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ASI Europe approved 15 project applications in 2010, reports vice president for evangelism Kamil Kreutziger. The projects were divided into three general groups: Youth For Jesus, short-term mission projects, and student sponsorships.

Youth for Jesus projects were held in the United Kingdom, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Norway and France. Eight students from Spain and Germany were sent on short-term mission trips to the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Palau. Another nine students were sponsored to attend the Colegio Adventista de Sagunto in Spain, ARISE in California, and the Center of Evangelism PEACE in the United Kingdom.

ASI Europe has been able to track the results of these projects over the past year, including 286 baptisms overseas, 28 baptisms in Europe, and another 38 preparing for baptism in Europe. Four new Bible study groups have been started. Of the 201 people studying the Bible, 54 are doing so on the Internet.

The youth of Europe have particularly felt the impact of the ASI Europe project offering. Through the various Youth For Jesus programs, 157 youth were trained in evangelism, 330 were influenced, and 9 youth committed to full-time ministry (6 pastors, 2 literature evangelists, and 1 overseas missionary).

“I would like to thank [ASI members] for your constant prayers and support,” says Kreutziger. “Many people [were able to] hear the Adventist message, and many were added to the Kingdom of God.”

Seven new projects have been approved for 2011. The Great Controversy magabook program is being sponsored under the direction of Springs of Life in Poland. Youth evangelism training programs are planned in Spain and in the Moravian cities of Zlin and Vsetin in the Czech Republic. Two Bible workers are working with local church members to break down societal barriers and establish a church in France, where religious prejudice runs high. Three theology students from the Seminario Adventista Espanol in Spain are being sponsored to preach ShareHim evangelistic campaigns in the Republic of Cape Verde.

“Miracle in Madrid” is a new television ministry project of ALFA Televisión in Spain. It combines 24-hour Adventist programming in the Spanish language with phone evangelists personally offering viewers books, DVDs and Bible studies, or inviting them to special events such as concerts, stop smoking seminars and evangelistic campaigns.

Another unique project is reaching the discouraged and downtrodden in Portugal. Copies of My Bible are being distributed for free by ASI Portugal and MedicineOne. The project focuses on people facing health problems, financial difficulties, depression, discouragement, guilt, loneliness, unemployment and other overwhelming difficulties. Bible verses are underlined in different colors that correspond to various human emotions or problems. A collection of Bible texts dealing with Adventist fundamental beliefs is also included. Copies of My Bible are placed beside every hospital bed and in each prison cell. The project is designed to reach people unfamiliar with the Bible, but who feel a personal need to know God.