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December 2018

Feature: Rabbi Seeking Help

On November 26, 2017, a very sick Orthodox Jewish man was received at Migdalia. He was a Rabbi from Jerusalem and found out about our Lifestyle Medical Center from the Internet. When he arrived, he was barely able to walk because of severe diabetes. His legs and feet were swollen, hard and blue from lack of circulation. He was very obese. He had extremely high blood pressure… Read more

November 2018

Feature: Love Scars

Leidiane is a 10 year old girl we met in the Roque community, in Carauari, Brazil. On our second day serving the community, we received Leidiane with an extensive 2nd degree burn on her right thigh. My first question was, “How did this happen?” She explained that it was because of a hot oil accident at home. She could barely stretch her leg and was struggling with pain. Read more

October 2018

Feature: The Under-Attended Crusade

My story took place in May of 2001, in Chongwe Township, a city situated in the eastern part of Zambia, about 60 kilometers away from its capital, Lusaka. I, along with a few others, was assigned to conduct a crusade at a place called Kazemba. Kazemba is approximately 50 to 80 kilometers east of Chongwe Township, and seven kilometers away from any large roads. Read more

September 2018

Feature: Caleb and Cancer

I got to live with a two-year-old once. His name is Caleb, the son of my wife’s brother, Chris. My brother in law’s whole family stayed with us for a month while Chris, a medical student, rotated at our clinic.

Caleb was adorable and brought great joy to my wife, Melanie. Read more

August 2018

Feature: Who will be their neighbors?

In Jordan, the sun was hot and the was wind dry. But my two and half years in the Middle East completely changed my life.

Before going to the Middle East, I heard a lot of stories about the region, and most of them weren’t good. I heard of terrorists and frequent conflicts, political unrest and refugees; Read more

July 2018

Feature: It’s Harvest Time

Jesus is coming soon! For many of us, we’ve heard this so many times, from so many individuals, and on so many occasions. Like those who become numb to violence or immune to specific medications, some Christians have become desensitized to the impending return of Jesus. It’s not that we’ve forsaken our faith and are no longer anticipating His return, we’re just not as eager and we’ve become complacent. Read more