This 32-page, full-color magazine is published twice yearly. It contains member features, devotional columns, project reports and other features designed to inform and inspire ASI members to a deeper spiritual walk and to more effective evangelism.

ASI Connections is the official newsletter for Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries. It delivers up-to-date member and project news and inspiration, as well as ASI-related announcements. Subscribe today to keep in touch with what’s happening at ASI.

This powerful collection of evangelism resources is designed to empower laypeople to share their faith. It includes the complete New Beginnings series, together with sermon notes and much, much more! These free resources are available in multiple languages.

Free video and audio recordings of convention general sessions and seminars are available to download or view on our website. Relive the blessings of ASI and share with someone who couldn’t attend.

Find out more about ASI and how you can share Christ in your marketplace by viewing our videos. Watch testimonies of how ASI members have committed to make their business and ministry a place where God is uplifted.

This online bulletin board is for ASI member announcements and events of interest to a broad spectrum of ASI members. It is a networking tool for ASI members to share ministry needs, information, services, and ideas.