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Amazing Facts: Most Important Questions Series

ASI Staff


In October 2010, Amazing Facts aired a ten-part series called Most Important Questions, sponsored in part by last year’s ASI special projects offering. The outreach and revival event, broadcast live from Great Lakes Adventist Academy in Michigan, specifically targeted teens in response to the staggering statistic that 65 percent of Adventist children leave the church by the time they graduate from college. It aired on 3ABN, Hope Channel and the Inspiration Network.

inside_asi_summer_2011__web__page_28_image_0004 Amazing Facts recognized an urgent need for programming that would speak to the concerns of youth. During the series, Pastor Doug Batchelor addressed a gauntlet of core questions that today’s Christian youth grapple with, including the existence of God and the evolution/creation controversy. The series also had an interactive element, with more than 7,000 questions submitted by teens via Facebook, texts, e-mails and the Amazing Facts website on a variety of topics including sexuality, suicide, church attendance and dating.
More than 1,000 church and home sites around the world registered for the event, with known viewers from 60 countries and across Christian denominations. More non-Adventist churches than Adventist churches registered for the event. Amazing Facts published a companion Most Important Questions Answer Guide and distributed more than 10,000 for the event.
Fourteen-year-old Joshua Gonzalez says he found many answers to his questions through the MIQ series. “After MIQ, God changed my attitude. I saw things differently. God told me to respect other people.” His radical transformation has continued since the series, and on May 7, 2011, he was baptized in the Deltona Spanish Church in Michigan.
It’s been extraordinary to see Joshua change,” his father says, “He’s completely different—physically, emotionally and spiritually.”