2019 Projects

The ASI Missions Inc. board has selected 35 projects to receive grants from the offering to be gathered at the 2019 ASI International Convention. The offering goal was $1,250,000. Online donations are accepted toward this year’s offering and previous years’ pledges. Each project will receive the designated amount. All combined, the projects represent a significant worldwide impact. In the unlikely event that any of the listed projects do not progress within a reasonable time, as determined by ASI at its discretion, ASI may redirect the funds from the failed project to another ASI-approved project. Below are the organizations, along with descriptions and planned use of project funds.

Past Years Projects

1. Laurelbrook Academy


Laurelbrook Academy is an ASE (Automobile Service Excellence) Certified school and includes auto-mechanics as a part of their vocational training program. ASI funds will go toward constructing an auto-mechanics shop for the training of Laurelbrook students.

2. ShareHim

$25,000 + 20% overflow

Following a mid-summer evangelistic campaign, young adults from multiple countries will attend the 2020 General Conference session in Indianapolis. ASI funding is expected to cover the travel expenses of 250 young adults. ShareHim believes this experience will encourage more youth to preach the gospel and fellowship with like-minded Seventh-day Adventists.

3. Ellen G. White Estate


The digital presence of the White Estate has experienced unprecedented growth, due in part to the availability of Ellen White’s books in a variety of translations. ASI funds will go toward continuing the process of digitizing all official translations of Ellen White’s books in all available languages and making them freely accessible online for people all over the world.

4. Gospel Outreach


Gospel Outreach, in collaboration with nPraxis International, will place workers in the largest refugee camp in the world and surrounding areas of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, to expand work among the Rohingya refugees. Gospel Outreach has already funded four workers in the area. ASI’s grant will go toward funding an additional six workers for two years.

5. Adelante Community Health Center


ACHC, established in 2015, has been instrumental in improving the general health and well-being of people in the community by introducing them to Jesus. It provides plant-based cooking demonstrations, stress management workshops, and Bible-study sessions. ASI funds will go toward building a multipurpose meeting room capable of seating 120 people, as well as constructing an outdoor, electric sign that will be visible from the street.

6. Acts of Kindness Society


Acts of Kindness Centre (AOK) is an outreach in Langley, British Columbia, that provides community initiatives to assist and reach single parents and low-income families in need. One initiative is AOK Garage, which offers Cars for Moms, Single Mom’s Oil Change, and Auto Repair Education Classes. Grant funds will go toward hiring a part-time mechanic to aid in expanding the impact of AOK Garage.

7. Outpost Centers International (OCI) – EAP


The Educational Assistance Plan (EAP) gives opportunities to mission-minded students and children of staff to further their education. Funds are loaned to students who agree to repay in cash or serve in a supporting ministry position. Thanks to ASI funding, many young people will be equipped with knowledge and skills to share the gospel with others.

8. Outpost Centers International (OCI) – MAP


The Missionary Assistance Plan (MAP) was developed in the mid-1990’s to provide supplemental support for OCI’s long-term missionaries from developed countries who serve in developing countries. Grant funds will go toward providing financial support for long-term missionaries, who typically serve at the same stipend/wages as national workers. MAP assistance provides cash for return airfare and emergency needs.

9. Water for Life International


Water for Life will use ASI funds to continue the work of bringing clean, safe water to remote villages by drilling wells in the Petén region of northern Guatemala. Each well costs approximately $8,000. The number of wells to be constructed each season is approximately 12. All funds will be used to forward this project during the drilling season.

10. Maranatha z.s.


ASI’s grant will go toward funding a Youth for Jesus (YFJ) program in Slovakia. YFJ is a month-long youth-led evangelism program with three main goals: 1) to reach local churches, 2) to train, equip, and involve youth in evangelism, and 3) to serve the local community and win people for Jesus Christ.

11. Little Light Studios


Little Light Studios (LLS) works to produce creative and cutting-edge media used to share the gospel with millennials. Last year, LLS spent one week in Morocco shooting with a world class photographer. The goal is to travel to Morocco each year to shoot on biblical sets. The media will eventually be offered on videomission.com, a Christian stock media company. ASI’s grant will go toward funding the capture of The Major and Minor Prophets footage in Morocco.

12. Amazing Facts


Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) provides 13-week digital courses presented by real experts in the field. These courses are excellent for personal devotions, Bible study groups, and churches who are training members for outreach. ASI funds will go toward producing presentations, designing custom graphics, marketing courses, and much more.

13. GYC – Generation. Youth. Christ.


GYC stands for three ideas: Generation (the desire to finish the work in this generation), Youth (the belief that young people have an active role to play in the Lord’s work), and Christ (the center of all that GYC does). ASI’s grant will go toward funding evangelism and outreach in Louisville, Kentucky, during GYC’s annual convention, December 25-29, 2019. Funds will also allow for follow-up with individuals after the event and for preliminary planning.

14. Twing Memorial Ministries


Ethel Twing’s work in Africa was originally organized as Twing Memorial Projects, now known as Twing Memorial Ministries. ASI funds will go toward simultaneously conducting evangelistic meetings in 20 unreached Haa tribe villages in the Kigoma Region of Tanzania, purchasing 1,000 Swahili Bibles for newly baptized members, and providing lay pastors with bicycles.

15. VIDA Internacional


Campos Blancos School (CBS) is the bilingual elementary school of VIDA Internacional in Honduras. It was established in 2011 as a kindergarten with three students. Today, classes go from preschool to 7th grade with 100 students. CBS currently lacks sufficient classroom space. ASI funds will go toward a building project that will connect two existing buildings, allowing each class to have its own room while adding a teachers’ office and auditorium.

16. LIGHT (Lay Institute for Global Health Training)


LIGHT continues to train thousands of church members and pastors each year in health evangelism. Grant funds will be used to support a team of 50 LIGHT teachers located around the world, support workers who are developing the training curriculum and translating it into needed languages, provide basic materials needed to conduct training and outreach, provide LIGHT training to every conference and union in India, and more!

17. GYC Europe


The aim of GYC Europe is to encourage and connect evangelistically-minded youth and young adults to each other and to ministries. Grant funds will be used to provide an outreach opportunity for 1,000-plus attendees at the GYC Europe conference in Portugal, July 2019, helping to cover the cost of busses, materials, pre-work and follow-up.

18. Harbert Hills Academy


Grant funds will be used to construct 10 staff homes on the campus of Harbert Hills Academy, fulfilling three objectives: 1) to improve living conditions for staff currently living in five mobile homes, 2) to provide additional housing for needed staff, and 3) to enhance the school’s vocational training program by using the project to teach building trades to students.

19. ODC Project (One Day Church)/Bere Hospital


ODC has the opportunity to purchase high-quality, surplus emergency room medical equipment for the One Day Hospital that ASI helped fund in Chad, Africa. This opportunity is the result of the generosity of Dr. Peter Smars, who works at the world-famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Grant funds will be used to complete the purchase of the equipment and to procure and load the shipping container to ship the supplies to Chad.

20. NAPS (The National Association for the Prevention of Starvation)


The National Association for the Prevention of Starvation (NAPS) has been working in counties in Alabama and Mississippi. They operate two wellness centers, a clinic, and a primary school. ASI funds will go toward constructing a food distribution warehouse in Hale County, Alabama, that will function as a food bank and distribution center.

21. Amazon Lifesavers Ministry


Amazon Lifesavers works to provide mission training schools and a pioneer cutting-edge program in the jungles of Northwest Brazil. ASI funds will go toward sponsoring 10 pairs of church planters to reach 10 new regions for Christ in 2020. These individuals will live in jungle villages and share the hope of Christ’s soon return with villagers.

22. Mission North


Mission North has worked to reach several First Nations communities with little or no Adventist presence. Their goal is to travel back to these communities with a group of young people and follow up on last summer’s work. Grant funds will go toward funding outreach, providing supplies, sponsoring a Bible worker for three months, and more.

23. Springs of Life


Grant funds will go toward building 11 flats for staff at Springs of Life Foundation. Current accommodations are in bad shape with leaking roofs and mold on the walls. Some of the buildings are over 80 years old and cannot provide adequate shelter without total renovation. The hiring of new workers has also increased the need for more staff housing.

24. FARM STEW International


FARM STEW is devoted to confronting the root causes of hunger, disease, and poverty. FARM STEW’s approach is to select a number of local African Adventist leaders who are trained by external health, agriculture, and development experts to become facilitators and trainers of vulnerable people in village communities. Grant funds will go toward sponsoring three FARM STEW teams.

25. ASI Picture Rolls

$50,000 + 20% overflow

The Picture Roll Project launched by ASI has printed and distributed 7,500 picture rolls to requesting church divisions. There is a demand for many more of these colorful picture rolls. The East-Central Africa Division alone has requested over 30,000 picture roll sets. Grant funds will go toward sponsoring picture roll sets for places with limited or no access to electricity.

26. Total Health Association (RADIO 74 Europe)


The Lord is expanding the RADIO 74 broadcasting ministry across Switzerland. Their goal is to make present truth available by radio to all 8.5 million people in Switzerland and 1.5 million people in adjacent France. Grant funds will go toward upgrading RADIO 74’s studio facilities and modernizing their seven FM transmitter sites in Eastern France.

27. Adventist World Radio


AWR has recognized the potential for cell phones and smart devices to be witnessing tools. AWR 360 Cell Phone Evangelism allows for Bible truths to be shared through mobile phones and other smart devices. Grant funds will go toward training trainers who will travel to local churches and teach members to become cell phone evangelists.

28. ASI New Beginnings

$75,000 + 20% overflow

New Beginnings is a powerful collection of evangelism resources designed to empower laypeople to share their faith. It includes the complete New Beginnings series, together with sermon notes, a full set of Bible lessons, and more. Grant funds will go toward updating graphics for New Beginnings. Updated graphics will be created in 4k and artwork in 6k to ensure future viability. A small group edition with study guides will also be produced.

29. Granheim Foundation


Matteson Mission School in Norway has chosen to integrate agriculture into its curriculum. Grant funds will go toward updating their greenhouse by replacing a necessary tarp and installing heating. A more functional greenhouse and longer growing seasons will allow students to receive greater agricultural education.

30. AD Fontes Production


AD Fontes Production, more commonly known as Lineage Journey, is a Christian media company that produces videos on the history of the early Christian church, the Reformation, and the birth and rise of the Adventist Church. ASI’s grant will go toward funding a series of videos that spans the Conflict of the Ages series.

31. International Children’s Care (ICC)


The Los Pinos Children’s Village in Guatemala was the first ICC program for orphaned and abandoned children. Although the Los Pinos Children’s Village has a beautiful church facility, Sabbath School classes are taught in an elementary school that is some distance away. ASI funds will go toward the construction of Sabbath School classrooms for the Los Pinos children.

32. Fountainview Academy Association


Fountainview Academy (FVA) believes in creating media content that inspires people to make decisions for Christ. FVA has produced music DVDs that, by God’s grace, continue to witness to many around the world. ASI funds will go toward further media production and upgrading old media equipment.

33. ASI/LIFE Youth for Jesus


ASI Youth for Jesus (YFJ) is a four-week evangelism training program for youth. The program has been an annual feature of the ASI Convention since 1999, resulting in hundreds of baptisms and the training of approximately 1,000 youth in evangelism. ASI’s grant will go toward funding multi-site YFJ evangelism in conjunction with ASI’s 2020 Convention in Orlando, Florida.

34. One Day Church Projects Inc.

$100,000 + 20% overflow

Grant funds are to be used for the construction of One Day Church structures by OCI-member organizations in Madagascar, Zambia, and Tanzania.

35. 3ABN

20% overflow

Project funds will go toward the purchase of new panels to construct an LED wall in one of 3ABN’s studios. An LED wall will allow a background and set to be changed out in a matter of minutes. This saves a tremendous amount of set design, construction, labor, and set storage. LED walls also allow for video interfacing with Skype calls and other live interactions, as well as high-quality, realistic-looking graphics.