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Youth in Mission

Are You a Christian?

James Wilson Wilson


Since I began serving as a Bible worker in California,
the price of gas has steadily increased to
nearly $4.30 per gallon. In one month alone, I’ve spent
well over $250 for gas, which, for a Bible worker, is too
much. Several people who attend my church use public
transportation, so I started using it as well. It’s not only
cheaper than driving, but it also gives me more opportunities
to talk and share with people.
Along with several others using public transportation,
I started distributing G.L.O.W. (Giving Light to Our
World) tracts on the commuter trains. We board the last
car, wait for the train to start moving, and then walk to
the front, handing tracts to anyone who will take them.
Sometimes we’re able to cover as many as four cars in
one ride. It’s easy to distribute more than 100 G.L.O.W.
tracts in one day.
One day, on my way to a Bible study, I sat by a lady
who was listening to music through her headphones. I
casually handed her a tract called “Promise of Peace,” then
sat back to read my Bible. She took her headphones off
and began to talk to me about what I was reading. At one
point, she asked me what I did, so I told her that I teach
the Bible. “That’s great,” she responded. “Can I get your
phone number? I want to meet up and study sometime.”
That was the first time I’d ever had someone ask
me to study the Bible. While we were talking, a girl in
front of us made a comment, and the lady next to me
asked her, “Are you a Christian?”
“Kind of,” the girl responded. “I’ve thought about it.”
“Here,” the lady next to me said, handing the girl a
G.L.O.W. tract she’d picked up from another seat. “You
should read this and consider becoming a Christian.”
Many times I’ve seen people reading the G.L.O.W.
tracts on the train who I would never picture sitting in
church. We really don’t know the results of our work.
If we faithfully respond to every opportunity to share
with others the light God has given us, we’re sure to see
results. And even if we don’t see any apparent fruits here
on earth, we can look forward to seeing many of those
we reached out to at the Tree of Life someday—those
who went on to seek more truth and who gave their
lives to Christ. It is worth the effort. It is worth the time.