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ASI Project Reports

Audioverse Advance


The funds that AudioVerse received from ASI went toward the development and launch of AudioVerse Advance (, a brand new online Bible training school. We believe that there are thousands of faithful Adventists longing to utilize their abilities in the Lord’s service, but they simply lack the training. Yet, due to circumstances, many of these people simply are not able to travel to a physical training center. Thus, AudioVerse Advance was created to provide world-class Bible training to anyone in the world. The affordable online courses can be taken by individuals at their own pace, conveniently, wherever they can find access to a computer and Internet connection.

The ASI funds were crucial in allowing the new website to be built and for the first batch of courses to be produced for launch. Our initial content partner was The Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism, an evangelism training school of the Michigan Conference. And we had two courses available on launch day: Evangelism 101 and Personal Evangelism. To date, over 600 students have enrolled in the six courses we now have available (with more on the way).

Further details on the project are included below in this report. But on behalf of the AudioVerse team as well as all our users, we wish to express a big word of thanks to the ASI family for the support in bringing this project to fruition. We pray that the effect of AudioVerse Advance will be multiplied by the Holy Spirit to bring the gospel to the whole world in this Generation.


I wish to express my grateful thanks to have been able to have participated in this course, and [for] the work that has been done to make it available on the Internet. Some of the ideas I had heard from individual sermons before, but this program has coordinated it all together as one whole, and really it’s Jesus the REDEEMER that has made this possible. AMEN.


This was a very interesting study. It definitely piques the interest and sparks the flame of evangelism. The lectures, though short, were very powerful and I love how they used the Bible to explain the mission of the church. I definitely will be enrolling in the other courses. May God continue to bless this ministry as they help to prepare labourers for the harvest.


Hi! My name is Jennifer, and I’ve been meaning to begin this course for a few months. I knew I HAD TO when my pastor asked me to have baptismal studies with a lady who has been attending church for several months. Now that one-person study has turned into two group studies! What a blessing! I pray that completing this course will enhance the studies I will be leading.
This course is very much needed. It did two things for me. It opened my eyes to a new understanding of the early church, even while reinforcing the importance of personal evangelism in my life. This definitely needs to be shared with more people.