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ASI Project Report

Living Water

ASI Staff


inside_asi_fall_08_page_29_image_0003 Northwest New Mexico is an arid desert, with an average annual rainfall of two inches. Access to a reliable water supply in this region is crucial. And many of the Navajo people living in the area do not have running water in their own homes.

Thus one of the services provided by La Vida Mission to the local Navajo is free water access, via the mission’s well and water system. More than 70 families make multiple trips to the mission each week to fill large portable water tanks—often the sole supply of water for both the families and their livestock.

It had been apparent for some time that La Vida’s water system required both serious repairs and upgrades. The well was old, so too the water tank, and a central pressure and filtration system for the whole campus was badly needed. In fact, water for the houses and cafeteria was delivered by hand after being pumped at another location. And to make matters worse, the well broke down right before last year’s ASI convention, leaving the campus without water for several weeks.

Part of the 2005 ASI Convention offering went to fund major water system improvements at La Vida Mission. The project is now nearing completion after an array of repairs and additions. Most recently the 40- Living Water year-old well was refurbished and re-cased, and a new well house constructed. A reverse osmosis purification system was also installed.inside_asi_fall_08_page_29_image_0004

The project has also included the installation of several pressure pumps and a pressure tank, as well as low-consumption toilets. And many of the dripping, leaky faucets around campus were replaced.

High efficiency hot water tanks were installed in the office/cafeteria building. A showering area in the same building also received renovation. A free hot shower is another service La Vida provides to the Navajo community. Since many locals have no running water at home, a hot shower is not taken for granted.

Numerous other small improvements were made across campus—all part of a larger effort not just to supply water to a campus and community but to open the way to Living Water. La Vida’s free services to the Navajo are a unique means of outreach to a very special people. Thank you to everyone who made the water system improvements possible through the ASI Convention offering.

More information about La Vida Mission can be found at or by calling them at 505-786-5539.