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In the Marketplace

A Safe Place to Grow

Steve Dickman


New ASI members are quickly inspired to share Christ in the marketplace. Many, however, need counsel and guidance as they grow and mature in their ministry vision.

Currently, an organization must be in existence for at least one year before it can join ASI as an organizational member. That initial year of development is crucial when it comes to establishing both a vision and a plan for ministry. It’s the time when counsel and guidance from others with more knowledge and experience can make the most difference.

I’m excited about a couple of new developments that may help with the process of incubating new ASI member organizations for future ministry and outreach and connecting people with volunteer mission and ministry opportunities.asi-winter-11_page_06_image_0002

The business world has “business incubation” programs designed to support development of new entrepreneurial companies through a variety of resources, services and supportive contacts. According to statistics, new businesses that participate in business incubation programs are more likely to stay in business.

There’s an idea in the works to create a similar program called “Incubators for Supporting Ministries,” which would apply the business incubation principle to developing ASI member ministries, helping to incubate them for long-term success in business and ministry. I’m convinced that it’s possible to help new businesses and ministries face and overcome challenges by giving them special attention in their formative stages. ASI members should be especially creative entrepreneurs for the cause of building God’s Kingdom and supporting the Adventist Church.

Over the coming months, ASI will select a number of young entrepreneurs to participate in a testing phase for the new ministry incubation program. Perhaps you would like to be a mentor for a new and emerging ASI member ministry. You’re invited to participate! Contact Barry Katzer by sending an e-mail to

Another exciting program designed to connect people with potential volunteer ministry opportunities is a newly developed website called Volunteer7, which will contain up-to-date postings of mission and volunteer openings with denominational and supporting ministry entities around the world. This new tool was launched in time for presentation at the 2010 GYC youth conference in Baltimore, Maryland. If you have volunteer needs, now is the time to post them at

Now more than ever is the time for ASI members to press together with denominational entities to complete the work of spreading the gospel to the entire world. These new programs are designed to help you do just that!