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Moving Forward: ASI Project Update

For Hearts, Minds & Viewing Habits


As Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) began airing in 1986, the programs broadcast were mostly produced by the Adventist Media Center, but it wasn’t long before the little 3ABN studio began taping interviews, music and sermons. As the small staff grew in confidence, so did the variety of programs. Health, evangelism and even a few on-location shoots were exciting additions to the meager lineup.inside_asi_summer_08_page_29_image_0004

But the prospect of producing quality children’s programming seemed difficult at best. How could 3ABN capture kids’ attention without using the gimmicks of secular television? Cartoons and silliness were out of the question. The Lord had given 3ABN the challenge to counteract the counterfeit, and programming needed to be both relevant and reverent.

Through much prayer, the Lord brought some incredibly dedicated people to 3ABN. Janice Smith produced her first series, Janice’s Attic, in the 3ABN studio. Brenda Walsh—who had grown up not far from 3ABN’s studios—had prayed for God to use her in a bigger way. She became producer of the successful and long-running Kids’ Time series on 3ABN. Brenda also joined with her two sisters, Cinda and Linda, to produce Tiny Tots for Jesus. More recently, Joyce Neal’s Grandma’s House joined the 3ABN lineup. But with each step forward viewers begged for more.

Children’s programming is by far the most difficult and expensive to produce, and though the ideas were there, constant demands for more programming on 3ABN English and 3ABN Latino networks, as well as the International Channel, meant there was a continual shortage of studio time. As sets were put up and taken down, the wear and tear and occasional lost set prop became a frustrating problem. The need for a new studio exclusively for children’s programming was obvious. And as He has always done, the Lord opened the way.

What a blessing ASI has been to 3ABN over the years, and last year’s gift of $150,000 from the ASI Convention offering made the dream of a dedicated studio for children’s programming a reality. In June of this year 3ABN began taping episodes of Kids’ Time in the brand new studio. And plans are underway for other children’s series as well.inside_asi_summer_08_page_29_image_0003

Dozens of children are spending this summer vacation working on new 3ABN programs. Their families have sacrificed and traveled thousands of miles at their own expense to allow these wonderful kids to participate in programs airing on both 3ABN English and 3ABN Latino television networks.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God” (Luke 18:16). God’s precious little ones are constantly in harm’s way. Satan will battle for their hearts and minds—and viewing habits. Thank you, ASI, for making it possible for 3ABN to reach out to them, telling them about Jesus, and winning them for eternity