ASI Media

ASI is excited about our growing family. To introduce even more people to ASI, we’ve developed a series of 30-second video segments for television broadcast. Each one highlights a different aspect of ASI. All are available on the ASI YouTube channel.

What is ASI?

ASI is a place where businesses, ministries and professionals are coming together to get the job done of spreading the gospel to the world. Just like when you build a building you need a team of people.  Join the team.  Let’s get the job done together.

Jaime Schneider | Social Media

A call for social media evangelism. Share your story whether it’s for business or for the mission of the church. You can hardness the power of the internet to spread the gospel.

Ivan Ruiz Knott

Why do I do what I do? Ivan Ruiz Knott explains how his job as a graphic designer can help further the Gospel. Get ideas on how you can use your job to share Christ.

Derick Morris

What happens when one man prays the prayer in Luke 10? Get to know the Lord of the harvest. Dare to ask the Lord to throw you out into His harvest field.

John Fish | Heritage Food

Continuing the heritage and shaping the future, Heritage Food, shows how important the health message is to the spread of the Gospel.

Rick Remmers | God’s Method

What is the importance of lay members working to finish taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth? Take hold of whatever talents God has given you. With God’s help, let’s finish the work.

Hershel Hendley

Hershel’s lifestyle will inspire you.  He’s been ministering in the church for 60 years.  For the past 25 years he’s been working Wildwood Lifestyle Center, a longtime ASI member.

Called. Chosen. Committed.

God has called us into His kingdom, out of darkness and into marvelous light. We have been chosen to represent His character in the Great Controversy. We are called, chosen, committed.

Vegan Nacho Cheese

What happens when you’re a lactose intolerant vegan who loves cheese? You invent your own. Here is a recipe for vegan nacho cheese.

Teamwork ASI Witness Heidi

What is the importance of team work? ASI whole heartedly believes in supporting the missiong of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Let’s unite as a church and reach our full potential as a team.