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Better Living/Mieux Vivre

ASI Staff


Not even one French-Canadian out of 10,000 is a Seventh-day Adventist—a statistic that inspired Wayne Atwood to action. In the fall of 2008, he helped to start Better Living / Mieux Vivre, a media ministry designed to reach out to French-speaking people in Québec and around the world. His team started by producing a 30-minute radio program for broadcast on a local radio station. So far, the ministry has produced more than 100 radio programs. Next, they decided to build a production studio to create both radio and television programming in the French language. Many audio-visual evangelism resources are produced in English and are not available in French. This new ministry is filling a huge void in French-speaking countries around the world. One of their largest projects has been to produce the NEWSTART DVD series on the eight laws of health. It’s the first of its kind to be originally produced for television in French, and it is also designed as a sharing tool that French-speaking Adventists everywhere can give to friends and acquaintances. Better Living is also producing a program based on the ASI concept of “sharing Christ in the marketplace.” Host Monique Lemay interviews business people and professionals about how they share Christ in their marketplaces and how being a Christian changes the way they relate to those with whom they work. One viewer recently wrote, “After having experienced a tragedy in my family, I started to drift away from God. I stopped attending church and stopped associating with my Adventist church family. Better Living’s programs have helped me to come back to God. Now I attend church on a weekly basis with my family. Thank you Better Living for your uplifting programs.” Over the last 6 months, Better Living has received more than 400,000 website hits, including 20,000 program hits or downloads. Visit (English) or (French).