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Officer’s Outlook

A Reason to Go

Norm Reitz


Gail and I have been blessed to attend each of the chapter conventions this spring. We travel to these meetings for several important reasons. It gives us the opportunity to meet and identify potential speakers, seminar presenters and Members in Action storytellers for the national ASI convention in August. We share these names with the program committee to be considered along with the other names the committee receives from various sources.

Another reason we travel to chapter meetings is to meet current members and potential new members. It’s a joy to see the breadth and depth of experience and commitment represented by ASI members across the nation and around the world. Often we meet people who may fit leadership needs within the ASI organization.

For a variety of reasons, many who attend chapter conventions are not able to attend the larger national ASI convention. Some have vacations or mission trips planned. Others have work commitments or financial constraints. Consequently, we meet people at chapter conventions that we might not meet otherwise.

That’s the reason Terry Anderson, vice president for evangelism, attends as many chapter conventions as possible. This year, it allowed him to share information about the Saving Las Vegas evangelism program with a broader, supportive audience. Similarly, Steve Dickman, vice president for recruitment, travels with the ASI exhibit booth to chapter conventions to share the benefits of membership and to offer discounts to those who apply during the meetings. Secretary-treasurer Ramon Chow attends the meetings to provide guidance to local chapter boards, especially during elections. As a result, harmony is developed between ASI national and chapter leaders.

Sometimes, new ideas are born. For instance, the Southern Union chapter recently created the position of vice president for Hispanic ministries. We hope similar positions will be created in other chapters.

Along the way, we’ve learned that ASI is highly regarded by local church leaders within the North American Division. ASI is a grassroots organization with a strong foundation at the local level. Having healthy ASI chapters is essential to having an effective national organization. That’s why we travel.

It’s important for ASI leaders to identify the reasons they do what they do. In fact, it’s important to periodically examine and reassess the reasons for any action done in the name of ministry. I challenge you to do the same with regard to your ministry this year.