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DVDs Spread in Vietnam Like the leaves of Autumn


winter2010insideasi_page_28_image_0003DVDs are being scattered like the leaves of autumn throughout Vietnam, reaching people from all walks of life. Adventist Southeast Asia Projects (ASAP) received 2009 ASI Convention special projects offering funds to distribute 500 DVD players and DVD sermon sets to the house churches there.

In Vietnam, DVD evangelism is a powerful method of spreading the gospel. Buddhists, Catholics, Communists, Christians from other denominations, and secular people discover hidden truths in God’s Word through watching Pastor Isaiah Duong’s sermons and the New Beginnings DVDs in their own languages.

ASAP Lay Pastor Thanh* reports, “The ASAP missionaries in my district and I distributed more than 7,000 DVDs in the last quarter. We have to be patient when the people receive the DVDs. Some need time to think and study the materials. We keep praying before, during, and after we give out these materials. I really thank God for very special messages in the DVDs about the mark of the beast, the truth about the Sabbath, and the false prophet. All are excellent materials to bring the truth to people.”

“A high-ranking retired government officer watched one of the DVDs,” reports ASAP Lay Pastor Phong.* “He liked it so much, he immediately contacted the house church, asking for more. Every morning, he plays a DVD sermon and invites those he used to work with to listen and study with him. A good group is now meeting for Bible studies.”

District Evangelist Cang* shares, “It’s exciting to see God bring more than 700 members into the Adventist house church movement in just the area where I work— within a nine-month period! On behalf of all the ASAP missionaries I work with and the three ethnic tribes who now accept Jesus and the Seventh-day Adventist message, I thank those who have made it possible for DVD evangelism to happen here.”