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Evangelism at Another Level

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In 2000, the New Beginnings DVD project spearheaded by ASI and It Is Written transformed the landscape of evangelism, empowering hundreds of laypeople to hold public evangelistic meetings. This user-friendly evangelistic tool put new meaning into the phrase “even a child could do it,” with everyone from middle-school students to seniors accepting the call to preach the Word of God.
inside_asi_spring_2008_page_04_image_0002By design, the training promotes perpetual lay participation in ongoing Bible studies conducted in communities around the world. These Bible studies are a lasting means of sharing the gospel, reaching out to the community long after an evangelistic series is over.
At Spring Council 2007, the General Conference affirmed its partnership with ASI in their “Train Them Now” initiative, and committed to produce the next generation of New Beginnings DVD evangelism. This will catapult lay evangelism to another level. With the support and active involvement of the divisions of the world church, global participation in the “Train Them Now” initiative will not only result in an abundance of trained laypeople, but will bring exponential growth to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
In this magazine, you will discover how thousands of laypeople have been trained to hold Bible studies in their homes using the New Beginnings DVD. You will read many wonderful stories of how lives were changed because of their involvement in evangelism. How beautiful it is to see so many priceless souls accepting Jesus.
ASI continues to strongly promote evangelism, doing whatever it takes to motivate and encourage a wide spectrum of laypeople to make the connection between profit for shares and preaching for souls. All around the world enthusiasm for active witnessing is spreading like wildfire on a dry, windy day. ASI members have embraced the concept of training and equipping laypeople everywhere, enabling them to share Christ with their friends, family and neighbors. Requests for ASI volunteer training teams are pouring in from around the globe, a confirmation of the burning desire to learn ways for more effective sharing of the gospel.
“Train Them Now” is not the only program equipping laypeople for more active service. Many outstanding tools are available to those interested in becoming a greater personal witness. What have you done in service to our Lord? How are you telling your neighbors, co-workers, friends or loved ones that Jesus loves them and that He is coming soon? The signs foretell the lateness of the hour in our world’s history. Sharing Christ in the Marketplace is our goal, and we must maximize our impact. The tools are there. The need is there. We must get involved, and we must train others and invite them to join the countless number who are working diligently to hasten Christ’s soon return.