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This 32-page, full-color magazine is published twice yearly. It contains member features, devotional columns, project reports and other features designed to inform and inspire ASI members to a deeper spiritual walk and to more effective evangelism.

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This powerful collection of evangelism resources is designed to empower laypeople to share their faith. It includes the complete New Beginnings series, together with sermon notes, a full set of Voice of Prophecy Discover Bible Lessons, and much, much more! These resources are available in multiple languages. All materials can be downloaded free of charge.

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June 2020

The International Rescue and Relief students were hard at work again at an Adventist Health System’s (AHS) clinic at the Matandani Mission in Malawi. This particular SDA mission was established in 1908. While the church and clinic buildings have been rebuilt since then, the Matandani legacy is well known in Malawi. Read more

May 2020

A multitude of health care professionals and government leaders around the world are battling the COVID-19 crisis with us and for us. Right now, they are dealing with the immediate issues of containment, safety, treatment, and making sure supply chains for our basic needs remain unbroken. Thank God for their efforts. Read more

April 2020

AMEN members Drs. Andi & Bob Hunsaker decided to turn the Coronavirus scare into an opportunity to witness to their neighbors. Without missing a beat, they took materials AMEN was working on (before they were even designed and ready!) and created a handout with a personal message and distributed them to their neighbors. Read more

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