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A Divine Encounter

asi-winter-11_page_25_image_0003T0: Heritage Academy Re: David Peters I was very impressed with one of your students who came by our church one day last week. His professionalism far exceeded my expectations. I asked him to give me a few moments to go over the material after he explained the mission and purpose for his visit. We discussed his plans and goals as far as his education was concerned. When a young man can present himself in such a manner, we here at Unity Church of the Cumberlands would like to assist in supporting his education. To that end, we are submitting a portion of our tithe in a check to further the spiritual growth, development and education of students like David Peters. It is our hope that this contribution will benefit him and students that exhibit his level of dedication. We will keep your academy in prayer. Lovingly in His Service, Rev. Brian K. Griffin