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Cancellation Policy

  • Registration cancellations are accepted until July 15.
  • Cancellations received before May 15 are refunded the week of May 15.
  • Cancellations received after May 15 are refunded the week of July 15.
  • Refunds cannot be issued after July 15.

Convention Program Guide Listing

If you wish to have your booth listed in the Convention Program Guide you must register by June 30.

Part of our witness as Christians, Seventh-day Adventists, and ASI members is how we act and interact within the convention center facility and with other vendors and residents in the area. Your compliance with all policies and procedures, including those listed below, is much appreciated.

Policies & Procedures

In the event of a medical emergency:

  • Call 911
  • Immediately report any injury and/or accident that occur, or first aid that is rendered to security personnel, the exhibit hall information desk or the ASI registration desk.

Map of first aid rooms and AEDs

Booth Sharing: Each exhibiting organization must register separately for a booth space. Sharing booth space is not permitted.

Children: Children under the age of 16 are not permitted alone on the show floor.   Please keep children off the loading docks during move-in and move-out times.  This policy will be strictly enforced.

Demonstrations: As a matter of safety and courtesy to others, exhibitors should conduct their business within their contracted exhibit space.Exhibitors should not encroach into the aisles while demonstrating or sampling food. All exhibitors cooking, sampling or require food storage must have prior approval (Use online Cooking, Sampling & Food Storage Form).

Dining Hall / Outside Food & Beverage: Food and beverages served in the dining hall must be consumed in the dining hall and may not be removed. Food can be purchased in the Exhibit Hall and in the Convention Center at these locations below. Outside food and beverages are not allowed in the Exhibit Hall or Meeting Rooms.

Exhibit Hall Concession Stand – Open August 1-4, 2017:
Wednesday 11 am – 6 pm
Thursday 11 am – 2 pm
Friday 11 am – 2 pm

McAlisters – Level 1

Grotto – Level 1

Electrical: All 110-volt electrical wiring should be grounded three-wire.  Power strips (multi-plug connectors) should be UL approved, with built-in over-load protectors.

Exhibit Displays: All exhibit displays, tables, racks or shelving should be designed and installed properly to support the materials being displayed on them. All exhibit displays must be confined to the booth space and cannot extend out into the aisle(s).

Exhibit Lighting: No lighting, fixtures, lighting trusses or overhead lighting are allowed outside the boundaries of the exhibit space.  All hanging light systems must be approved in advance.  (Use online Rigging Form).  Lighting should be directed to the inner confines of the booth space and should not project onto other exhibits or into aisle. Lighting that spins, rotates, and pulsates and other specialized lighting effects should be in good taste and not interfere with other exhibitors or the general atmosphere of the event.

Exhibitor Check In & Loading Docks: All exhibitors’ vehicles must proceed to loading docks and wait their turn. Do not park in unauthorized areas to unload your vehicle. Vehicles left unattended at the loading dock ramp that are NOT in the process of loading or unloading are subject to being towed at the expense of the owner.

Fire Marshal Inspection:  The local fire marshal will inspect all exhibitor booths prior to the convention.  All booths must pass inspection before the exhibit hall can open.  If any booth fails inspection, it could result in the shutdown of the entire exhibit hall until the issue is resolved.  The fire marshal will be checking for materials that are not fire retardant (see below), safety issues and making sure all flooring materials are taped down with no residue tape to avoid tripping hazards.

Flammable and Toxic Materials: All materials used in exhibit displays should be made of fire retardant and non-toxic materials and be labeled as fire retardant.  If there is no label indicating fire retardant,  exhibitor must bring a fire retardant spray and treat the materials prior to convention.   A receipt and/or an empty spray container will serve as proof that booth material has been treated. If a violation occurs and the exhibitor cannot be located, the exhibit hall staff reserves the right to correct the violation.

Gratuities: Convention Center policy strictly prohibits any employee from accepting any gifts, gratuities, loans, favors, or any other items of value.

Identification Badges: All attendees, exhibitors, and exhibitor assistants must wear ASI-issued identification badges while attending general sessions, seminars, youth programs or entering the exhibit hall.  Identification badges are provided to registered attendees, exhibitors, and exhibitor assistants at the convention registration desk. Local guests may attend evening meetings, evening exhibits, and all day Sabbath without identification badges. Badges will be checked by convention attendants at the entrance to the main session hall, exhibit hall and seminar rooms.

Literature: No unauthorized literature distribution is permitted in the Convention Center.

Move-in & Move-out: All move-in and move-out of exhibits must be through designated loading docks, freight doors, and freight elevators. The main lobbies, exhibit hall doors, escalators, and passenger elevators are not to be used for this purpose. Exhibitors may not bring their own pallet jacks into the exhibit hall.  Check with Exhibit Services if you need a pallet jack.

Oversize Vehicles: Oversized Vehicle Parking Permit (Lot 4) $10 per space per day.  See cashier at entrance of convention center Valid 8/2-6/2017.

Parking: The George R. Brown Convention Center is between the Discovery Green and Route 69. The ASI host hotel and our meeting rooms are all on the south side of the convention center building. Click here for an outdoor parking lot map. There are 3 parking lots that you can “reserve in advance” they are about a mile walking distance from the GRBCC. Click here for indoor garage parking. Avenida Central Garage on 1002 Avenida de las Americas directly across from the convention center.

Prevention of Facility Damage & Disfigurement: Only Convention Center personnel are authorized to operate portable walls and overhead dock doors, turn lights on or off, adjust air conditioning, or lock and unlock doors.

Public Space Facility Furniture: The lounge furniture and/or plants located throughout the public areas in the facility are not to be moved.

Sidewalk/Exterior of Convention Center: At no time will any vehicle be allowed to park on the street or sidewalks in front of or around the Convention Center.

Signs & Graphics:  Signs and graphics are permitted in all booth spaces.  No signs, banners, or similar items are to be affixed to the Exhibit Hall, General Session, or Convention Center walls or any surface throughout the building.  All signs and graphics above booth space must be pre-approved at least 2 weeks prior to the ASI convention and must be delivered on-site two days in advance and hung on Tuesday. (Use online Rigging Form).

Sound/Music: In general, exhibitors may use sound equipment in their booths so long as the noise level does not disrupt the activities of neighboring exhibitors. Speakers and other sound devices should be positioned so as to direct sound into the booth rather than into the aisle.

Stickers, Tape, Helium Balloons, Confetti & Knives: The use or distribution of stickers, helium balloons, confetti, and knives is not permitted at the Convention Center. A $1,000 fine will be issued if tape or sticker residue is not completely removed. The Fire Marshall requires all booth carpet/flooring to be secured with a non residue tape to avoid tripping.

Supplies: Exhibitors are urged to order items such as shipping/drayage services, additional booth furniture, plants, booth cleaning services, electricity, audiovisual equipment, and Internet services well in advance of the convention for the lowest price. After the advance deadline the cost for these items are no longer discounted.

Storage: Fire regulations prohibit storing products, literature, empty packing containers or materials behind the back drapes in the exhibit booth.  Exhibitors may store a limited amount of supplies in booth area and under tables so long as these items are stored neatly and do not create a safety problem.  See the Exhibit Hall Decorator for additional approved storage areas.

Towers: A tower is a free standing exhibit component. The tower height limit is the same as the height restriction for the booth space being used (see exhibit booth sizes above).

Vehicle Approval: Advance approval must be obtained and scheduled prior to moving a vehicle into the exhibit hall. (Use online Exhibitor Vehicle Approval Form).

Exhibitor Agreement

  1. We understand that solicitation of financial donations is limited to the exhibit hall.
  2. We agree not to engage in commercial or secular activities during Sabbath hours.
  3. We will promote a positive and supportive position toward ASI and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  4. We understand that distribution of any promotional material is limited to the exhibit hall.
  5. We understand that ASI approval of our exhibitor application is not an endorsement of our product(s) or service(s).
  6. We understand that ASI is not responsible for damage or loss to our exhibit or belongings.
  7. We have read and agree to the ASI Cancellation Policy (see below).
  8. We will not serve food or drink samples at the convention without obtaining prior approval.
  9. We understand that no outside food or drinks are to be brought into the Exhibit Hall.
  10. We have read all exhibitor information, requirements, and commitments pertaining to exhibitor and registration and agree to comply.
  11. We have read and will comply with all Policies & Procedures pertaining to the Convention Center.

Exhibitor Hall Hours

Wednesday, Aug. 2 Thursday/Friday, Aug. 3–4 Sabbath, Aug. 5
8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. – Exhibit Hall Set-up
9:00 – 10:30 p.m.
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
*9:00 – 10:30 p.m.
*2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
9:00 – 10:30 p.m.

*Non-commercial exhibits only during Sabbath hours.

Exhibitor Pricing

  Single End Cap Quad Additional
Registrations Included 2 3 5 1
Meals Packages 1 1 1 0
Early $971 $1,752 $3,440 $606
Advance $991 $1,772 $3,460 $626
Onsite $1,086 $1,947 $3,795 $686
ASI MEMBEREarly $809 $1,435 $2,875 $485
ASI MEMBERAdvance $829 $1,455 $2,895 $505
ASI MEMBEROnsite $910 $1,600 $3,180 $555
  • Single space – A single 10’x10’ booth with only one side exposed to an aisle. Maximum back-wall height is eight feet (8’) and is allowed only in the back 1/3 of the booth. Display materials should be arranged in such a manner so as not to obstruct sight lines of neighboring exhibitors.
  • End Cap space – A double space usually located at the end of a row. Composed of two regular booths (10’x20’) and exposed to aisles on three sides. Maximum back-wall height is eight feet (8’) and is allowed only in the back 1/3 of the booth. Display materials should be arranged in such a manner so as not to obstruct sight lines of neighboring exhibitors.
  • Quad space — A separate four-space island. Composed of four regular booths (20’x20’), a quad is exposed to aisles on four sides. Exhibitors may use the full cubic content of the space as there are no height restrictions. However, exhibitors must provide sufficient see-through areas so that they do not completely block the view of the adjacent exhibits.