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True Health Tv Launches in Atlanta, Georgia

Zaidie Crowe


For the first time in the history of the Southern Union, a television station with a 100 percent health message has been launched. The station is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Broadcasting over the airwaves as well as streaming programs online, “True Health TV” is focused on sharing the health message with the nearly 4 million people living in the Metro Atlanta area. The station will even reach beyond its locality as its affiliate stations will also broadcast True Health produced programs as far as Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and California.

The CEO of True Health TV, Dr. Debbie Wallace, director of the Health Institute, is humbled at the privilege to expand the reach of the health message to which she has dedicated her life’s work.

She explains passionately, “Medical Ministry, page 259, says, ‘The gospel of health is to be firmly linked with the ministry of the word. It is the Lord’s design that the restoring influence of health reform shall be a part of the last great effort to proclaim the gospel message.’ The major diseases and illnesses that are taking a great toll on today’s populations testify to the need to spread the message of health of the body, mind, and spirit as a means to finish the work of evangelism!”

This all started a year ago when Dr. Wallace and her family attended the ASI Convention in Orlando, Florida. She recalls, “As I entered a packed dining room, I specifically asked God to let me find a seat next to someone who he wanted me to work with. As it turned out, I found a seat next to Mr. Luke Shelton. He shared information about the Good News TV ministry that he runs in the Arizona Conference. I listened with deep interest. I felt an immediate response in my spirit to this new direction for expanding the preventive work of the Health Institute. I protested mildly to God; “A TV station God, really!”’

“Now one year later, without any great effort on my part to get air time, God has made it possible to launch True Health TV!” True Health TV is privileged to show programs from other stations such as Good News TV, Better Life TV, Better Health TV, 3ABN, LLBN, Smart Lifestyle, and others.

Programming will include children’s programs; talk shows with health professionals, nutrition experts, and exercise specialists; practical life skills such as gardening and cooking; religious themed movies; music for the soul; and a call-in prayer line available for advice from Certified Lifestyle Coaches and prayer teams from local churches.

True Health TV is engaging as many local church members as possible. They are the ministry’s base supporters, and their help and consistent support is needed to make the station’s ministry efforts work. True Health TV presents the unprecedented opportunity to “Go forward and finish this great commission!” The station intends to increase the number of programs produced as quickly as it can raise the funds to do so. It will also work to expand its coverage to additional areas, as well as to increase accessibility to the station. There will be opportunities for support of this great work through sponsorship, donations, and volunteering. This is God’s work! All are called to serve and do all they can to save souls for Jesus Christ.