Young Professionals

Do you want to start a business or ministry but just don’t know how? Do you want to use your talents to serve God, but don’t know where to start. We know the feeling. That’s why we developed the Young Professionals Conference—a day designed for young people with the same questions!

For a limited time tickets are only $99. By purchasing a ticket you will also receive a complimentary registration for the entire 4 day ASI conference (July 29- August 1).

ASI’s Young Professionals Conference is a one day event on July 31, catered to young people between the ages of 18-35 who are seeking to:

  • Start a business or ministry

  • Train with experienced professionals

  • Gain practical organizational and operational tips

  • Network with like-minded individuals

  • Learn to use their talents in service to Christ

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The Young Professionals Conference will connect you with people who are actively running businesses and/or ministries, who are working as professionals and leaders in their fields, and who are actively using their talents to serve and share Christ.

This one-day event will train and empower you to take the first steps in fulfilling your passion. We’ll show you how to start a business; how to lead; how to serve. Learn from the people who are doing it!

But let’s get down to details.

When is the event? July 31, 2020
Where? Orlando, Florida
How much does it cost? $79 if you register by May 15!

If you are concerned about cost, consider speaking to your local church pastor and requesting sponsorship. Travel with friends or family to cut back on transportation and housing costs.

By attending the Young Professionals Conference, you will gain invaluable, lifelong skills. You will be empowered to start a business or ministry. You will learn practical ways to use your talents to serve Christ.

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