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ASI Project Report

Light Bearers Ministry: Lusaka Evangelism Campaign

ASI Staff


The $20,000 in funding granted last year by ASI to Light Bearers Ministry was successfully used in September 2010 for an evangelism campaign in Lusaka, Zambia. This large-scale project in Southern Africa involved shipping five containers of literature to the city in preparation for the 16-night evangelistic series, held in a large field in the city center.
The number of attendees grew from 3,000 on opening night to more than 10,000 attending nightly before the meetings ended. The series title, New Light, New Power, was meant to convey that every truth in the Bible is seen in a new light and imparts new power when viewed in the context of the cross.
“James [Rafferty] and Ty [Gibson] have offered a new approach to evangelism, and we have seen that it works here in Zambia,” said Elder Passmore Mulambo, the conference president who invited Light Bearers to Zambia. “They lift up Jesus Christ and make the cross the center of every presentation.”
Elder Mulambo observed that the campaign had three positive outcomes. First, it was a tremendous blessing to the community as thousands of people attended the meetings and encountered the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time. Second, the campaign brought revival to thousands of local Adventist church members who attended the meetings. Finally, it was a positive learning experience for local pastors and evangelists.
One local church leader said, “After this campaign, we will never do evangelism the same again in Zambia.”