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We are looking for writers.

We’re always looking for fresh new stories and articles from committed, consecrated, skilled writers who know how to ask questions that matter and get answers that make a difference, and who know how to tell stories and share information with passion and depth. If you believe the Lord is calling you to this task, read on…

We are unique.

Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries is a cooperative network of lay individuals, professionals, business owners, and ministries that collectively support the global mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

We have a mission.

Our motto is “Sharing Christ in the Marketplace.” We encourage and equip our members in their various spheres of influence through our annual international convention, our chapter meetings, and our publications. We are all about strengthening the arm of lay ministry in the church.

We have an audience.

Our reading audience literally spans around the world, with readers on every continent who are looking for hope and help as they carry out their personal calling to take the message of Christ’s love to the world.

We have a platform.

We believe in the tremendous importance of equipping lay workers to do what they are personally called to do. Maybe a dentist is seeking to reach his or her patients by offering Bible studies, an agricultural educator is teaching people to plant and sustain crops in Tanzania, or a small health mission school is teaching young people to do health expos in their local villages in Europe. We share news, information, and stories that strengthen and educate them in their work. Most of all, we seek to encourage and uplift them.

We urge you to consider.

We’re looking for material that has deep spiritual merit and that shows how God is working in and through the lives of individuals and ministries. It should be solidly rooted in Scripture and consistent with Ellen White’s counsels, with accompanying references to outside sources or quotes. Write honestly, openly, candidly, personally, and vulnerably. Avoid cliches, over-sharing, long quotes, fiction, dreams, over-used topics, and introductory hypothetical questions. Grab us—or lose us—with the first sentence and paragraph. Write specifically to our audience. (Please, no multiple submissions). We generally do not use poetry.

Take the time to learn how to write well, and don’t assume that your first draft is adequate (although we’re always happy to edit). Please do not submit material that is designed solely to promote or solicit for your ministry. Before submitting an article or column, please read what we’ve published already. (Recent issues are available on the ASI website at under Media / Publications / Inside ASI).

We take submissions and queries.

Email your digital submission here. Clearly indicate in the subject line that your submission is for Inside ASI. If it is to be considered for one of the columns or departments, please indicate which one. We’ll respond as quickly as we can. Not all submissions will be published, but we invite you to keep trying. Some may be accepted but edited for tone and style. Please send print-quality digital photos and captions with your submissions where applicable.

We pay modestly.

We generally pay $50 per printed page (with or without photos), which averages out to about 1 cent per word.

We give credit.

Please include your bio/byline (50-75 words) and a recent, print-worthy author photo with your submission. We will send you a general author contract to complete and return to us if your submission is accepted for publication.

Thank you!

Wayne Atwood, Editor


Officer’s Outlook 

Typically a short devotional by an ASI officer or leader  500-600
The Bottom Line Column on finance and financial perspective in ministry. Open to guest writers—typically finance or ministry leaders.  500-1000
The Marketplace Devotional column on unique experiences with or opportunities for lay ministry. Open to guest writers.  500-1000
 To Your Health Column on any aspect of health or health ministry with a devotional tone. Open to guest writers.  500-1000
Members in Action Unique stories (first or third person) about what ASI members are actually doing to carry out the ASI motto, “Sharing Christ in the Marketplace.  500-1500
 Features Articles and stories of a helpful or dramatic nature that encourage or equip lay workers. May feature one or more ministries or focus on an aspect of ministry. Should be interesting, practical, well-researched, and well-developed. Open to guest writers.  1200-2000
 Youth in Mission Typically written by youth who have been working in lay ministry situations and who can share encouragement and perspectives that appeal especially to youth. Open to guest writers.  500-1200
 Project Reports Short features covering the work and contributions of lay ministries that have been ASI project fund recipients in the recent past. Open to guest writers.  500-1200
 ASI Abroad Short news snippets covering ASI-related events outside of North America. Open to guest writers.  75-300
 Your Local ASI Typically written by ASI chapter leaders about local ASI chapter issues and events.  500-1000