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ASI Abroad

ASI Europe Gaining Momentum


ASI began as a grassroots movement in Europe, just as it did in North America. It continues to gain momentum in ever-widening circles of influence as church members across Europe gain a passion for sharing Christ, one personal connection at a time.

ASI Europe is an umbrella organization that supports the establishment and activities of ASI chapters in various European countries. Angel Duo, president of ASI Europe, says, “It’s very difficult to explain in words how excited I feel about the programs and activities that all our European chapters are developing.” He is especially excited about the efforts of 21 ASI members who recently presented New Beginnings DVD evangelistic series in various parts of Spain, and about inroads that ASI has made in the Czech Republic.

During the 2009 ASI Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, Pastor Duo met with leaders from It Is Written, Amazing Facts, and Generation of Youth for Christ. “These ministries have a long experience in evangelism, education, and youth leadership that will help us as we implement our European projects,” he says.

ASI Europe had a busy convention season this fall, beginning with ASI Portugal’s very first convention, held Sept. 25–27, 2009, in Aula Magna. About 2,000 people attended the Sabbath meetings.

The following month, the ASI Hungary convention met Oct. 22–24, 2009, in Budapest. The ASI Revival Congress met concurrently in the Geneva Lake Region of Switzerland Oct. 22–25. Next came conventions held by ASI Spain in Zaragoza and ASI Germany in Erfurt. Both events met Oct. 29–Nov. 1.

The ASI Germany convention was held in the monastery where Martin Luther first encountered the concept of a gracious God through studying His Word. Highlights at that convention included learning from Australian speaker Rodney MacCallum about major breakthroughs in Adventist-Moslem relations.

ASI United Kingdom held a special three-day event for students and young professionals Nov. 6–8 in Daventry, Northamtonshire. Although the event was open to anyone, it was specifically designed to “inspire young people with the ASI vision and to encourage them to be involved in evangelism.” The annual general meeting was held on the final morning of that event.

The UK youth event represents a growing worldwide emphasis on youth evangelism projects. Significantly, many of these programs are being organized and implemented by the youth themselves. In 2007, ASI Europe helped sponsor Charlotte Bramble, of North England, to attend the ARISE Institute for Soul-Winning and Evangelism in the United States— on the condition that she organize a Youth for Jesus program in the UK when she returned.

She kept her promise and organized a six-month YFJ program in Nottingham, England, that started in February 2009. Graduates of the evangelism training program have started teaching Bible boot camp (Bible study training) and conducting door-to-door outreach programs in their home churches.

Similar ASI youth programs have been established in many European countries. The Holy Spirit is clearly working in Europe through the committed efforts of ASI members, young and old.