2017 Projects

The ASI Missions Inc. board has selected 42 projects to receive grants from the offering to be gathered at the 2017 ASI International Convention. The offering goal is $2,184,500. Online donations are accepted toward this year’s offering and previous years’ pledges. Each project will receive the designated amount. All combined, the projects represent a significant worldwide impact. In the unlikely event that any of the listed projects do not progress within a reasonable time, as determined by ASI at its discretion, ASI may redirect the funds from the failed project to another ASI-approved project. Below are the organizations, along with descriptions and planned use of project funds.

Past Years Projects

Amazon Lifesavers Ministry has partnered with the Luzeiro boats to reach into the farthest corners of the Amazon basin with the message of God’s soon return. The School of Missions is currently training missionary pairs and sending them out to live in unreached villages. The school, however, has reached its maximum capacity and is in need of immediate construction to be able to house more missionaries for its training course. ASI funds will make it possible for a larger number of missionaries to serve in unreached jungle villages.

3. Andrews University Horn Archaeology Museum


“The Bible in the Siegfried H. Horn Archaeological Museum” project intentionally focuses on illustrating through archaeology God’s interaction with humanity throughout biblical history. A customized website and subsequent printed publication, “The Bible in the Siegfried H. Horn Archaeological Museum,” is dedicated to correlating specific objects in our collection to the biblical account. This project will provide an invaluable resource for the community, university, and international partners. ASI funds will be used for the development of the website, the production and printing of the corresponding illustrated book, a scale model of the university’s archaeological site, Hisban, and the generation of associated exhibits featuring the objects highlighted on the website and in the book.

9. Bogenhofen Seminary


In operation since 1949, Bogenhofen Seminary functions within the Austrian/Swiss church as a secondary high school, a theological seminary, a language school, and since 2016, an E.G. White Research Center. They have a full-time staff of 18. Students pay tuition, which makes Bogenhofen Seminary over 70 percent self-funded. The ASI offering will provide funds for HD digital equipment that is compatible with Hope Channel’s current technical requirements. This equipment upgrade will enable the seminary to continue its broadcasting ministry to a predominantly Catholic audience.

EASEA inspires service among students and staff of member schools by providing a variety of faith-nurturing and service-oriented inter-school activities and events. Excellence in education is ensured as member schools are challenged and supported through a process of self-evaluation, reflection, and improvement that can include accreditation and teacher certification in harmony with the principles of Adventist education and the mission and vision of each school. EASEA empowers schools through leadership training, continuing education for teachers, networking, liaison services, and the provision of counsel and guidance rooted in decades of Adventist educational experience. EASEA, as a recognized U.S. accrediting association, provides an avenue to obtain approval to use a distinctly Adventist curriculum in many places where a standard government curriculum would otherwise be imposed. This year’s ASI-funded project is to expand EASEA services to member and non-member schools globally.

12. Eden Valley Foster Care Mission


Located in an un-entered zone in Western Tanzania, Eden Valley Foster Care Mission is an industrial school that is impacting the lives of numerous orphaned or vulnerable young people who are facing a dismal future due to academic failure, poverty, disease, etc. Through a two-year program these young people not only learn to provide for themselves economically, but are also introduced to the life-changing Savior, Jesus Christ. Back home, they in turn contribute to the improvement of their respective village communities with the gospel truth, health and hygiene principles, and agricultural techniques. Project funds will help build a computer classroom, library, small store, and a director’s office.

13. Eden Valley Institute


Eden Valley Institute, in existence for over 50 years and a member of ASI since 1987, operates a lifestyle center, country farm store, and a medical missionary training center. Additionally, Eden Valley helped found and now mentors satellite missions in Mexico, Dominican Republic, India, Japan, Tanzania, Hungary, and Poland. Since 2011 all campus buildings have been renovated and almost all have been painted or re-sided, roofed with metal roofing, and insulated windows have been installed. The lifestyle center is a key aspect of Eden Valley’s outreach and financial base. The funds provided for this project will bring the lifestyle center kitchen to code to meet county health department regulations.

14. Ellen G. White Estate


The Ellen G. White Estate was created by Ellen G. White in her will and incorporated in 1933. One of its ongoing projects is making non-English language Spirit of Prophecy writings available for free on the White Estate website and apps. The most important impact of Ellen White’s writings is the spiritual impact on the lives of millions of people worldwide, who, through the years, have been blessed by reading and studying her books. The project involves digitizing E. G. White books in 94 languages so they are available and searchable for free on the White Estate website and apps. One hundred percent of donated funds go toward this project.

15. Ethiopia Union Mission


Ethiopia Union Mission is the official administrative body for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ethiopia, now composed of eight fields, one mission, and one conference, which implies a very financially challenged situation. Ethiopia has a population of 102 million. The major religions are Orthodox (Coptic): 47 percent; Muslim: 35 percent; Protestant: 20 percent; and Adventist: 0.00175 percent. There are two fields in the north, an area dominated by the Orthodox Coptic Church. In the past two years, the church devoted intensive efforts to reaching Orthodox leaders, which resulted in an unusual impact—218 Orthodox priests and monks have been baptized. Funds donated toward this project will supply Bibles, Spirit of Prophecy books, and training to former Orthodox clergy.

16. Family Development International


Family Development International, in existence since 1989, and an ASI member since 1990, operates a multi-faceted ministry at Kibidula Farm that includes a book ministry, evangelism training school, agricultural training school, English language primary school, publishing and printing press operations, medical missionary training, a wellness center for lifestyle training, and a sizable avocado orchard. The current project will support the avocado industry by constructing six greenhouses (that will hold 4,000 seedlings each) for propagating avocado seedlings. Funds will also assist in purchasing the equipment needed to prevent the spread of disease among the seedlings and provide drip irrigation.

17. Family Development International – Kibidula


The Kibidula Agriculture Training School has been in operation since 2004, in large part thanks to the donors who give sacrificially to REACH Switzerland. This school takes teenagers who have failed the secondary school (high school) entrance exams or failed to achieve passing grades in exams to continue each year in secondary school. These teenagers, both girls and boys, are at risk of entering sex trades if left alone to fend for themselves. Presently there are 40 girls squeezed into a dormitory designed for fewer than 20 students. The project will assist in the construction of a new girls’ dormitory. This program is very effective at teaching agriculture skills that improve on the traditional local farming methods. The agriculture program is also an effective method for outreach, with about 90 percent of the students accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior before graduating from the two-year program.

18. Foundation Esperanza AVOR


Foundation Esperanza AVOR has established a delinquency prevention program, saving adolescents from crime. The chaotic economic, social, and moral fabric of Venezuela hits those in poverty the hardest. The resulting hunger, street crime, and illiteracy led lay and church leaders in Barcelona to create a Pathfinder-type organization to reach teenagers leading a pre-delinquent life. AVOR will use the offering funds to complete construction of a building that will house a church on the first floor and a school/meeting place on the upper floor. This will provide the youth with a positive place to gather, to be transformed by wholesome activities, and to worship God. Many of the children come from extremely poor families and get involved with crime. By God’s grace, children have been turned from a life of crime to a life in Christ. Numerous baptisms have already resulted.

Assist with GYC’s 2017 convention evangelism activity in Phoenix, Arizona. During Friday’s outreach, thousands of people will be reached by the GYC attendees through Bible study sign-up cards, prayer, spiritual literature and more. GYC is a youth-initiated and led movement of Seventh-day Adventists from diverse backgrounds, united in a common commitment to serious Bible study, intense prayer, uncompromising lifestyle, and boldness in sharing Christ with others.

20. GYC Europe


GYC Europe is a youth-initiated and youth-led movement of Seventh-day Adventists from diverse backgrounds, united in a commitment to serious Bible study, intense prayer, uncompromising lifestyle, and boldness in sharing Christ with others. Focus events are local rallies that are meant to create networks and meaningful friendships among young people who are empowered to be missionaries wherever they go. These events are organized over a three-year period with three themes: “Coming to Christ,” “Searching the Scriptures,” and “Moving into Missions.” This year the funds received from ASI donors will support the work of GYC Europe by directly supporting the evangelistic efforts at Focus events and the related media costs.

Harbert Hills Academy is currently updating our staff housing. Over the years as the school has grown, five trailers have been added to the campus housing. These trailers are in need of replacement and additional staff housing is needed for other families to join the Harbert Hills Academy team. This grant will assist with preparing the home sites, installing utilities, and finishing the homes once they are framed and roofed. The framing and roofing are being done with the One Day components. The staff families are eagerly looking forward to this project being complete. Your generous gift will help this goal to become a reality.

Since 2008 LIGHT has trained more than 17,000 lay members and pastors in more than 85 countries. The majority have completed LIGHT’s 125-hour intensive course. Funds will be used in the coming year to help more than 2,000 church members worldwide to complete the 125-hour intensive health evangelism training. LIGHT is currently supporting 50 full-time missionary teachers who provide this training. Funds will also be used to print and distribute LIGHT’s new kids’ training manual and a new door-to-door health education program. Additionally, support will go toward a translation of LIGHT’s training manual into Japanese to be used in the surrounding regions of Tokyo and to develop a LIGHT online school in Mandarin (Chinese) and help to support a new school in Southern China.

Light Bearers Ministry has been in operation for more than 30 years and a member of ASI since 2000. It operates as a publishing, preaching, and media ministry devoted to the proclamation of the everlasting gospel in the end-time context of the three angels’ messages. They publish free-of-charge evangelistic literature by the container load for the church in third-world nations, including Bible lessons, Daniel and Revelation studies, doctrinal and health tracts, and topical magazines. The current project will supply three containers of literature to Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania in conjunction with Elder Ted Wilson’s 2018 evangelistic meetings in the East-Central Africa Division.

25. Maranatha z.s.


Youth for Jesus (YFJ) 2017 Slovakia, is more than a month-long, youth-led evangelism program in three cities. YFJ is one of part the big evangelism project “Touch to Heaven,” which supports the Czech-Slovakia Union, ASI Europe, and ASI Czech–Slovak. The goal is three-fold: 1) to stimulate local churches to be active; 2) to involve 70-100 young people (ages 14-26) from area churches in evangelism by training and equipping them in a three-to four-week field school; 3) and to impact the community by sharing the Adventist message with 100 people, enrolling 30 people in Bible studies, and preparing 10 people for baptism.

26. Multifunctional Complex for Adventist School in Kyrgyzstan


The school is also a boarding school for Nasledie Christian School, the theology seminary, and pioneer students. This school is fully accredited by Kyrgyzstan’s government and is very popular because of its excellent academic program, the exemplary disposition of its teachers, and the moral and spiritual teachings that it provides. It is the only Adventist school in Central Asia. Currently under construction is a new three-story building with 12 new classrooms and a capacity for 300 new students. Typically, many students are turned away for a lack of space. This project will expand the facilities that will be used for every phase of the school program and for events and meetings held by the Seventh-day Adventist Union and Mission.

27. One Day Church Projects Inc.

$100,000 + 25% overflow

One Day Church Projects, Inc., was formed for the purpose of providing the Adventist Church with simple, low-cost church and school kits for use in areas of the world that are experiencing rapid church growth, but have limited means to construct new churches. Best estimates indicate a current need for 100,000 churches and 40,000 classrooms, and the need grows daily. Since its inception, the One Day Church project has provided over 6,000 churches and classrooms for more than 50,000 students. In 2016, an intensive evangelistic thrust in Rwanda resulted in 110,000 new members of the Adventist Church, most of whom are now without permanent church homes. This project will seek to provide churches for these new congregations and will involve the combined efforts of the Rwanda Union Mission, the General Conference, and the One Day Church.

28. OCI – Educational Assistance Plan


The Educational Assistance Plan (EAP) gives opportunities to mission-minded students as well as children of staff to further their education. Funds are loaned to students with an agreement to repay in cash or serve in a supporting ministry position. Students are encouraged to enter the mission field upon completion of their studies and work at supporting ministries, and many EAP recipients have taken positions of leadership in such organizations. Thanks to ASI’s funding of this project, many young people will be equipped with knowledge and skills to share the gospel with those in their community.

The Missionary Assistance Plan (MAP) makes a substantial impact in the lives of expatriate missionaries serving around the world. Currently benefiting 50 recipients, MAP funds provide basic living assistance as well as other assistance to individuals and families serving in developing countries, supplying $200 per month to each missionary family and $100 per month to each single worker in the program. These self-sacrificing missionaries are dedicated to sharing the gospel where they have been called to serve. The monetary donations provided by ASI will also allow missionaries to share the blessing of being God’s children with their community.

30. Peru Projects Inc


In 1997, Peru Projects, Inc., was established as a supporting ministry for the Adventist Church in the Peruvian Jungle. Three years ago, Peru Projects realized the need for specific training of the volunteers who work deep in the jungle. One of the technical classes being offered is Bakery Technology. The funds received from this year’s offering will allow Peru Projects to equip its bakery with needed components. The upgrades will enhance the capabilities for training, as well as provide additional production capacity. This will enable increased financial support through bakery product sales. ASI project funds will help this program grow.

As a self-supporting training institute, Riverside Farm endeavors to operate in a sustainable financial manner, funding various educational, medical, and outreach programs through the profits generated by its farm and other industries. Riverside Farm is currently expanding its banana plantation, and by 2018 will harvest over 1,500 metric tons of bananas annually. In order to efficiently handle this volume and ensure a quality product, a new handling and storage facility will need to be installed. The proposed design would be capable of processing up to 500 bunches (or 15 tons) of bananas per day. The ASI project offering will help Riverside Farm to increase its production and profits, and expand its outreach.

32. ShareHim


ShareHim seeks to inspire Seventh-day Adventists to actively share their faith in their own mission fields and to make a long-term impact on members’ ownership and involvement in the evangelistic mission of the church. They help laypeople conduct public evangelistic series in partnership with local congregations. More than 13,000 people have participated in ShareHim trips, and the positive impact on participants is well known. Funds will be used to subsidize international evangelistic trips involving young people, so they will gain greater courage, a commitment for sharing Jesus, and learn how to live as Seventh-day Adventist Christians.

35. The Biblical World


The Grand Narrative is a new video series being developed, that will trace the conflict of good and evil from the age of the patriarchs to the early church, tying together seemingly separated, isolated events and eras revealing God’s involvement through the course of His-story. This epic series will reveal the issues involved in the great controversy in a powerful, compelling way and will be ideal for family worship, television, school curricula, small groups, and even public evangelism. Project funds will assist in the development and filming of volumes 2 and 3 of this series: “The World of the Prophets and Kings” and “The World of Jesus.” These 12 episodes will be filmed on location in Israel and Jordan. A printed companion study guide will be available for each volume.

The Issachar calling was founded by individuals who have a desire to spread the Good News of the gospel and reach the Navajo people or “Dine” through education, health promotion, and training. The Higher Ground School was established in collaboration with the Waterflow Adventist Church in 2014. The current project entails the completion and installation of a permanent classroom building for Navajo children and adult workshops. Although the school has been very successful since its start in 2014, due to space limitations the enrollment has not been able to exceed 24 students. With this classroom building, Higher Ground School will be able to accept more students. The students not only learn regular school subjects but they also learn life skills, such as agriculture, cooking, music, Navajo language, and Bible knowledge.

37. Three Angels Broadcasting Network


3ABN has operated for 32 years and is now an international, lay-operated, 24/7 radio and television network carrying the thee angels’ messages to the world via eight television channels and five radio channels. The television network has partnered with ASI and many ASI-member ministries in sharing unique stories that would not otherwise be seen or heard. Funds are currently needed to assist in implementing a new database that has content management and traffic software systems. Your offering will help to meet this need.

Water for Life, in operation for 12 years and an ASI member since 2011, began its ministry in Guatemala by resolving a ground water contamination problem at the Adventist-run orphanage in the Peten region of Guatemala. Water for Life has drilled 100 water wells, serving 35,000 people in remote villages in Guatemala. This unique platform for evangelism has resulted in the construction of 14 churches and hundreds of baptisms. The current project will continue funding wells and provide a water infrastructure for a youth camp and conference center for the North Guatemala Mission.

39. Weimar Institute


In the late 1970s a group of laymen recognized the need for a health ministry training program, based on Bible principles and the writings of Ellen G. White, that would train evangelists, Bible workers, and pastors. Weimar currently receives income from its NEWSTART family of programs and campus industries, plus college and academy student tuition. All of Weimar’s various activities are thriving under the capable leadership of its board and administration, creating an urgent need for both student and staff housing. This year’s ASI offering will provide funds to develop a multifaceted apartment complex with apartments ranging in size from efficiencies to three-bedroom units.

40. World Youth Group


Using the “right arm” of the gospel to enter and establish Adventist congregations in unreached cities of Cuba, World Youth Group: 1) trains Cuban laymen in medical missionary work using the LIGHT curriculum, 2) sends graduates to relieve suffering and minister full-time among the most impoverished in these cities, 3) harvests the precious fruits of their labors, orchestrating evangelistic campaigns utilizing North American youth, and 4) establishes and supports new congregations in these cities, buying and renovating houses for worship in each location. ASI project offering funds will help build the critically-needed second phase of a permanent medical missionary school and campus adjacent to the Seventh-day Adventist Seminary outside of Havana. There is already a waiting list to enter the six-month medical mission school, which will include a small lifestyle center and farm, where students will rotate working four hours a day to defray their educational expenses and apply the principles of health and healing that they learn.

Young Disciple Ministries, an ASI member since 2001, evolved out of a 1990 junior-teen Sabbath School class taught by its founder, Janet Evert. The children wanted more than just Bible stories, so in 1992 the Young Disciple weekly magazine was born, with lessons to build their faith and develop a love for Bible study. In India and Africa, a single magazine will be treasured, not just by one child but often by many! Funds raised for this project will help to quell the hunger of these young people for high-quality spiritual reading material by sending 195,000 issues of Young Disciple magazine overseas for distribution in the developing world.

42. ​Your Best Pathway to Health


Your Best Pathway to Health is a non-profit organization that exists to serve the physical needs of the under-served by providing entirely free mobile multi-specialty clinics that offer medical, surgical, dental, eye care, and other critical services. Project funds raised will help to provide dental, optical, medical, and other ancillary services through comprehensive health outreach to the city of Phoenix as a pre-conference outreach activity of the 2017 GYC Convention.