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Heidi’s Health Kitchen: A Unique Business-Ministry Hybrid

Heidi Tompkins


At Heidi’s Health Kitchen, founded in 2014, we offer cooking classes, health lectures, Bible studies, and Bible-based business consulting. Additionally, we provide whole foods and plant-based catering, manufacture carob products, and operate an Adventist restaurant on a “pop-up” basis. Through each of these methods, God has used Heidi’s Health Kitchen to reach souls in New York City and around the world!
Sharing Christ in Our Marketplace

In our “pop-up” restaurant, we constantly see God blessing hearts through our friendly smiles, the peaceful Adventist music, GLOW tracts on each table, and the delicious plant-based food and desserts we serve! We began operating our “pop-up” restaurant in November of 2016, and in both of our service locations, we’ve seen warm reactions from patrons as they learn that we are Seventh-day Adventist Christians who care about each of them and their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Much prayer goes into this ongoing endeavor! We are consistently praying for our regular monthly patrons, as well as those whom God chooses to bring out of darkness and into an atmosphere of light and peace, during the 60-90 minutes they spend at Heidi’s Health Kitchen while eating dinner.
Sharing Christ Overseas

Our decadent carob products, which include CARUBIES Carob Truffles and our CARUBELLA Carob Spread, continue to provide financial support for our ongoing Bible work and ministry projects around the world. Currently, Heidi’s Health Kitchen has Bible students in eight countries—including the U.S. The fastest-growing ministry projects include a small group of Bible students and young Adventist entrepreneurs that we have trained in Bangalore, India, and in the Middle East. In India, our Bible students regularly meet together to worship, fellowship, sing, pray, and encourage one another as they work to share the love of Jesus and the truth of the three angels’ messages in their city. Through their personal witnessing and Adventist-owned businesses, they are reaching hearts with life-changing truths, where traditions and idolatry are the norm.

In the Middle East, a small group of 10-15 men and their families often meet in secret to search for Bible truths which they cannot find in other churches. We have had the wonderful privilege of studying with and preparing three of the men to be group leaders. These men then teach what they have learned to the others. All of this is done via social media using Google Translate! These three men led their groups through a full “It Is Written” Bible study (in their own languages of Arabic and Farsi). After they finished the studies, we connected them with church leaders in their area who continued encouraging them in their spiritual growth. Praise God, nine of the group have expressed interest in baptism. We are currently working with local Adventist leaders to safely and privately prepare them for baptism.

By God’s grace and provision, we pray that this group will continue to grow and spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Middle East, bringing many more to the truth in a region where truth is desperately needed.

Heidi’s Health Kitchen was founded in 2014 by Ivan Raj & Heidi Liv Tompkins in Brooklyn, New York.

Heidi’s Health Kitchen can be found online at or visit us at our ASI Orlando booth.