in 2007. These organizations have provided close to $3 million in free dental care as well as reached over 2,000 people annually through medical evangelism. Offering funds will go toward establishing a volunteer dental clinic in Mongolia. In 2017, a single-chair dental clinic was held in connection with a John Bradshaw evangelistic campaign. The campaign proved very successful in providing meaningful health care and evangelism to a population that is only three percent Christian. The plan for simultaneous clinics and evangelistic meetings will occur in the city of Ulaanbaatar and the Gobi desert.

17. International Children’s Care


International Children’s Care (ICC) focuses on providing nurturing care to orphan children within a loving Seventh-day Adventist home environment. In this home environment, children grow up learning about Jesus as their Savior. Through the years, many children have accepted Jesus as their Savior and have chosen to live to serve others. Offering funds will go toward the ICC orphanage in Las Palmas, Dominican Republic. Established in 1982, the orphanage uses a dairy industry to fund its operations. When properly run, one cow’s production can support a child. The plan is to increase the herd to 40 producing cows (typically 2/3 of the herd is producing at any given time).

18. Lay Institute for Global Health Training, Inc.


Since official operations began in 2008, LIGHT has trained over 21,000 lay members and pastors in 87 countries in LIGHT’s 125-hour intensive course. LIGHT provides excellent health evangelism training to church members worldwide through short courses, workshops, and online studies. Offering funds will be used to reach 10 unreached territories in northern Nigeria with LIGHT missionaries, open the first-ever missionary training course in Central Asia in Kazakhstan, train missionaries at their school in Bulgaria who will commit to work one year in the Middle East, train and equip 100 churches in China, and begin offering LIGHT courses in Japan. Funds will also be used to support their team of 50 LIGHT teachers located throughout the world, as well as provide basic materials needed to conduct their training and outreach.

19. Life and Health Network


When AMEN (Adventist Medical Evangelism Network) decided to share health education materials with the public through media, Life and Health Network (LHN) was created. LHN began producing free, online health resources for the public based on the Seventh-day Adventist health message. Topics include: 8 laws of health, 7 deadly psychological sins, hydrotherapy, the program “Diabetes Undone,” and plant-based cookbooks. Offering funds will go toward translating the “Diabetes Undone” series to Spanish while utilizing a Spanish-speaking physician and edited contents to better fit the Hispanic community.

20. LifeStyle TV


LifeStyle TV (LSTV) is located in southern Sweden and is a supporting ministry that has broadcasted 24/7 on satellite across Scandinavia for 12 years. Through the years, many viewers have been led to Christ as a direct result of LSTV. Additionally, inactive members are finding their way back to the church. LSTV’s impact extends beyond TV programming. It offers a one-year media training program for young people, conducts many evangelism training programs for church members, provides health expo packages for churches in Sweden and Finland, and publishes LifeStyleVIEW, a viewer and sharing magazine with a strong health profile. Offering funds will go toward building a long-anticipated new TV studio for LifeStyleTV. This new media center will serve all of Scandinavia and other countries. Beside studio and post-production offices, it will also feature a small community center for programs, seminars, and gatherings with local people.

21. Light Bearers Ministry


Light Bearers is a publishing, preaching, and media ministry devoted to the proclamation of the everlasting gospel. They publish evangelistic literature by the container load, all free of charge for Seventh-day Adventist Churches in third-world nations. They also produce video projects and conduct revival and evangelistic programs. Offering funds will go toward sending three containers of gospel literature to Tanzania and Zambia. The West Tanzania Conference, the Northern Tanzania Union Conference, and the North Zambia Union Conference are desperately needing truth-filled literature in their native languages; Light Bearers’ literature will help fill this void.

22. Loma Linda University Health


Loma Linda University Health Department of Earth and Biological Sciences, in operation since 1962, has been involved in geological research on fossil whales in Peru, fossil turtles and Yellowstone fossil forests in Wyoming, as well as many other projects in a variety of locations. The results of this research are a continuing source of encouragement to Bible believers, including Seventh-day Adventists and others. Offering funds will go toward the geological study of the Jurassic Navajo Sandstone in Utah and provide the means for Christian geologists to publish various geological formations from a biblical perspective.

23. Maranatha z.s.


Maranatha Z.S. (MZS), in operation since 2002 in the Czech Republic, is active in providing children’s ministries, health and science education, evangelism, publishing, and humanitarian aid around the world. The majority of people in the Czech Republic are Christian, but many are only formal Christians. Few people know about the gospel and the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Seventh-day Adventist youth are becoming passive members of the church. MZS believes that the youth of Czech Republic need a new vision, relationship with Christ, and identity within the church. Offering funds will go toward a “Youth for Jesus” experience in Prague and Kladno, in cooperation with the evangelism initiatives of the Slovakia Union Conference, ASI Europe, and ASI Czech-Slovak. The 3-4 week “Youth for Jesus” intensive program will provide practical experience for youth that will transform and broaden their view of God’s ability to use them and inspire them to continue being used in their home churches, colleges, and communities.

24. Metro Lifestyle Ministries Inc. (DBA Living Springs Overseas Missions)


Living Springs Overseas Missions (LSOM), a long-time ASI member, initially functioned as a New York City restaurant and Lifestyle Center since 1993. LSOM now has three institutions in India that operate an orphanage, two elementary day schools, two Bible seminaries, a midwifery training program, as well as two clinics on their campuses. Other clinics are being established in several unreached cities where their Bible seminary and midwifery course graduates are seeking to plant churches. Offering funds will go toward beginning construction of a two-story, multipurpose building that will include three staff apartments, tailoring rooms, business offices, and a water tank.

25. Mission North


Mission North is a very bold plan to draw together a team of Adventist youth and dental workers in Kitwanga, Canada. This team will be trained to serve First Nation peoples before traveling to remote communities further north to provide Vacation Bible School style youth evangelism and community and dental services. Offering funds will be used to assemble a team of committed youth willing to spend time learning, interacting, and sharing Christ with the native peoples of northern Canada.

26. Nasledie School


Nasledie School (NS) was established in 1997. It is the only Adventist school in Central Asia. It serves the surrounding community and provides English and Spanish classes as well as a free soccer school for children of the community.NS has a growing and thriving Centre of Influence. There are currently 100 participants of the soccer school, most of whom are not students of NS. Offering funds will go toward the construction of a Multi-functional Building Complex that will provide an indoor educational facility for a soccer school, as well as a gymnasium for the school. Specifically, the funds will be used for soccer school coach salaries, spiritual books and materials, sports equipment, the special sports floor of the complex, and for summer camps designed for spiritual growth.

27. Our Home Lifestyle Center


For approximately 20 years, Our Home Lifestyle Center at Novi Obi Hodi, Ukraine, has provided cutting-edge lifestyle services and medical evangelism training to the community in Ukraine, Russia, and Eastern Europe. They typically operate at capacity with a client waiting list. Many guests trace their renewed health, knowledge of Jesus, and Seventh-day Adventist Church membership to their stay at Our Home Lifestyle Center. The campus of Our Home Lifestyle Center was originally a resettlement site for evacuees from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The visionary leaders of Our Home Lifestyle Center saw the potential of the site and repurposed several abandoned buildings, transforming them into the first Adventist Lifestyle Center in Ukraine. However, Ukraine law does not provide for nonprofit organizations. Offering funds will go toward creating a recognized organizational operating structure. Our Home Lifestyle Center is a long-term member organization of Outpost Centers International.

28. Outpost Centers International


Outpost Centers International (OCI) was organized in 1983 and joined ASI in 1984. It functions on six continents, serving as a coordinating organization for more than 120 Seventh-day Adventist lay ministries. OCI provides its members with counsel and expertise in church relationships, management, finance, legal, and marketing issues. In the mid-1990s, a group of ASI and OCI leaders developed the Missionary Assistance Plan (MAP) as supplemental support for OCI’s long-term missionaries from developed countries who serve in undeveloped countries. These missionaries typically serve at the same stipend/wages as national workers which, without MAP assistance, would be insufficient for return airfare or emergency needs. Offering funds will go toward providing assistance to 39 missionaries.

29. Pearl Health Center Institute


Pearl Health Center Institute was established in 2015. For three years prior to establishment, they conducted lifestyle programs in Seventh-day Adventist church buildings and held 17 lifestyle programs (10-day programs) in the Almaty church. In 2015, they moved to a property and conducted home-like lifestyle programs, though they could serve only seven patients at a time. In July 2016, they started to build the first wellness center in Central Asia, and hope to dedicate the center in 2018. Offering funds will go toward furnishing and equipping the kitchen and hydro department for the new lifestyle center. This include beds, dressers, and nightstands (for 11 patient rooms), dining tables and chairs, furniture for common areas, such as a living room, library, waiting rooms, and offices, and kitchen equipment.

30. Riverside Farm Institute


Riverside Farm Institute (RFI) was founded in 1979 and has operated for many years as a lifestyle center, school, medical clinic, and working farm. Riverside has provided care to some of Zambia’s most influential leaders. Offering funds will go toward providing a new water system to the farm. RFI’s very old water system is in need of attention to provide clean water to campus homes and irrigate the farm’s growing acres. The water system includes a new pump station with a two-stage concrete settling pond, pumps, and filters so that the water will no longer clog irrigation nozzles or occasionally put fish into people’s bathtubs.

31. Shelter from the Storm


Shelter from the Storm (SFS) provides a structured living environment for recently released male ex-offenders. The program provides residents with housing for up to six months, assistance with finding employment, and life-skill training. Most importantly, SFS gives its residents an opportunity to develop and strengthen their relationship with God through Bible studies, church attendance, and fellowship with other Christians. SFS receives more applications than they can possibly house, so offering funds will go toward expanding available bed spaces. Additionally, they do not have a facility that can accommodate females. Funds will also go toward facilitating the purchase of two similar homes, one for women and another for men.

32. The One Day Church Projects, Inc.


The One Day Church Projects (ODCP) facilitates the erection of simple, low-cost church and school buildings, primarily in 3rd world settings. The conferences that invite ODCP provide a buildable site, with the land title in the conference’s name and the local congregation agrees to enclose and finish the church, providing doors, windows, and wall material. ODCP manufactures and ships the church kit using steel supplied by ASI member organization, McNeilus Steel, Inc. The One Day church is typically erected through ODCP local affiliate ministries. Offering funds will go toward providing 200 church kits (100 to Riverside Farm and 100 to Kibidula Farm).

33. The Perfect Square, Inc.


The Perfect Square conducts health seminars, health spa services, and a medical missionary training program, along with the production and sale of farm produce. It is directly involved in coordinating LIGHT training courses in Puerto Rico. In 2014, they acquired approximately 16 acres with excellent farmland, a family dwelling and other buildings with guest rooms, and a farm workshop. The new facility was within a month of completion when Hurricane Maria hit the island, destroying the roofs of the house and workshop and displacing the solar panels. (The panels and batteries survived.) Offering funds will go toward reconstructing the damaged buildings.

34. Three Angels Broadcasting Network


3ABN is a 24-hour multimedia Christian ministry that reaches every inhabited continent with multilingual programming to bring glory to God. 3ABN provides Christ-centered programming that presents the everlasting gospel, calling people to worship our Creator God, and to come out of Babylon according to the second angel’s message of Revelation 14. Their focus is “Mending Broken People” through nurturing instruction in Bible truths, health, cooking, inspirational music, and children’s programming. Offering funds will go toward expanding 3ABN services within the countries of Uganda and Ghana. Service will be countrywide, and will require 1) a license to broadcast, 2) construction of a small studio to produce local content, and 3) digital equipment to receive and broadcast 3ABN programming. ASI offering funds will assist in this endeavor.

35. Train Them 2 Fish International


Train Them 2 Fish International has been in existence since 2012. It is dedicated to sharing God’s love by addressing the causes of poverty through a holistic empowerment of the poor and people in need by building up their capabilities regardless of religion, ethnicity, political beliefs, or gender. Their vision is to reach out to the French-speaking countries of Africa using Christ’s method. Offering funds will go toward building a men’s dormitory for their school of evangelism.

36. Uchee Pines Institute


Uchee Pines Institute began in 1970 as a “Madison-style” self-supporting institution. Over the past 47-plus years, it has graduated hundreds of students with superior training in natural remedies, practical skills, lifestyle counseling, massage and lifestyle methods of treating disease; it has established satellite centers in many countries; organized Seventh-day Adventist churches; improved and remedied complex and serious health conditions using simple and rational means; and opened a new lifestyle center in 2010. Offering funds will go toward providing transportation for the new MASTERS (Medical-Missionary Agricultural Self-Supporting True Education Revival and Reformation) educational program. The program needs reliable transportation to carry lifestyle educators, counselors, and trainees to health programs and as well as door-to-door and public outreach venues.

37. UnScene Media Group Inc.


UnScene Media Group has been operating training programs and summer camps for media evangelism. They have produced programs for 3ABN, Dare to Dream, ARTV, and many online platforms. Their shareable media resources for web and social media currently have hundreds of thousands of views and they plan to push views into the millions by creating more relevant content. Offering funds will go toward the production of content designed to reach unchurched and backsliding Millennials with the gospel through new media evangelism. Their goal is to increase production of such videos to a minimum of two per month, and simultaneously develop companion materials and products that can be used as personal evangelism tools.

38. Your Best Pathway to Health


Your Best Pathway to Health is designed to provide mega free clinics utilizing several thousand lay and professional health care volunteers. It seeks to emulate what Christ would do for those in need by providing health and dental care for thousands of people over a few days of clinic function. Offering funds will be used to provide support to the clinic operations.