Children’s Program

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Nursery (Ages 0-2)

The Nursery will be open during the seminars and evening meetings. It will be staffed with loving, caring staff members who will be delighted to play with and care for your little ones (Ages 0-2).

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Kindergarten (Ages 3-6)

This year at ASI, the kindergarten department will journey through the Bible studying the lives of those whom God called out to be His disciples. We will spend most of our time in the desert “tenting” with the children of Israel as they respond to the call of God to come out of Egypt and follow Him. There will be a call to the heart of the children to come and follow Jesus too that they might also be His disciples!

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Primary (Ages 7-9)

The Primary class will be training as Agents of Truth for Jesus. We will learn what God’s mission is for his disciples and how we can share it with others. We’re going to do detective work, searching for evidence of some of the major truths of our faith. We’re going to learn practical skills we will need on the mission field such as daily time with Jesus in prayer and Bible study. We’ll also discover how God can use our unique talents to share the gospel to those around us and how we can recruit others to also become agents for God’s kingdom.

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Junior (Ages 10-12)

A call is going out to Juniors everywhere to live as modern-day disciples of Jesus Christ! This special call includes spiritual preparation, self-discipline and basic instructions. Our exciting theme this year is “Disciple. Be One! Make One!” We’ll learn what it takes to both be a disciple of Jesus and make disciples for Him! From fun crafts to great team-based challenges, we’ll learn how to keep our eyes on Jesus and show others how to follow Him too. We’ll also learn inspiring lessons from guest speakers and real-life missionaries! Best of all, we’ll learn practical lessons about discipleship. Get ready for lots of fun! This will be an experience you will not want to miss, so bring your friends and joins us on this exciting mission!

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Earliteen (Ages 13-15)

We live in a world of expectations—expectations of how we are supposed to be, what we’re supposed to do. We’re told to dream, yet when our expectations exceed that of those around us they say our dream is not possible. What if “normal” is far below our potential? What if our expectations of God and Christianity are far below reality? God is looking for people who’s expectations of Him match what He is actually capable of—things humanly impossible. God is looking for true disciples. Join us as we discover what happens when we link up with the Divine; what it’s possible to do and, by His grace, to become. We will be going through Christ’s revolutionary teachings in John 8. God wants to set us free by giving us His power in our personal lives.

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Youth (Ages 16-19)

This year at ASI, the youth department will explore the theme, “Disciples In-Deed”, in the following ways:

  • Conversion through an understanding of and surrender to the claims of Jesus in John 8
  • Reflection on how God is leading each youth individually to prepare for business unusual by positioning for mission. We feel that there should be a very direct connection between a spiritual awakening and career choices.  The youth will receive practical counsel from successful, spiritual ASI members in this vital area of their lives.
  • Introduction to some skills that can be developed to aid youth to share Christ’s love in practical, tangible ways with those in need.