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Your Local ASI

Think Locally

Barbara Taylor



If you’re an ASI chapter member, you never have to worry about what to do in your spare time, because God has already impressed upon you a project or unique way of sharing. I often travel in my business, which allows me to share with people I meet during plane flights. I’m amazed at how God always gives me opportunities to share my personal testimony, or to give someone a small book or business card with a Bible study website link.

God is opening up many people’s hearts to the three angels’ messages as conflicts increase in these last days. On a recent flight, I had a wonderful conversation with a young Jewish person who was interested in endtime events and in how the Sabbath is not just for the Jews but for the entire world, as God ordained at creation.

Our enthusiasm and joy is contagious when we share with others, praying with them and encouraging them in their individual endeavors. People notice the difference in our smiles. They recognize when we have selfless characters and a deep love for others.

ASI members not only bond together as family, but also exchange creative ideas for sharing Christ and improving business. If you participate as an ASI chapter member, you’ll see a marked difference in your personal life, spiritual life, giving habits and church involvement. Attending local chapter meetings and conventions will renew your excitement and give you fresh, new ideas on how to be a humble servant of Christ in your community.