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Youth in Mission

The Gospel Through The Sanctuary


insideasi-winter-spring-2015-print_page_26_image_0001Since 2002, Oklahoma Academy has been working alongside Messiah’s Mansion to give the message of the gospel through the sanctuary. The full-scale model of the sanctuary is packed in a semi-truck and taken to locations around the country for exhibit.

Oklahoma Academy students learn to give the hour-and-fifteen-minute tour as a part of their Bible class curriculum and participate in exhibits during the school year as a part of their outreach program. They also have the option of working with the exhibit through the summer to earn a scholarship for school.

The experience with the sanctuary is life-changing both for those giving the tour and for those who take the tour. Natalie, a senior at Oklahoma Academy, shares her testimony of how the gospel through the sanctuary is so powerful:


For many people, the Mosaic Tabernacle is an interesting part of history that has little or no relevance today. They don’t understand the powerful message shown throughout the sanctuary and its services. Through the sanctuary, God reveals his love for people and the plan of salvation through Jesus’ sacrifice. In it, there is a clear pathway to lead us to a relationship with Him. There we find freedom from our sins. Working with Messiah’s Mansion during the summer, I was privileged to share this wonderful message.

One day I noticed a young man in my tour group who was with an older couple. I later discovered that they were his parents. It was obvious from his attitude and expression that he was apathetic about being there. In dark clothing, covered in tattoos, with multiple facial piercings, he stood out from the rest of the attendees. As I took the group to the first station, I began to pray for this young man. Surprisingly, he took a seat on the front row as I began sharing a brief overview of the Mosaic Sanctuary and the other sanctuaries found throughout history. He was uninterested, so I focused on people who were giving feedback while praying that the Holy Spirit would work on his heart.

During my courtyard presentation, I asked for a volunteer to help demonstrate one of the sacrifices that took place daily. The couple volunteered the young man to help. He participated, but was still indifferent. In the next station, the Holy Place, attendees see inside the tabernacle where only the priests were allowed. Here, Jesus’ mediation in the heavenly sanctuary is explained and attendees learn how they can have a relationship with God by studying His word and communicating with Him through prayer. The young man began to be more attentive and started nodding in agreement. I became more excited as he showed more interest in the presentation.

In the Most Holy Place as I described the Day of Atonement and its current significance, the young man became very engaged. I emphasized the importance of being right with God every day and making sure that we completely surrender everything to Him. At that point, the young man began crying. I kept praying for him as he struggled with his conviction.

Later, the book tent staff told me that he purchased several books on the sanctuary and a few of Ellen White’s writings. A few days later his parents, members of a local Adventist church, told me the lifetransforming story. They had raised their son in a godly home, but he had fallen away. Rebellious, he spurned his parents’ invitations to church and had no interest in spiritual things. When they heard about Messiah’s Mansion, they invited him to go with them. He reluctantly agreed. His mother told me, with tears in her eyes, that he was very excited about what he learned during the tour. He started asking them questions and showing an interest in studying the Bible. For the first time in nearly eight years their son went to church and stated his intention to regularly attend again.