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Light Exposing Light


Little Light Studios has developed a new series that focuses on short, quick, relevant content, entitled LED (Light Exposing Darkness). There are 11 videos in the series that have had over 130,000 views! Here is a testimony that shows how God is using this series to convict hearts.

I was on YouTube looking for sermons to listen to because I want to learn more about God’s Word. I found a sermon from a pastor that opened my eyes to a different side of Disney that I had never seen before. In the past, I had watched all different kinds of TV shows. I was so addicted to TV but God delivered me from that. I thought, “Disney’s not that bad so I can still watch that.” But after watching the sermon I asked God to show me if Disney was harmful. The next day I was on YouTube and I searched “Is Disney bad for Christians” and BOOM your video popped up. It was so easy to understand and so straightforward, it was definitely an answer to my prayers. It really opened my to how deceived I had been about certain shows and movies. God is certainly blessing you guys. Thank you for being the answer to my prayers. Please continue your LED series. It’s Amazing!

On behalf of Little Light Ministries, thank you for your generous donation to make this program a reality. It has given us the ability to produce content and offer to the many who need it at no cost to them.