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The Right Hand Touches Lives

Keith Shleifer


I don’t want anything to do with the spiritual part of this program,” Sue emphatically declared to our lifestyle program director on the second day of the session. Our BRL (Biblical Response Living) counselor, whom Sue* had not yet met, stepped in and reassured her that in their session together “they didn’t have to do anything spiritual, that she didn’t even have to come, but that we are like Burger King—you can have it your way.” Sue replied that she did have some things she wanted to talk about. She came that day and brought up some spiritual issues. At the end of her first and only week, her two hydro-therapists told her, “We love you.” She responded warmly, “You really mean that, don’t you?” Earlier that day she had voluntarily said to the BRL counselor that, “It’s really good that the Bible is part of the Eden Valley program, especially for the non-Adventists.” Sue is eagerly looking forward to another visit to Eden Valley near Loveland, Colorado, following a scheduled surgery.

One never knows what will come up, nor how swiftly, when talking with guests. On her first session of BRL, Carol* said referring to the issue of security in salvation, “I’ve got that all covered. I was baptized.” Like Sue, Carol was also of another denomination than that of Eden Valley. She has traveled the world extensively with her work, and says of herself that she is a good judge of people. As she experienced the morning Bible discussions led by Eden Valley’s president that focus on God’s goodness and grace, and experienced the sessions preceded by prayer with the sincere and friendly therapists, and experienced the dining staff, physician, counselor and, as she says, “even the maintenance, grounds and farm staff who would greet me on my walks,” she told the BRL counselor, “You know, it’s possible to find people who put in their hours and say the right things, but to find people who really mean it is rare, but that’s what I’ve experienced here.” Two days later she said, “I am going to go to the Seventh-day Adventist church in my city. I know there is one. After all, the only real difference from Baptists is the day.”

Truly, medical missionary work conducted by happy, converted Christians is the right hand that opens the door for the gospel.