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This 32-page, full-color magazine is published twice yearly. It contains member features, devotional columns, project reports and other features designed to inform and inspire ASI members to a deeper spiritual walk and to more effective evangelism.

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This powerful collection of evangelism resources is designed to empower laypeople to share their faith. It includes the complete New Beginnings series, together with sermon notes, a full set of Voice of Prophecy Discover Bible Lessons, and much, much more! These resources are available in multiple languages. All materials can be downloaded free of charge.

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November 2019

When we think of Thanksgiving break, many of us imagine sleeping in late, overeating on pumpkin pie and stuffing, watching Netflix, and getting a head start on our holiday shopping. However, that was not the case for those of us that had the privilege to serve on a Build and Restore International mission trip to Dzidzantún, Mexico last November. Read more

October 2019

My name is Charles Banji and I’m from Zambia, a country located in Southern Africa. I’m a preacher and evangelist. I also build schools, clinics, and churches around Zambia. A few years ago, I travelled to South Africa to buy equipment for a crusade to be conducted in a town called Maamba. On our way to South Africa, our vehicle developed an engine problem… Read more

September 2019

The more you bless, the more you’re blessed! I believe this is a basic principle of God’s Word and has been my Adventist experience for the past 35 years in San Antonio, Texas. For about five years before that, I must confess, I had been living a morally degrading, worldly lifestyle; I was living the “vida loca.” But God took pity on me and changed the direction of my life…. Read more

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