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We Are A Team

Eduardo Gonzalez


What is ASI? How do you answer this question in a video? How do you do it in a few minutes? This was a challenge that Scene Alive faced as we began to produce a new video for ASI.

When the team at Scene Alive puts on its pre-production caps, usually quite a bit of preparation commences before a single frame is recorded.

We had little time to put this together, so pre-production time was a scant resource.

We went back to the previous year where Mark Finley spoke on Sabbath morning at the ASI convention in Grand Rapids. His words made a strong impact on me and how I operate as director for my crew. He said, “We are a team.”

This was the heart of the video. It’s about a team that together focuses on Christ in business and ministry. In late 2014, I had the opportunity to travel to Riverside Farm Institute in Zambia, Africa. It humbled me to my core as this story was told. Meeting all the people of Riverside Farm and understanding how they touch the lives of local residents each week by providing for their basic needs and sharing Christ reminded me that it’s through teamwork that we can accomplish great feats.

Now we wanted to feature something that took place a little closer to home in the video. In April of 2014, Your best Pathway to Health took place in San Antonio, Texas. This massive health event, in which over 6000 people received free health care, was an important highlight in the video.

We were beginning to feel that something very important was missing—the story about the beginning of ASI. We started exploring the history of ASI with the help of the Ellen White Estate. We discovered that E.A. Sutherland was one of the founders and was the first president of ASI. As it turns out after much research, we were able to track down a recording of Sutherland speaking to a group of students in Loma Linda in 1948. The tape was located at the Heritage Library in California, and with the help of Fred Bischoff of Adventist Pioneer Library, we had a script to go with the speech.

I invite you to watch the video at or by scanning the QR code above.