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Inter-American Division

In the Inter-American Division, ASI organizations have been active in numerous projects. ASI Belize has coordinated a project at Tubal Training and Vocational Institute, which offers instruction in the areas of computer technology, carpentry, auto mechanics, home appliance repair, refrigeration and air conditioning.
ASI Honduras is sponsoring an expansion project at Daniel Christian School, a bi-lingual school for children and youth in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. In Colombia, ASI in the InterAmerican Division is involved with EDEM Medical Missionary Training School. Located in Supia Caldas, Colombia, EDEM promotes evangelistic programs based on health and lifestyle training, with stress management, hydrotherapy, and massage programs.
Organizing jobs for the local community is the goal of the Social Missionary Project, sponsored by ASI Panama. It allows local individuals to earn a living, and the outreach aspect of the project has resulted in a group of roughly 25 individuals meeting for worship each Sabbath. As the project grows, ASI Panama plans to build a church for these worshipers.inside_asi_spring_2008_page_30_image_0003

Many exciting things are also happing at the ASI organizations in Europe. ASI Spain, which pioneered Youth for Jesus in Europe, will sponsor a Youth for Jesus this year in the city of Seville. Members of ASI Austria are building a medical mission in Tajikistan. And members of ASI Italy have been encouraged by the impact of their health expos.
A young believer brought to Christ by Youth for Jesus in Spain. Young people from ASI France will conduct an evangelistic campaign in Madagascar this summer, and after returning they will do outreach in the French city of Marseille. Czech-Slovak ASI has taken up a “New Beginnings” DVD project, along with sponsoring numerous other projects. And in Germany, first-generation Adventists have launched a radio station, and are encouraged with its success thus far. German and Austrian members have also established a training center for health evangelism.
ASI United Kingdom will hold a three-month evangelism training course this summer, and is also sponsoring the construction of an Adventist village for orphans in India. Sponsoring a total of 43 projects, ASI Romania has been very active. Romania is also the site for the ASI Europe convention this June, where Elder Jose Rojas will be the featured speaker and the theme will be “Work, Witness, Win.” You are warmly invited to attend.
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