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June 2020

Feature: God Plans Ahead

The International Rescue and Relief students were hard at work again at an Adventist Health System’s (AHS) clinic at the Matandani Mission in Malawi. This particular SDA mission was established in 1908. While the church and clinic buildings have been rebuilt since then, the Matandani legacy is well known in Malawi. Read more

May 2020

Feature: The Dos and Don’ts of Protecting Mental Health in a Crisis

A multitude of health care professionals and government leaders around the world are battling the COVID-19 crisis with us and for us. Right now, they are dealing with the immediate issues of containment, safety, treatment, and making sure supply chains for our basic needs remain unbroken. Thank God for their efforts. Read more

April 2020

Feature: Planting Seeds in Our Neighborhood

AMEN members Drs. Andi & Bob Hunsaker decided to turn the Coronavirus scare into an opportunity to witness to their neighbors. Without missing a beat, they took materials AMEN was working on (before they were even designed and ready!) and created a handout with a personal message and distributed them to their neighbors. Read more

March 2020

Feature: Don’t Get Convicted

When he walked into his first Revelation of Hope seminar in the summer of 2013, Jon Baker told himself, “Don’t get convicted.”

Up until that point, Jon and his wife Karissa weren’t the least bit interested in God. They would much rather be throwing back a few cold ones with friends over a football game than sitting silent and stiff in a wooden church pew. Read more

February 2020

Feature: My Guardian Angel

At Golden Hills Church we were challenged to meditate on two verses, Isaiah 40:28-31 and Isaiah 41:13. The first was already on my radar but Isaiah 41:13 was something new for me to consider. It says, “I am the Lord your God. I am holding your hand, so don’t be afraid. I am here to help you” (CEV). Read more

January 2020

Feature: Tornados and Divine Appointments

On March 3, 2019, tornadoes swept through Smith Station and Beauregard, AL, cities close to Uchee Pines Institute in Seale, AL. As we volunteered to help those in distress, God opened the door for many divine appointments and spiritual conversations.
On the first day, a small group of us, including my nine-year-old daughter, went to a Baptist church… Read more