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  • High quality art

  • Small group questions

  • Saving souls in the most difficult to reach areas


I am sure most of us have heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  The fact is that there are many places where there is very limited access to pictures that tell the story of salvation.  A few years ago there was an initiative to conduct over 2000 series of evangelistic meetings in Rwanda.  After those meetings it was discovered that about 25 percent of the sites had no electricity and the presentation of the sermons was done with laymen reading the script book but without any graphic support.

This spawned an idea to create a picture roll series using the very best of Christian art images to help tell the salvation story.  During the development it was determined that these images should be printed on synthetic paper so that moisture and or other environment factors would not deteriorate the pictures over time.

In alignment with the New Beginning series 26 sermons were illustrated.  In addition, the idea of adding a health component was introduced and 26 images were produced that feature front line health issues.  Scripts for each of the health and evangelism talks were produced in simple language that will guide the presenter in the process of knowing what to say.

Small group discussion questions were also added to encourage the listeners to engage in learning and applying the concepts.

Your participation in this project to empower front line missionaries is needed.  A gift of 100.00 will deliver a picture roll to the front lines of evangelism in remote areas of the world.  Please consider sponsoring one or more picture rolls to the front lines.

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