ASI Officers

Steve Dickman


Steve Dickman, and his wife, Brenda, have partnered in the educational supporting ministry work for 20 years. Steve was part of the leadership team for the ASI Southern Union chapter for 15 years, serving as president for 6 of those years. He is currently the president of Harbert Hills Academy in Savannah, Tennessee.

Andi Hunsaker

General Vice President

Andi Hunsaker and her husband, Bob, are both physicians and graduates of Loma Linda University School of Medicine. They make their home in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Andi practices medicine full-time at a major teaching hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a regular Sabbath school teacher in her home church in Stoneham, Massachusetts, and has a passion for the Word of God.

Philip Baptiste


Philip Baptiste is the Departmental Director of Adventist-Laymen Services and Industries (ASI) for the North American Division (NAD) and the Secretary/Treasurer of ASI. In his current role, Philip Baptiste provides financial oversight, coordinates strategic planning, and helps direct the administrative activities and overall operation of ASI, in the North American Division. Read more

Brenda Palmer

Vice President for Finance

Brenda Palmer is manager, Palmer Handrail & Custom Millwork. Brenda moved to Mississippi to help build a church plant. Their family business grew out of a need to employ new Adventists and finance a church school. Christian education and personal evangelism continues to be a driving force in their lives as their construction work takes them nationwide. Brenda has recently been elected as VP for Finance for ASI.

Tony Moore

Vice President for Evangelism

Tony Moore has been a committed follower of Jesus since 1972, when he was converted at a Rolling Stones concert in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has served as a Bible instructor, church planter, and pastor. In 2004 he launched The Biblical World, a media ministry dedicated to creating fresh witnessing materials, including “The Footsteps of Paul” and “Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus.” He enjoys teaching about the Bible lands on location and lives in Southern California with his wife, Helen. 

Leasa Hodges

Vice President for Membership

Leasa Hodges currently serves as a Vice President at Eden Valley Institute of Wellness located near Loveland, Colorado. She strongly believe that the medical missionary and gospel ministry must join hands to finish the work. “Nothing will open doors for the truth like evangelistic medical missionary work. This will find access to hearts and minds, and will be a means of converting many to the truth.” Evangelism, p. 153. Leasa also has a passion for the ASI Youth for Jesus program and was involved in and directed that program for 14 years.

Ruben Dias

Vice President for Communication

Ruben Dias has tailored a unique approach to start-up investment and has launched numerous technology companies in the last 25 years. He is the owner of FastTrack VC offering start-up entrepreneurs value beyond funding. Ruben resides with his wife Nancy and their two children in Whistler, Canada. Their main passion is being involved in the Adventist mission around the world.

Rodney Bowes

Vice President for Logistics

Rodney has served as a pastor, evangelist, teacher, and medical missionary trainer. Since 1999 he has served in various ministries with a passion to share the present truth through health evangelism. He currently works as one of the divisional directors for the LIGHT for projects in Africa and East Asia. He is also the vice president of Health Education Resources. He and his wife, Julie, live in southern California.

Denzil McNeilus

President of ASI Missions Inc.

Denzil McNeilus is the owner of Sterling State Bank. He resides in Dodge Center, Minnesota. Denzil is a past president of ASI. He continues to serve on the ASI Missions Inc. board. Denzil and his wife, Donna, also a past president of ASI, are parents to three children. Their passion is sharing Christ with others around the world. Their involvement with ASI extends back many years.

ASI Staff

Debbie Dailey

Administrative Assistant

Christy Rasmussen

Membership Liaison

Sharon Robberson

Convention Coordinator

Amanda Gadd


Don Erickson

Exhibit Hall Coordinator

Barb Schumacher

Housing Coordinator

Kristi Jensen

Content Editor/Creator

Wayne Atwood

IT Manager/Webmaster

Additional ASI Board Members

Dan Jackson NAD President
Kenneth Denslow NAD Assistant to the President
G. Alexander Bryant NAD Secretary
G. Thomas Evans NAD Treasurer
Duane McKey & Gary Thurber NAD Appointees


Patti Guthrie Pacific Union
Pat Humphrey Southwestern Union
Greg Perry, DDS Atlantic Union
Thomas Morrissey Lake Union
Fred Cornforth North Pacific Union
Mark Brown Columbia Union
John Davidson Mid-America Union
Christopher Beason Southern Union

ASI Missions, Inc.

Denzil McNeilus President and Chairman
Dan Houghton General Vice-President and Vice Chair
Stan Smith Vice-President for Finance and Treasurer


Terry Anderson
Randy Bivens
Harold Lance
Rusty McKee
Garwin McNeilus
Radim Passer
Amy Sheppard Ratsara
Sophia Rayner
Volker Schmidt
Debbie Young
Ed Zinke


Ellsworth McKee


Dan Jackson
Tom Evans
Ken Denslow