2016 Projects

Thirty-six projects were chosen to receive grants from the special offering gathered at the 2016 ASI International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Each project will receive a designated amount, and three will additionally receive a portion of the offering overflow. The offering goal is $1,512,000. Use the online donation link above to support these and previous years’ projects.

Past Years Projects

1. Africa Orphan Care


Africa Orphan Care was established in 2012 and has sponsored numerous African orphan-related projects and twice yearly volunteer mission trips to Africa (to Mukuyu Outreach in Zambia and Newstart Children’s Home in Zimbabwe). In 2013 AOC remodeled and expanded four primary school classrooms and built a six-building vocational training center and workshop from One Day structures. Project is for developing 10 acres of adjacent farmland to provide fresh food and an income. Project involves creating a dam, a reservoir, and a solar-powered drip irrigation system.

2. Amazon Lifesavers Ministry


Amazon Lifesavers operates four bases in the remote Amazon regions of South America. From its headquarters in Manaus, ALM provides a three-month training course for volunteers who are then placed in one of the isolated jungle village bases to serve for a minimum of a year, developing friendships through health and humanitarian services, engaging in evangelistic work, and establishing new churches. ASI fund will help build of 3 housing units that will accommodate 12 students and double their enrollment capacity.

3. ASAP Ministries Inc.


ASAP (Advocates for Southeast Asians and the Persecuted) was founded in with the primary focus of spreading the Gospel by church plants in difficult countries where thousands of unreached people groups exist. ASAP trains and equips national believers to be missionaries to their own people. In addition to spreading the Gospel, ASAP seeks opportunities to alleviate poverty, hunger, disease, oppression, and lack of education. Funds will continue to provide missionaries with needed training. Additionally, 40 women will receive special training to reach out to new mothers in the community, the “Welcome Baby Project.”

4. Asian Aid USA


Asian Aid USA, incorporated in 2007, operates orphanages that provide care for over 3,000 children who attend Adventist schools in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. In addition to providing the children with a safe home setting, they offer an Adventist education and introduce them to Jesus. Asian Aid also operates a health clinic, repairs and maintains classrooms, and employs lay ministers who spread the Gospel in the community. Funds are for constructing and equipping a multi-purpose building to provide pre-kindergarten class space, plus additional spaces for a study hall/computer room and a practical skills classroom for older children.

5. AudioVerse


AudioVerse, founded in 2005, is committed to providing Christ-centered Bible-based sermons, seminars, and talks from such events as ASI conventions, AMEN conferences, and GYC meetings. More than 37,000 individuals listened to convention presentations in the six months following ASI’s 2015 Spokane meetings. In AudioVerse’s 10 years of operation millions have freely listened to AudioVerse sermons, leading many to follow Jesus. Project is for funding to create a follow-up Bible training school (AudioVerse Advance) that will offer courses to interested listeners. Launch date is August 1, 2016 with an expected completion date of December 31, 2017.

6. Better Living Ministry


Better Living Ministry/Mieux Vivre (Quebec, Canada) currently operates a media missionary training program in rented facilities. Young people (ages 18–25) are acquiring hands-on skills in media production and web technologies. ASI funding will expand this program to accommodate additional students and to purchase appropriate facilities. As they learn, trainees produce much-needed French language gospel programming. Better Living Ministry is grateful to ASI donors for their much-needed assistance.

7. Binding Broken Hearts Inc.


Binding Broken Hearts has been working with prison inmates for since 2009. For each inmate who requests a Bible, Binding Broken Hearts sends a black, bonded leather, large print, New King James Version Andrews Study Bible. Subsequently, inmates receive monthly Bible study lessons and personalized letters responding to their personal questions and concerns. Over the past 6 years, 7,875 Bibles have been given, 27,290 personalized letters written, and 25,705 Bible lessons distributed. 264 prisons in 29 states have received materials. ASI funding will provide 1,000 Bibles, letters, and Bible lessons to inmates.

8. Bridge The Gap Inc


Bridge the Gap Inc. provides basic humanitarian aid as well as spiritual healing and hope to people living in the Punchana flooding area of Iquitos. The greatest need is during the flooding season when it becomes very difficult to travel to get aid. The need is for a community service center complete with kitchen, dining area, clean water source, bathrooms, and a secure storage room. In 2016 Bridge the Gap will sponsor 33 children, a feeding program, and baptismal class. There have been over 50 baptisms so far. Project is for materials to construct a community service center to provide needed humanitarian services for their sponsored families.

9. E. A. Sutherland Education Association


The E.A. Sutherland Education Association (EASEA) provides accreditation services, professional development programs, and teacher certi cation services to its member schools. It also fosters service learning opportunities for students in those schools. ASI project funds will help EASEA continue its mission of providing services and support to member schools, non-member self-supporting schools, and to expand its global membership.

10. Ellen G White Estate Inc.


The Ellen G. White Estate is responsible for oversight of the writings of Ellen White as an integral part of Seventh-day Adventist Church operations. The organization’s ongoing goal is to digitize all of her translated books, making them freely available online for reading or download in major formats. Funds will be used to digitize 51 books in Indonesian, Greek, Arabic, and Polish books that need to be made available on the EGW website and apps.


11. Generation of Youth for Christ


GYC is a lay organization of young people committed to the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its end-time message of Christ’s soon return. e organization aims to motivate young people to action by providing workshops, training, Bible studies, and inspirational messages at its annual conference. It seeks to foster Christian fellowship, create networking opportunities, and encourage young people to assume leadership responsibility. GYC also works with local Adventist conferences each year to organize outreach activities involving thousands of young people in the city where the annual conference is held. Project funds will be used for evangelism outreach in Houston, TX, December 28, 2016 through January 1, 2017.

12. ICC Australia


ICC Australia incorporated in 1996 and offers a multifaceted program: a rescue ministry for victims of sex trafficking, a “Blessed Project” providing loans in a Micro-Finance Sustainable Livelihood project, and an orphanage caring for 53 children. With a staff of 130-plus workers, ICCA has invested more than $17 million in impoverished communities. The micro finance project, in operation for 4+ years, has over 1,200 loan clients, with a 99.6 % repayment history; it is fully self-sustainable. The funding is for the expansion of the sex traffic rescue campus. One Day structures will be used house a sewing production complex, a warehouse, administrative offices, preschool room, staff cottages, a multi-purpose hall, education training rooms, security office, and a Microfinance Branch Office.

13. International Caring Hands


International Caring Hands began in 2009. During its first five years of operation, ICH developed a mobile medical evangelism truck in Kafue, Zambia that has provided over $500,000 in free medical/dental care in remote villages of southern and western Zambia. In coordination with Riverside Farm Institute’s Bible workers, ICH has funded and built close to 50 One Day churches and schools in Zambia and Malawi and distributed Light Bearers literature. ICH has established a monthly free dental clinic in Oregon and Idaho. The value of their free dental services exceeds $2 million. Funds will be used to purchase additional equipment so that more than two volunteer dentists can work at the same time in their free clinics.


14. Kibidula Mission


Kibidula Farm Institute is engaged in lay Bible worker and health evangelism training, bush evangelism, a book distribution ministry, farm operations, and One-Day Church construction in Tanzania, Africa. It supports 34 lay missionaries working in previously unentered areas where many new churches have been established. In 2004, Kibidula started an agriculture training program to help local villagers, and many of the students have been baptized. Funds will be used to construct two single-person homes with a solar power system. As well as to upgrade the agriculture school carpenter shop and install solar panels for the dormitories.

15. Light


LIGHT began operations in 2008. Since that time it has helped train over 15,000 lay members and pastors in over 80 different countries. This course is taught from a 350-page-training manual that was developed by an experienced research team and has been translated into 7 different languages. LIGHT has established over 20 new mission schools and helped older ministries begin or revive an education department. The influence of LIGHT has impacted the world church in hundreds of missions, conferences and unions. ASI funding will assist in the development of materials for a one-week children’s health training program for use in vacation Bible schools or health emphasis classes in elementary schools.

16. Light Bearers Ministry


Light Bearers is an evangelistic, edification, and educational ministry reaching out to the world by publishing gospel literature, presenting seminars, hosting television and radio programs, and serving as a resource center for translating and disseminating literature, audio, and video materials. Light Bearers produces millions of gospel tracts printed in local languages and shipped overseas in container lots. Current project is to provide a container of tracts to Kibidula Farm in Tanzania and another to Mission du Benin in the French language.

17. Literature Evangelism/Publishing Project


How many of us can trace back to a colporteur the introduction of the Adventist message into our family? Literature evangelism/publishing ministry is the only industry on the Ouachita Hills Academy and College campus. Offering funds will dramatically impact the expansion of this education/evangelism industry and with their support and encouragement, it is hoped that other academies and schools can develop their own ministry/industry to support students and evangelize their surrounding communities.

18. Living Waters International


Living Waters International began by providing food and basic necessities to people in the village of Kaswamga on Rusinga Island on Lake Victoria beginning in 2008. The great need was brought on by AIDS, which left thousands of orphans with no safety net for their needs, and conditions of extreme drought brought on by deforestation and climate changes. Hundreds of children are forced to live in child-headed homes without adult oversight. Living Waters has provided food and care for hundreds of children and disabled widows through their feeding centers, as well as sewing training, free health education, and health screening to multiple communities on the island. Funding will help develop a farm program that will increase the feeding program efficiency and generate operating funds.

19. Loma Linda University


The Department of Earth and Biological Sciences of Loma Linda University began 1962. It has produced about 236 alumni, which include about 101 teachers in Adventist institutions, with others serving the Church in non-teaching rolls or in Christian Colleges of other denominations. The deparment’s faculty and graduate students have a long history of presentations and publications on Biblical creation and geological history subjects. Thoughtful scholars observe that in the past the earth experienced catastrophic geological processes that are no longer occurring, which seem consistent with a global flood. Further study is needed to determine if water forces can replicate conditions that point toward the reality of global flood conditions. The project is to fund the first year of a two-year training program to study Sandstone “potholes” through studies of geological processes in an experimental flume by an EBS geology graduate.

20. Maranatha o.s.


Maranatha o.s. operates a month-long Youth for Jesus program in 3 cities as part of a regional evangelism thrust by Church Union and Conference administrations. Their goal is to involve local churches in outreach evangelism with the YFJ project. 70 young people are trained and involved in many forms of evangelism within the community, including small groups. 15-20 youth (ages 14-26) hold public evangelistic meetings based on New Beginnings. The youth attend classes in the morning, then serve as Bible Workers in the afternoon with street witnessing, literature distribution, and meeting invitation. They preach at the public meetings in the evenings. Maranatha o.s. has been in operation since 2002, active in children’s and youth ministries, and has established three new churches in dark counties.

21. Middle East/North Africa Union


The Middle East/North Africa Union Literature Ministries Committee is following the counsel from Ellen White to publish the Conflict of the Ages series worldwide. Their goal is to properly translate and print all 5 books of the Conflict series in Arabic, Farsi and Turkish. The project is funded by ASI, MENAU and the General Conference. There are approximately 423 million people who speak Arabic, which is the liturgical language for 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide. ASI funds are designated for printing each of the five books in the three languages (37,500 books) at approximately $3.00 per book.

22. New Beginnings


The revised New Beginnings program continues to be used in the frontiers of world evangelism. Hundreds of thousands have been trained to use the New Beginnings program as an evangelistic tool. As a result, so many have learned of the gospel that we have lost count! But millions more need to hear the good news of salvation. This program is one of the most effective evangelism training efforts in the history of the Adventist church. As a partner with the General Conference, we can reach millions more. Funding will be used to make ASI’s website the central source of the New Beginnings program, and downloading from the Internet the main mode of distribution thus reducing the number of physical DVDs produced.

23. One Day Church Projects


One-Day Structure program is an ASI project that partners with Maranatha Volunteers International, Outpost Centers International, and many other supporting ministries worldwide. It uses specially designed One-Day kits. ousands of churches, schools, clinics, and even mission station housing structures have been built in various countries, primarily in Africa. Thousands more structures are needed, with requests coming in from new regions and countries every day. ASI funding will support this ongoing construction project.

24. Ouachita Hills College


Ouachita Hills College has been operated by Ouachita Ministries Inc. since 2003. The collage shares campus facilities with Ouachita Hills Academy, but lacks its own dormitory facilities for college students. Due to increasing enrollment their administration/classroom building is no longer adequate for all campus needs. College enrollment has increased to 71 students, and every available bed is occupied. Ouachita Hills College expects an increase in enrollment in the near future, as it has signed an articulation agreement with Andrews University. ASI funding will assist in building a 7,200 square foot extension on the administration building.

25. Outpost Centers International


The Missionary Assistance Plan (MAP) is a project funded by ASI donations and administered by Outpost Centers International (OCI). It provides financial support to missionaries serving around the world. This special project was started when ASI members sought to assist individuals and families serving OCI ministries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. MAP funds currently benefit 30 recipients including long term missionaries.

26. Outpost Centers International


Outpost Centers International (OCI) is an umbrella organization whose mission is to maintain a network of Adventist lay ministries around the world. OCI ministries impact people through health, education, media, and evangelism. ASI funds will help to purchase a facility for a lifestyle center to serve the secular Jewish people.

27. Pearl of Health


Pearl of Health was invited by church leaders in 2012 to work in Kazakhstan as health missionaries. Since then Pearl of Health has done 17 lifestyle sessions in the city of Almaty in a Conference-owned building. These sessions produced 153 patients, 60% of them non-Adventist. There have been a number of baptisms as a result of this work. ASI funding will help build the first lifestyle center in Central Asia.

28. ShareHim


For over 15 years, ShareHim has coordinated the efforts of volunteer evangelistic speakers for church-provided sites in every corner of the world. It provides user-friendly sermon outlines prepared by former General Conference president Robert Folkenberg. Offering funds will help cover the cost of young people’s participation in ShareHIm short-term mission trips.

29. SOULS West


SOULS West has been in operation for 15 years. The goal of SOULS West is to train both Church employees and people of all professions to work and love ministry. SOULS West students learn to see the potential in every door knocked on, every Bible study given, every evangelistic meeting held. They learn to share a risen and soon coming Savior with each and every person. Funding will enable SOULS West to publish, design, and print a new Ministry of Healing magabook.

30. Southern Adventist University Institute of Archaeology


Southern Adventist University offers a unique educational program within the Seventh-day Adventist Church that leads to a BA degree in archaeology. Their primary focus has been excavating areas mentioned in scripture concerning the encounter of David and Goliath. The Instute of Archaeology carefully records its findings in published books allow scholars and popular audiences to access their historical findings of David, Israel, Coins, Art, and Epigraphy. Funds will assist in excavation in Lachish and in publishing the findings in three volumes.

31. Southwestern Adventist University


Southwestern Adventist University that has functioned since 1893. Included in its archeology course offerings are on-site experiences in dinosaur bone excavations in eastern Wyoming, which give young people a faith-building opportunity to learn answers to scientific questions and support their ability to defend the Adventist belief in God’s 7-day creation. Funding will give a special opportunity for qualified 11th and 12th grade high school students to experience an on-site dig under the leadership of highly qualified staff who will support their faith building experience.



STRIDE began in the fall of 2008 as a grassroots nine-month campus evangelism practicum where students and young professionals enrolled as missionary interns use evangelism skills learned in the classroom and apply them in their everyday lives and on their assigned campuses. Students are challenged to demonstrate that it is possible to be part of a movement that is Bible-based, life-changing, and evangelistic while studying and working in a secular environment. Funds are to train 16 recently graduated 12th graders in a summer program to equip them to be missionaries on their secular campuses.

33. Three Angels Broadcasting Network Inc.


3ABN is a lay-developed international media broadcasting network that operates numerous specialty networks with worldwide broadcast coverage. 3ABN broadcasts the yearly ASI convention, as well as hundreds of programs featuring ASI members and ministries. Project funds will help to upgrade the mobile trailer with HD equipment.

34. VIDA Internacional


Vida Internacional began with an evangelistic series in Honduras that established a new Adventist church. It has blossomed into a primary school, a medical missionary training program, a small lifestyle center, and an ongoing Bible worker training program. Fund are to develop an avocado plantation of 7,500 avocado trees on 40 hectares of prime donated land.

35. Weimer Institute


Weimar Institute is a center of higher learning located in the foothills of Northern California’s Sierra Nevada range. It grants four-year bachelor degrees in natural sciences (pre-med), theology, pastoral studies, and Christian education, with a focus on health, evangelism, and manual labor, and a commitment to excellent academics. Funds will go toward construction of a duplex with a lower level apartment, which will create housing for 3 families on the Weimar campus.

36. Wildwood Lifestyle Center


Wildwood Lifestyle Center was founded in 1942. Wildwood currently operates a lifestyle center, several lay medical missionary training programs, and a significant health food store, as well as providing lay pastors for 5 area Adventist churches established by Wildwood. It offers multiple outreach programs locally and around the world, with an annual budget of approximately $2.5 million. Near the entrance to its campus, Wildwood owns a commercial property where ASI funding will help build a community center. It will accommodate up to 300 people in varying room configurations that will include space for counseling, hydro/massage treatments, cooking classes, medical seminars, graduations, and other large gatherings.

37. Your best Pathway to Health


Your Best Pathway to Health is a humanitarian service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, organized under ASI Missions, Inc. Pathway to Health operates free mega clinics around North America, providing free medical, surgical, dental and vision care for underserved and uninsured community residents. To date, Pathway to Health has provided just under $80 million of free healthcare services to over 20,000 patients with over 8,100 volunteers. Over the last two years, mega clinics have been organized in San Francisco, Oakland, San Antonio, Spokane, Los Angeles, and Beckley. Project funds will support the future plans to serve more major cities across the North American Division.

38. Youth for Jesus


ASI’s Youth For Jesus is the quintessential summer evangelism program for youth. It involves young participants from all over the globe in door-to-door outreach, Bible studies, evangelistic meetings, recreational activities, and more. The youth also receive solid, biblically-based training from Bible workers and evangelism instructors. Every YFJ participant has the opportunity to give real in-home Bible studies. Costs include bringing in instructors and hiring quality Bible workers to complete evangelism field work and to serve as YFJ mentors. ASI project funds support this annual venture.