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Pathway To Health Testimonies

Kelly A. Kinsley


She had been standing in lines for more than six hours, plagued with a large lesion on her chin. “That is so gross!” she had been told. insideasi_summer2015_page_14_image_0001“Get it fixed and maybe we will hire you,”others had said. It had cost her three jobs, and she found it difficult to look people in the eyes; she knew what they were thinking.

“Are you the dermatologist?” she quietly asked. “Yes, I am. How may I help you?” I replied. For three years, a draining cyst had festered on her chin. She had seen multiple doctors and was told it would cost her a thousand dollars to have it removed. She didn’t have the money, and no one would help.

“Let’s get that off,” I told her.

“Today?” she asked.

“Right now!” I responded.

Her eyes widened, filling with tears, her hands covering her mouth in disbelief.

We laid her down on a camping cot. Crouching down next to her, I adjusted the very small light and prepped her chin. With excitement and disbelief she kept saying over and over again, “This is going to change my life…because of you my life will never be the same…” All the while, I was trying to remove the cyst from her chin. I gently requested that she pause for a moment while I did the portion of the procedure that required a non-moving mandible. She stopped but was still smiling—really big.

The cyst came out very easily and intact. “Thank you Lord,” I said to myself. After placing the last suture, I removed the surgical drape that covered her face. She knew we were done and once again began to repeat how this was going to change her life.

After bandaging and instructions, I knew it was time to say what God had been pressing upon my heart. “I know that having this cyst gone will change your life and open up opportunities, and I am so thankful to have had the privilege to help you today. But there is something I need to tell you. It is not because of me that your life will be different. It is because of God. He is the the one that made it possible for me to be here, and He is the one that brought you here. So you see it is because of God that your cyst is gone. What we did here today will make a difference, but the only One who can really change a life is Jesus. He has changed my heart and life, and I know He can do the same for you.”

Her eyes got big and moist with tears again. “May I pray with you?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. And we did.

Dr. Gordon Guild

insideasi_summer2015_page_15_image_0001Our family practice cubical for Your best Pathway to Health was being dismantled when the last patient drove his electric wheelchair into my cubical, accompanied by his wife and two young sons. A truck accident in 2012 had left this young man in his early 30s a quadriplegic. He was a God-send for me. As a rehab physician, I was able to examine him and answer many of his concerns. He told me that he had seen multiple physicians without a glimmer of hope, and had even told one physician who was negative about his paralytic condition to leave his room. He said to me, “You are the first physician who has given me any hope. God sent you just for me.”

“No” I replied, God sent you just for me! You are going to see further function in your arms and hands, and with God’s healing and your determination you will walk again. God healed a paralytic, and He can heal you according to His will.”

I saw many patients, but if I’d only seen him the trip would have been worth it. With tears in our eyes, we prayed together and said our goodbyes.

Sherri Keith, RN

This was my very first mission trip! I had always wanted to go, but I had put everything in front of saying “yes” to God. I saw Dr. Chris and Dr. Lela Lewis on 3ABN one Sabbath. My husband said to me, “You should go.” I had a million reasons not to go, but with my husband’s encouragement and financial support I submitted my vacation request at work with the promise that I would go and serve my Lord if He would open the doors. Within a couple of days I had the time off. This was confirmation enough for me! I am a surgical nurse, and I really wanted to use the skills that God has provided me with, so I was happy to be placed in surgical services. There I helped set up the stations and then helped to organize and separate some of the donated supplies.

Wednesday morning when I walked into the Alamodome, I could feel Gods presence! This was just what I was seeking to serve others. I worked with a wonderful plastic surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Freed, and I met two beautiful young ladies from Weimar! They are interested in the medical field and also possibly in nursing. I was deeply impressed with Dr. Freed as he shared with the two young ladies about their future. It is refreshing to see a genuine, caring doctor! He cared equally about each person we saw, and we always prayed with them. One patient allowed me to take his picture with the students. He was quite happy to have a lipoma removed from the left side of his head. He was so happy he could hardly wait to tell his wife! The young ladies took a selfie with Dr. Freed and myself. I truly enjoyed this mission trip. Every evening I talked with my husband, and he was thrilled at what we were accomplishing for the Lord. I believe that I received more blessings than anyone else! Miracle after miracle I witnessed Gods hand! Now I know what it truly means to step out on faith and let God lead. See you in Spokane!