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The 2014 funding from ASI went toward redesigning a new website for AudioVerse. Being an online ministry, continued investment was necessary in the technology platform to keep it compliant and efficient with new Internet technologies. The result has been a much more robust infrastructure underlying the website and also a vastly improved experience for the tens of thousands of users around the world to more easily access the powerful truths of God’s Word.

Here are just a few of the major developments that were enabled through the funds from ASI:

Mobile Responsive Design. The website was redesigned to be more intuitive and attractive to the end user, but more importantly, it now automatically adjusts itself to fit to any sized screen, whether a full-sized computer or a small smartphone.

New User Features. Scores of features were implemented that made the user experience more custom-tailored to each individual user, with features like social media login options, custom playlist creation, favorites, and history.

Improved Search. With the burgeoning library of content, a vastly improved search function was incorporated into the new site. Users can find content much more accurately now, especially with the filtering tools that are enabled as well.

Transcriptions. Our audio files are now also auto-transcribed into text to enhance search engine traffic and user interaction. • Cloud-based Network. We were able to migrate our dated servers into the cloud where we have lower costs, more scalability, and much higher reliability.

Improved Media Delivery. Our media delivery channels were also updated to be positioned for high-bandwidth content as media content quality and file sizes continue to increase.

AudioVerse is very grateful to the ASI family for providing the funds necessary to conduct such a thorough update and redesign to our web platform. On behalf of the thousands around the world who benefit from these improvements every day, we want to say, “THANK YOU!”