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New to the Team

ASI Welcomes Debbie Dailey

Kyle Allen


We recently welcomed a new addition to our team at the ASI office! Debbie Dailey started work as our administrative assistant in late September. She comes to us with over 30 years of experience working at the Review and Herald Publishing Association in Hagerstown, Maryland. In her new position, Debbie will be involved in nearly every aspect of our office operations and be a support to the work of our North American Division ASI leadership team. I sat down with Debbie one beautiful fall afternoon and we talked about life, her new role with ASI, and what she loves most about doing God’s work.

KA: Tell us a little about yourself—where you’re from, how you came to know the Lord, and your family:

DD: I grew up in a little farming community in Ohio. I became an Adventist after my first child was born. When my daughter came, I realized how much God loves us. I realized that I wanted to learn more, and I wanted her to know the Bible. I sent in a card requesting the Bible story book set, and the rest is history. A literature evangelist came, and eventually we were invited to Joe Melashanko’s evangelistic series, where we were both baptized! I’m thankful for my caring husband, Roger Dailey, and our five daughters and five grandkids! Being a grandma is great!

KA: What type of work did you do at the Review and Herald?

DD: I worked in many different departments at the Review, but the last position I held was advertising coordinator. Before that I worked in production, scheduling, customer service, order write-ups, general administrative support, and with with the electronic timekeeping system. I enjoyed working in many different roles.

KA: What did you like most about working at the Review? DD: Having a job with a mission—knowing that the work we did touched people’s lives for the better. Even when I worked in advertising, which seemed far away from the front lines of ministry, we knew we were helping to create books for sharing our faith with others. Since I’m not a preacher like you (I’m more of a behind-the-scenes person) this was my way of fulfilling God’s calling!

KA: How did you know God wanted you to come to ASI?

DD: When the Review closed earlier this year, I was praying that God would help me find another job where I could be involved in the mission of the church. God led in the timing of coming to ASI, because when I first left the Review, I didn’t submit an application to work at the North American Division right away. The Lord knew the right timing, and when I was ready to submit the application, it was right at the time the position opened up with ASI. I really felt that the mission of ASI was something I wanted to support.

KA: What do you like about working at ASI so far?

DD: It’s the people. I really appreciate all the people I’m working with. Everyone’s been very kind and gracious as I’ve been learning the tasks of this office. I am also really just thankful that in working for ASI it’s not just another job. I have just a little part in helping others be able to spread the love of Jesus in their sphere of influence. For example, we recently sent out many of the newest version of the New Beginnings evangelism resource to help lay people share the gospel. It makes me realize that as each of us does our little part, it makes a big difference.

KA: Outside of work, you have any favorite hobbies?

DD: I like to paint, crochet, hike, and believe it or not, I enjoy riding my four-wheeler with my husband! I love getting out in nature and seeing the beauty of God’s creation, especially this time of year when you can see the fall colors.

KA: When you think of our ASI motto, “Sharing Christ in the Marketplace,” what does that mean to you?

DD: To me it means that His love is shining through your work wherever God puts you—whether you’re a dentist, a computer specialist, a business person, or you operate a supporting ministry. To share Christ in the marketplace means that His love overflows into your workplace, and because of your witness, someone says, “I’d like to know where you’re getting that power, that peace and serenity!” The love of Jesus shines through everything you do, and it makes people want what you have.

KA: Why do you think the work of ASI is so important in these last days?

DD: There are so many hurting souls out there. Everywhere you look, people are searching to understand what’s going on in the world around us or in their personal lives. People are searching for hope. I think that our ASI members are in key places in their businesses and ministries where they have the opportunity to reach out to these precious people and minister to them, right where they’re hurting the most. And then there’s the ministries we support. I think of Your best Pathway to Health as an example: over 9000 people receiving medical assistance in San Antonio and Spokane this year. That’s meeting a real need, and those who receive our help are more open to receive the gospel message. At the end of the day, here at ASI, we’re really doing the same work that Jesus did and I’m thankful to be a part of it.