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Sharing Christ in the Media Sphere of Influence

Greg Striemer


During my twenty-five years of colporteur ministry, I shared in common with every person who has ever tried their hand at being a literature evangelist–the quick need to discover how to relate to non-Adventists within their sphere of influence. The most common ground was to share the joys of Christ with fellow believers while at the same time finding an avenue to their heart, be it through medical missionary work or deeper spiritual truths. When I embarked upon Christian radio ministry it was with a colporteur mindset. There was no need to duplicate the fine work of 3ABN Radio or Lifetalk Radio. I would create a radio station to reach people within their sphere of influence where their hearts and minds would be interested in our opening wedge of health evangelism and hopefully, the grace-filled message of Christ our Righteousness. This formula helped me place over two million dollars worth of our literature into homes, thus a precedent had been set for success.

A variety of studies have shown that the way of the future in media is via the Internet. We created www. to appeal to conservative Christians. It must be noted there is a gap between a conservative Adventist and a mainstream conservative Christian, which we recognize. Again, we are not preaching to the choir. Our health evangelism is top-shelf compared to natural healing found in the world. Our Adventist counselors are also second to none. When it comes to preaching righteousness by faith we have a wealth of preachers to draw from. What makes our radio station different from traditional Christian radio is that we edit our shows and sermons to range no longer than three or four minutes. For example, Mark Finley preaching “heaven” in the Net series from Orlando, Florida, netted us 10 sermonettes for busy people, each one with a beginning, a middle, and an appeal. Other shows include Pet Training Tips, Dave Ramsey Financial minute, the Christian Mechanic, Grief Share, and a host of others with a practical message with a spiritual bent. Nonetheless, Loud Cry Radio is a music-driven station featuring all genres of music, with the exception of Christian contemporary rock music.

Loud Cry Radio is a commercial, for-profit radio station accepting advertisers. We create radio ad campaigns to help Adventist businesses geared for dealing with the general public. Advertising messages are heard on computers where people type in the web address or on mobile devices where they download the app. Whereas most Christian radio station website players will show the artist’s name and song title, when you listen to Loud Cry Radio you receive a visual slide show feast of biblical themes, such as the story of Job, Noah, Daniel, Esther, Samson, etc. As well as hundreds of musical artists being played on the station. Loud Cry Radio is available on your major Internet TV stations such as Roku, Google, and Amazon Fire.

    We have created three stations:

  • Native Hope, reaching out to the aproximately three million Native American population of North America. People of the Book, reaching out to the Muslim population through our various Adventist Muslim ministries.
  • Loud Cry, reaching out to mainstream Christians.

If you have a ministry reaching out to the public, don’t hesitate to contact us to get before them via Internet media. Or if you have a business or health ministry looking for new contacts, allow us to help put your products before a new audience.