2014 Projects

Thirty-seven projects were chosen to receive grants from the special offering gathered at the 2014 ASI International Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Each project will receive a designated amount, and three will additionally receive a portion of the offering overflow. The offering goal is $1,527,000. Use the online donation link above to support these and previous years’ projects.

Past Years Projects

1. Adventist Health International


The 208-bed Malamulo Hospital has served Malawi residents since 1902. Its name is synonymous with quality SDA healthcare in that area. Currently the campus is desperately in need of housing for hospital staff, Loma Linda University physicians and students on mission rotations, and Malawian physicians receiving surgical training. The ASI grant will be added to private donations to complete an $80,000 duplex now under construction. Malamulo and Adventist Health International thank ASI donors for their support of this iconic Adventist mission hospital.


2. Adventist World Aviation


In 1997 the North Philippine Union invited Adventist World Aviation to provide air support for Adventist Frontier missionaries in the interior of Palawan Island. Palawan is home to several indigenous tribes located where roads and waterways don’t exist. AWA now provides regular radio communication and air drops of supplies to these remote mission stations. AWA has purchased land for a permanent airbase and landing strip. ASI funding will complete runway construction and assist with hanger construction and aviation maintenance tools and equipment.

3. ASI/OCI Missionary Assistance Plan


ASI’s Missionary Assistance Program (MAP) provides much needed financial assistance to lay missionaries. MAP is funded by ASI and administered by Outpost Centers International (OCI). It aids individuals and families who have left their homelands and embraced a life of service (with little remuneration) in developing countries. MAP’s small monthly stipend allows these workers to take needed furloughs or, when needed, send their children back home for post-elementary education. These sacrificial individuals serve in countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Zambia, Tanzania, India, Indonesia, Peru, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

4. Asian Aid USA


ASI will assist Asian Aid USA in its production of Hope in Motion, its television series for 3ABN. Hope in Motion is filmed on location at Asian Aid ministries, and tells the stories of the children and people who are assisted. High quality (HD) production is used. The program regularly airs on 3ABN and is distributed on DVD at church events. This film series has been a key part in Asian Aid’s growth and its ability to help thousands more families in southern Asia.

5. AudioVerse


AudioVerse exists in the dynamic world of the Internet where the landscape changes rapidly all the time. Investment into the AudioVerse web platform is essential if the ministry wishes to continue fulfilling its mission. Improvements involve three main areas: 1) New features and powerful tools that will help AudioVerse users find, enjoy, and share content easier, 2) Stability improvements that address the burgeoning of our content library, increasing number of users, and surge in mobile web traffic, and 3) Components added to our platform that will aid in generating revenue for the ministry. These improvements will greatly increase the user-friendliness of the site, its utility as a tool for outreach, and its effectiveness in helping AudioVerse remain a sustainable ministry into the future.

6. Better Living(Mieux Vivre)


Better Living Ministry/Mieux Vivre (Quebec, Canada) currently operates a media missionary training program in rented facilities. Young people (ages 18-25) are acquiring hands-on skills in media production and web technologies. ASI funding will expand this program to accommodate additional students and purchase appropriate facilities. The very best work-study principles are involved. As they learn, trainees produce much needed French language SDA gospel programming. The media training program allows the ministry to produce more programming at a lower cost. Better Living Ministry is grateful to ASI donors for their much-needed assistance.

7. Christian Record Services for the Blind


Christian Record Services for the Blind (representing the SDA Church since 1899) has developed Full-Vision books to meet the needs of families with both sighted and unsighted individuals who want to share Christian values with their children. Full-Vision books are spiral-bound, with large print text and full-color illustrations, inter-leafed clear plastic braille pages, and an audio CD. A blind adult can read to a blind or sighted child or teach a blind child to read Braille. Three of the books have been published. Donations such as the grant from ASI will enable Christian Record to complete the 12-volume set.

8. Congo Frontline Missions


Congo Frontline Missions operates a lay evangelism training school and church planting ministry in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Over the past six years, more than 5,000 people have been baptized through the efforts of trained church planters working in the Congo River basin. Frequent calls come from other areas requesting evangelism training. Project funds will be used to provide church planting and evangelism training so that more souls may be reached in the vast unentered areas of DRC and nearby French-speaking countries.

9. DayStar Adventist Academy


DayStar Adventist Academy is a small boarding high school near Moab, Utah. The goal of its curriculum and campus life is to enhance student opportunities so that they might intimately know God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Founded in the early 1970s, DayStar is replacing campus structures that have been repaired or updated through the years, but have now reached retirement age. ASI funding will enable the construction of a new boys’ dormitory. Volunteer labor from students, staff, and Maranatha groups will bring construction costs down. DayStar expresses “immense gratitude” to ASI for its continued support.

10. E. A. Sutherland Education Association


The E. A. Sutherland Education Association (EASEA) will use ASI funding to continue its work of improving lay-operated member schools in North America. EASEA provides accreditation and teacher certification services, as well as professional development programs. In cooperation with the schools and their specific needs, it also fosters service learning opportunities for students at its member schools.

11. Ellen G. White Estate


The Ellen G. White Estate is responsible for protecting and promoting the writings of Ellen G. White. This involves translating and distributing her writings worldwide, which has been made easier by the internet and computer apps. One of the Estate’s long-term goals is to digitize all official non-English translations of Ellen White’s writings, making them freely available to read and study at www.egwwritings.org or through EGW Writings apps for Android, iOS and Windows. Currently on the website Ellen White books are available in 94 languages. ASI funding will continue going directly toward providing more free Spirit of Prophecy books in more languages.

12. GYC (Generation. Youth. Christ.)


GYC is a lay organization of young people committed to the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its end-time message of Christ’s soon return. The organization aims to motivate young people to action by providing workshops, hands-on training, Bible studies, and inspirational messages at its annual conference. It fosters Christian fellowship, creates networking opportunities, and encourages young people to assume leadership responsibility. GYC works with Adventist conferences each year to organize local outreach activities for the thousands of young people who attend the GYC conference. ASI funding will aid this year’s event in Linz, Austria.

13. Holbrook Indian School Garden-to-Plate Experience


In the past twenty years, it has been proven that using gardening to teach science, math and environmental studies results in students having a higher interest in eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Holbrook plans to refurbish its five greenhouses and utilize its farmland to inspire students to learn gardening skills they can practice back home. Young people will garden year-round and provide food for the school’s cafeteria. Along with gardening, students will learn to make wise nutritional choices through this Garden to Plate experience.

14. Instituto de Capacitacion Adventista del Peten (ICAP)


The Instituto de Capacitacion Adventista del Peten (ICAP), in collaboration with the Tennessee-based Mission Guatemala team, is establishing a school of nursing on its northern Guatemala campus. The program’s rural health emphasis is much needed, as few rural communities in Guatemala have access to health care. ICAP nursing graduates will provide health care and witness for Christ in those communities. ASI funding will help construct a three building complex totaling 15,000 square feet. A dormitory, classrooms, library, computer laboratory and a skills laboratory will be included. The school will open in 2015.

15. Kibidula Farm


Kibidula Farm (Family Development International) in Mafinga Tanzania has been in operation since 1989. Kibidula conducts a training school for lay evangelists, an agriculture training program, an avocado plantation and health clinic. This project is for the construction of a centralized administration building, needed to enhance the management of the ministry. Kibidula also supports over 40 local lay missionaries who work dark areas to establish a Seventh-day Adventist presence. The total project cost for the building and furnishings is $50,000.

16. Lay Institute for Global Health Training Inc.


LIGHT offers medical missionary training to SDA lay-members around the world through short courses, workshops and online studies. During the past six years it has trained over 10,000 missionaries in more than 70 countries. Some graduates get their local churches actively involved in ministering to neighbors’ needs by using the health message as “an entering wedge” for the Gospel. Others are go to un-entered districts to pioneer outreach projects. Each new lay-ministry aims to be financially self-supporting through an industry or business within three years. LIGHT has fostered over 20 such new mission schools or health projects. It is affiliated with over 35 lay-training schools worldwide.

17. LifeStyleTV


LifeStyleTV provides relevant, meaningful and life-changing programming 24×7 to Scandinavia. Our lifestyle focused and Bible-based programs seek to bring life together, as a whole – physically, mentally and spiritually. LifeStyleTV operates in one of the most secular and hard to reach areas of the world, but it works! Viewers are not just engaging in an active lifestyle, but are finding a new purpose in Christ, and a fellowship in the Adventist Church. It recently realized that after eight years of continuous production and round-the-clock broadcasting, its equipment was failing. The station must upgrade or replace its tired out equipment in order to ensure high-quality productions and broadcasts for years to come. ASI’s assistance will help keep LifeStyleTV on the air in Scandinavia where it will continue to lead people to Christ. LifeStyleTV says, Thank you, ASI!

18. Light Bearers Ministry


The Southern-Africa Indian Ocean Division has requested evangelistic support literature. Each year Light Bearers publishes and distributes 30 to 50 million publications around the world—at no charge! It prints in the languages (more than 30) of the most needy and receptive peoples of the world. Each week Light Bearers’ self-contained and debt free publishing house produces millions of items on its six-color web press. These are folded, boxed and palletized, then trucked to the appropriate sea ports. Church leaders receive and distribute materials to pastors, evangelists, Bible workers, and church members, giving them powerful gospel tools for soul winning.

19. Little Light Ministries


Little Light Ministries plans to distribute a book, Battlefield Hollywood, about the dangers and addictions of the entertainment industry—movies, music, and video games. The material has been presented effectively at seminars and through DVD distribution. Now an innovative, colorful, and tastefully designed book will be produced, as well as an interactive eBook version complete with links to videos and resources for deeper study. In addition to sales in current SDA outlets (colporteurs and ABCs), Little Light plans to place this book in Christian bookstores and mainstream book venues to reach the widest possible audience.

20. Loma Linda University-Earth & Biological Sciences


Geology research initiated from a biblical worldview can result in significant new insights worthy of publication in high quality scientific research journals. This fact is illustrated by research done over the last four decades in Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona by Drs. Leonard Brand (Loma Linda University) and Arthur Chadwick (Southwestern Adventist University). ASI funding will help produce a film documenting their research and what it has revealed about Creation and science. It is hoped that the film will not only be eye-opening and thought-provoking to non-creationists, but will also encourage our young people to believe in and continue proving the truths of our Creator.

21. Maranatha o.s.


Maranatha o.s. is a nonprofit civic association in the Czech Republic led by ASI Missions Inc. board member Radim Passer. MOS exists to motivate Adventist church members to involve their youth in evangelistic endeavors. It deals with children’s ministries, health and science evangelism, publishing, and humanitarian aid. ASI funds will help sponsor sponsor a Youth for Jesus program to reach the primarily secular populace of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It aims to motivate passive church members and youth to a new vision, a relationship with God, a clear identity as Adventists, and to recruit their involvement in mission work.

22. Mynmar Union Mission


After Ye Net Gyi villagers asked an SDA pastor to teach them, 22 people were baptized. A house church will be built for them with ASI funding. In Moe Maik village, members of a Protestant church asked for studies. The church became divided. When 70-year-old Aung Myint joined the Adventist Church, his former friends were so angry they beat him nearly to death. But Aung Myint and more than 40 others are faithful SDA church members. They were so enthusiastic about their new faith that they raised funds to build a church in Moe Maik. They could not wait for funds to come from ASI!

23. New Beginnings DVD

$50,000 + 1/3 overflow

The revised New Beginnings continues to be used in the frontiers of world evangelism: China, the Philippines, Southern Africa, the Caribbean, as well as in venues in mid America. Hundreds of thousands have been trained and use the New Beginnings DVD as an evangelistic tool. As a result, so many have learned of the Gospel that we have lost count! But millions more need to hear the Good News of salvation. This program is one of the most effective evangelism training efforts in the history of the Adventist church. As a partner with the General Conference of SDA, we can reach millions more. ASI funding will support translation and duplication of the New Beginnings to this end.

24. North American Division Office of Education


NAD schools have been using secular science textbooks for many years. The NAD Office of Education made the commitment to develop a new, distinctly Adventist elementary science textbook series. This series is consistent with the Adventist worldview, has accurate science, and is appealing to students. The new textbooks are written on an inquiry-based science model. Students are taught to ask quality questions, then learn through hands-on science experiences rather than rote memorization. ASI funding will help to complete the science series with grades 7 and 8 textbooks and provide ebook access to all elementary grade levels.

25. OCI China Health Outreach


Outpost Centers International (OCI) is uniting with Health Education Resources (HER) to provide health expo training, banners, screening equipment and other materials that will be used in China. These tools will provide an opportunity for improving the quality of life and overall health of those who attend the health expos. This is an opportunity to provide a health service to the millions living in southeast China.

26. One Day Church

$100,000 + 1/3 overflow

The One-Day Structure Project is a joint effort between ASI and Maranatha Volunteers International. Using specially designed One-Day kits, thousands of churches, schools, clinics, and even mission station housing structures have been built in various countries, though primarily in Africa. An estimated 100,000 more structures are needed, with requests coming in from new regions and countries every day. ASI funding will support this ongoing construction project.

27. Radio 74 Internationale


Taking the Adventist message to isolated Native Alaskans is a formidable challenge. Roads into the vast and usually frigid interior are all but non-existent. AM radio remains the ideal medium. RADIO 74 has an FCC permit to build a 50,000 watt AM station near Anchorage. This powerful station will cover the 350,000 people living in or near Anchorage. During darkness hours it will reach 110,000 Native Alaskans in remote villages and will be heard in neighboring Yukon, Canada.

28. Riverside Farm Institute


Since the establishment of Riverside Farm Institute in 1974 near Kafue, Zambia, it has developed a fully self-supporting operation that includes a scientific garden training program, lay Bible worker training course, sewing/tailoring training, onsite and bush clinics, campus extensions to remote locals, sponsorship and supervision of approximately 75 full-time lay Bible workers, the establishment of hundreds of SDA churches, the subsequent erection of 100s of One Day Churches, and the placement of thousands of roofs on SDA churches. Over the past several years disease has taken a heavy toll on Riverside Farm Institute’s banana plantation. The funds will be used to plant a new banana plantation of more than 10 acres, utilizing outside propagated tissue cultured plants. The banana crop has been essential to the ministry’s financial success.

29. Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital


Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital is located in Punjab, North India. The 80-bed general hospital is a major provider of eye care to the rural masses in seven Indian states. It has gone from performing 800 eye surgeries each year to more than 11,000. In-Patients receive Bible study and prayer from hospital staff and Steps to Christ or The Great Controversy and the Bible when they leave. But Nelson is an 80-bed hospital admitting 400 to 500 surgical patients at a time. Every available space is occupied, from hallways to bus shelters. And the eye outpatient department and operating theater are in the same area, which poses a serious cross-infection threat. ASI funding will address both problems.

30. ShareHim – Carolina Conference

$100,000 + 1/3 overflow

The goal of ShareHim is to inspire and encourage God’s church for outreach and evangelism in our number-one mission fields—right where we live. One method ShareHim uses is the International Evangelism Experience. In 2015, through the generosity of ASI, ShareHim will help awaken evangelistic vision in over 300 young people as each preaches a two-week evangelistic series in a high-growth region of the world. Afterwards, through one-on-one mentorship, ShareHim will work to encourage and create accountability for being intentionally active in witness back home. In the largest project, ShareHim will bring nearly 200 young adults from Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand to preach evangelistic campaigns with local churches in southern Mexico and afterwards attend the closing six days of the 60th General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas.

31. Southern Adventist University


Southern Adventist University’s Institute of Archaeology is one of only two institutions to offer degrees in Biblical archaeology. Project funds will go to support publications detailing the school’s two on-going Israeli excavations: Khirbet Qeiyafa and the new one at Lachish. Lachish was Judah’s second most important city and later the site of massive destruction of Kings Nebuchadnezzar and Sennacherib.

32. Springs of Life Foundation


Springs of Health publishes a lifestyle magazine that is distributed throughout Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its website attracts 1,000 visitors each day. Several times a year the ministry rents a hotel to host a NEWSTART program—with 250 guests per year. Various training courses are offered, and many graduates become health missionaries. Recently, the staff worked closely with one of Prague’s largest hospitals to complete groundbreaking studies on diabetes. A newly opened community center in downtown Prague is being established to serve the needs of the urban community. ASI funds will help support a full-time missionary/manager for the center.

33. Three Angels Broadcasting Network Inc.


In its necessity to upgrade television programming to high definition (HD), Three Angels Broadcasting Network received donations from its viewers that enabled it to purchase new HD cameras. Now ASI funding will allow it to buy the high quality HD, but more importantly, consistent HD programming will make it more likely that cable television companies would choose to add 3ABN to their channel lineups. Wider distribution of 3ABN’s gospel message will be an added plus to the HD upgrade.

34. VIDA Internacional


Campos Blancos School (CBS) in Honduras began operations several years ago with step one of a three-phase building plan. They would start with one classroom and one grade. Each year they would construct one new classroom and accept an additional grade of students. CBS has outgrown its current building and must complete the second building phase in order to provide classrooms for new students. It will consist of another three classrooms and restrooms. The children of CBS are eager to learn, and CBS wants to provide them with not only quality education, but also an environment suitable for learning. ASI funding will facilitate meeting these goals.

35. Water for Life International


Water for Life International is a volunteer organization funded solely by donations. The group sponsors an annual three-month well-drilling and evangelism trip to Guatemala (January through March). One employee and a large amount of equipment remain in the country year round. After wells are drilled, evangelism and clinics (medical and dental) are offered to villagers. Literature and Bibles are distributed, and after baptisms, a church is built. Thus far hundreds have been baptized and 12 churches built. Sixty wells have been drilled to serve approximately 25,000 rural Guatemalans. ASI funding will assist the 2015 well-drilling trip.

36. Weimar Institute


Weimar Institute originated 35 years ago and became an ASI member in 1978. A group of laymen recognized the need for a health ministry based upon Bible principles and the writings of EGW to train health evangelists, Bible workers and pastors. They currently operate a credible college program, boarding academy, New Start Lifestyle Center, and supporting industries such as the Weimar Market and farm. In the fall of 2012 a 4-month immersion experience, “Health Evangelism and Leadership Training for Him” (HEALTH), was begun to equip young and old, health professionals and students alike, with tools to be comprehensive medical evangelists. HEALTH has an evangelistic component unlike any other health training program currently available. Graduates are imbued with a mindset and training that enables them to serve wherever the need.

37. World Youth Group


World Youth Group inspires and equips youth to win the nation of Cuba for Christ. During that country’s last half century, apart from the SDA seminary, there have been no educational options for church members except government schools. Children are educated in ideologies that deny the existence of God. In cooperation with the SDA Seminary, WYG operates an annual one-month medical missionary LIGHT school in Cuba. Graduates are supported and sent to unreached towns in every province of Cuba; they have helped to establish over 20 new churches. WYG has a rare opportunity to build a permanent school for advanced soul winning training. ASI funds will cover 50% of construction costs.

38. Youth for Jesus


ASI’s Youth For Jesus is the quintessential summer program for youth. It involves young participants from all over the globe in door-to-door outreach, Bible studies, evangelistic meetings, recreational activities, and more. The youth also receive solid, biblically-based training from Bible workers and evangelism instructors. Every YFJ participant has the opportunity to give real in-home Bible studies. This year’s funding will cover a portion of the 2015 Youth for Jesus evangelism training to be held in Spokane, Washington.