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This powerful collection of evangelism resources is designed to empower laypeople to share their faith. It includes the complete New Beginnings series, together with sermon notes, a full set of Voice of Prophecy Discover Bible Lessons, and much, much more! These resources are available in multiple languages. All materials can be downloaded free of charge.

How to Download

Over 100 gigabytes of evangelism resources are available for download on this page! Please check with your internet provider regarding your bandwidth limits before beginning to download. You can mount or burn DVD ISO images on Mac OS X and Windows 8 and 10 without any additional software. On Windows 7 and older, you can use MagicISO or Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel to burn or mount DVD ISO files.

Download Our App!

DVD Image: An ISO file that can be burned to DVD or mounted as a virtual disk image. It includes all 25 presentations in each language.
Presenter Outlines: Complete outlines with thumbnails of all graphics and text for all 25 presentations.
PowerPoint Presentations: Our most popular languages have been made available in PowerPoint format. Please look for the PowerPoint icon.
Keynote Keynote Presentations: Our most popular languages have been made available in Keynote format. Please look for the Keynote icon.
DVD Abundant Living Health Series: In addition to the bible presentations, several languages have complete sets of the Abundant Living health presentations as well.
Bahasa IndonesianVersion 1
BembaVersion 1
BengaliVersion 1
BulgarianVersion 1
BurmeseVersion 1
Chinese (Mandarin)Version 2.1
Chinese (Traditional)Version 1
EnglishVersion 1
EnglishVersion 2.5
English (Asian)Version 1
English (Indian)Version 1
FrenchVersion 1
HindiVersion 1
HungarianVersion 1
Kannada (Indian)Version 1
KhmerVersion 1
KinyarwandaVersion 1
KoreanVersion 1
PolishVersion 1
PortugueseVersion 1
PortugueseVersion 2.5
RomanianVersion 1
RomanianVersion 2.5 (work in progress)
RussianVersion 1
RussianVersion 2.5 (work in progress)
Shona (African)Version 1
SpanishVersion 2.5
SpanishVersion 1
SwahiliVersion 1
TagalogVersion 2.1
Tamil (Indian)Version 1
Telugu (Indian)Version 1
UkrainianVersion 1
VietnameseVersion 1
ZuluVersion 1