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Sharing Christ On Market Night

Miller Mendes


Almost every Thursday night, you can find Miller at his display booth at the “Market Night” event on State Street in downtown Redlands. This weekly, city– sponsored event draws thousands of local visitors from the surrounding communities, and often, out-of-town tourists. Miller distributes literature on spiritual life and health from a large display of books, tracts, and magazines; one large banner depicts the compartments of the wilderness sanctuary. Another banner illustrates the Ten Commandments on tables of stone with the Sabbath commandment illuminated. These graphics attract much attention and prompt questions from passersby. The booth provides a great opportunity to share truth-filled literature and to invite interested individuals to Bible studies, evangelistic meetings, and health seminars at the Mentone church. It also provides church members an opportunity to help distribute literature, including GLOW tracts, “like the leaves of autumn.”

insideasi-winter-2015-pdf-for-print_page_23_image_0003Miller Mendes also volunteers regularly as a chaplain at a healthcare clinic for low-income residents in the city of San Bernardino. Recently, he met Donna and Marlene1 as they waited for treatment at the clinic. He talked with them about their concerns and offered to pray with them. This led to a request for Bible studies and Miller and his wife are now studying with them. As a result of his contacts at the clinic, Miller has had opportunities to give out literature and to pray with employees and physicians, as well. Miller is very enthusiastic about his experiences as a volunteer chaplain for the Your best Pathway to Health medical mission trips to San Francisco, California, and San Antonio, Texas, which were in part sponsored by ASI. Miller is often invited to preach at a number of churches in southern California and encourages others to join ASI and engage in marketplace ministry whenever he can.