2011 Projects

The 2011 special projects offering funded 47 projects around the world. The offering goal was $1,514,200. Funds gathered beyond the goal were divided equally among three overflow projects.

Past Years Projects

Congo Frontline Mission is pioneering evangelism in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country long off-limits because of civil and tribal wars. So far CFM has acquired vehicles, built a campus, conducted evangelistic meetings, baptized about 750 people, established a lay training school, employed 50 church planters, and held New Beginnings DVD training sessions. They’ve begun distributing literature, operating a radio station, providing medical services, constructing One-Day Churches, and publishing literature in local languages. Project funds will go toward transportation costs for mobile evangelism training.

Eden Valley operates an orphan support ministry in the Makete District of Tanzania, Aftrica. It provides food, clothing, vocational classses and Bible training to more than 800 children and youth who have been orphaned due to AIDS. The ministry’s mission is to use Christ’s methods to help at-risk people survive and prosper in health, spirituality and useful skills, uplifting them from poverty and guiding them to know Christ. Project funds will be used to build a staff home, install a hydroelectric plant, and build a storage shed.

Family Development International operates a lay pastor training school and supports 35 lay missionaries serving in Tanzania. FDI partners with Heartgood Foundation in Norway and REACH in Switzerland to accomplish its evangelism goals. It also works in cooperation with the Tanzanian Union to distribute Adventist books and literature. FDI ministry activities are partly supported by its agriculture program, which currently provides training to 46 students. Project funds will go toward the purchase of a tractor and accessories to support FDI’s tree plantation.

4. Gimbie Adventist Hospital


Gimbie Adventist Hospital provides healthcare to a community of about 100,000 people in Ethiopia, also serving the needs of millions of people in surrounding communities who are unable to pay for medical services. Project funds will be used by the hospital chaplaincy department to translateThoughts From the Mount of Blessing and The Great Controversy into the Oromiffa language. The books will be provided to patients and sold to the West Ethiopian Field for colporteur distribution.

5. Maasai Development Project


Maasai Development Project has been operating in Kenya as an NGO since 1998 as a result of initial church-planting efforts among the Maasai people. MDP has sponsored 38 Maasai lay pastors and adult extension teachers, and has established 25 Sabbath schools. The organization’s efforts have resulted in more than 2,000 baptisms. Project funds will be used to complete construction of a kitchen and dining hall on a school campus where 100 at-risk girls have been rescued and are being educated.

6. Mukuyu Outreach


Mukuyu began operations in 2002, providing basic healthcare and healthful food products through its agriculture and corn meal grinding service. The organization conducts bush evangelism and church construction, and operates an orphanage, an old-age feeding center, and an elementary school. Project funds will go toward converting a river transport boat into a medical launch, replacing and modifying a bush vehicle, and building housing for guests and volunteers.

7. Omega-Sante Mauritius


Omega Sante formerly operated a primary school, lay adult medical missionary school, medical clinic, farm, and print ministry on the island of Madagascar under the name Fanantenana. Political unrest caused the directors to relocate to Mauritius Island, where they established a new branch, supervising operations at the former site from afar. They’re using the health message to reach the largely diabetic population on Mauritius island. Project funds will be used to establish a bakery and health food store from which to continue their ministry.

Riverside Farm Institute operates an evangelism and medical missionary training center in Zambia. It provides training programs in agriculture, sewing, and pastoral ministry, as well as operating a lifestyle center, bush clinics, and extensive outreach programs. Project funds will be used to build a 12-bed women’s dormitory addition to house students attending the tailoring, medical missionary, and gardening courses. The building will also house Zambian Bible workers during their annual convocation.

Riversie Farm Institute’s main crops have been bananas, grain, and limited types of fruits. They plan to expand their agricultural production to include pineapples. They have a test crop of 4,000 just under harvest, with good initial results. There is no other local grower, and the market for the fruit is excellent. Project funds wil go toward purchasing an additional 25,000 suckers from which to propagate a larger crop.

10. Twing Association for Health & Education Development


Twing Association for Health & Education Development operates Twing Memorial schools, conducts extensive evangelism and health projects, and buildings churches in Tanzania. TAHED conducts seminars for lay pastors and Bible workers. Project funds will go toward purchasing 250 bicycles for lay pastors and Bible workers to use as dependable transportation.

For three years, Amazon Lifesavers Ministry has provided onsite medical missionaries and transportation for Adventist volunteer groups in hard-to-reach areas along the Amazon River in Brazil. The missionaries and volunteers are doing medical work, evangelism, Bible work, and construction in remote areas often reachable only by boat. They often have to rent boats at costly daily rates to provide the needed transportation. Project funds will go toward the purchase of a large passenger boat to transport future groups.

Cross to Crown reaches Miskito tribes in remote regions of Nicaragua, operating a radio station and supporting 5 churches, 3 clinics, and a training center. They also give Bible studies, teach construction and mechanics, and operate a ministry for women. The radio station broadcasts in the Miskito language, reaching a 100-mile radius. Project funds will be used to purchase a standby transmitter as a backup for when transmitter repair issues arise.

The primary goal of Adventist Southeast Asia Project is to win souls to Christ through medical missionary care, training, and service, and by adding health evangelism components to evangelistic meetings. Project funds will also make it possible for lay pastors from Laos to receive medical missionary training at New Life Farm in Thailand. A health center near Rangoon will be supplied with necessary equipment, and ASAP will equip 11 national medical missionaries in Burma and Thailand to reach their people through health evangelism ministry.

Herghelia Health operates a lifestyle center, medical practice, Country Life store, agriculture project, and medical missionary school in Romania. It has sponsored similar projects in Moldova. Herghelia has been given the opportunity to provide practical food service training in a dietetic school for government students. Project funds will be used to remodel the center’s Country Life kitchen and equipment and to set up a demonstration kitchen and 12 individual student kitchen units.

15. MedicineOne Foundation


MedicineOne Foundation is a nonprofit organization that distributes Bibles, equips a homeless feeding kitchen in the third largest city in Portugal, and supports orphanages. Its largest project is to develop Around the Bible, a computer software tool designed to promote Bible study within a global social network. It will support 11 of the most widely spoken languages. Project funds will be used to translate Around the Bible into many of those languages.

16. Myanmar Union Mission


The Dai tribes who live in the southern Chin state of Myanmar, bordering Bangladesh and India, are particularly receptive to Christianity. Project funds will be used by the Myanmar Union Mission to house 20 to 25 Dai children in boarding schools where they will be introduced to Christianity and provided with healthcare and transportation. Target children will come from poor rural families who otherwise would have no opportunity to pursue higher education.

Springs of Life Foundation is making available The Great Controversy in magabook and CD forms as inexpensively as possible. More than 300 young people, 50 colporteurs, and many church members will distribute the books and CDs in Poland at 100 events organizaed for that purpose. They plan to mirror a similar project where more than 170,000 copies of The Great Controversy were produced and sold in a single year, and it became the fourth bestseller in the country. Project funds will sustain this effort.

VitaSalus has been operating for nine years, with a clinic in Lisbon and construction underway on a lifestyle center in Penela. The clinic is the base of operations for health expos, vegetarian cooking schools, stress seminars, and family life programs and is expected to feed the lifestyle center when it is completed. VitaSalus also conducts and sponsors missions mission schools and projects, including one in Morocco, an unentered area in the 10/40 window. Project funds will help furnish and equip seven bedrooms for lifestyle center patients.

19. Winifred L. Stevens Foundation


Since 1995, the Winifred L. Stevens Foundation has funded projects for Adventist entities and ASI member ministries involving direct evangelism, publishing, education, and medical and Native American outreach. Project funds will be used to establish a Better Living Center in Nevesinie, Bosnia Herzegovena. The center will operate using biblical and natural methods for restoring health. The facility will house four doctors’ officers, 26 patient beds, a kitchen, and treatment and operating facilities. It will serve Serbs whose lives have been affected by war and ethnic cleansing.

Sponsored by ASI, Youth For Jesus is run by Lay Institute For Evangelism (LIFE), ASI’s evangelism training school. Each year, 45 young people travel from around the globe to the city where that year’s ASI convention will be held. There they learn how to give Bible studies, present health lectures, do door-to-door evangelism, and preach public evangelistic meetings. This four-week evangelism program has been instrumental in changing the lives of hundreds of our precious young people.

Better Living was established in 2008 in Quebec. Since then, it has produced more than 150 radio programs for broadcast on French-seaking radio stations, and has begun producing television programs in the French language. Project funds will be used to expand French television programming translated from successful English program scripts, including the purchase of a video switcher for direct-to-disc recording, and virtual backgrounds to be used for programs on a variety of topics.

Black Hills Health & Education Center has continually operated a wellness center and a health and evangelism training program since 1979. BHHEC also offers programs in massage therapy, personal training, and agriculture. Project funds will go toward the purchase of sustainable energy equipment to replace the organization’s aging propane system with bio-pellet heaters. This will allow the organization to harvest its own heat energy in the form of waste wood and native grasses, thereby reducing heating costs.

23. Family First Radio


For ten years, Family First Radio has operated talk radio stations that reach a potential listening audience of 11 million in California, Alabama, Louisiana, and North and South Carolina. The stations broadcast sermons, prophecy seminars, and Bible study and health programs, mostly along freeway corridors with long-distance travelers who listen for long periods of time. Project funds will go toward replacing an outdated automation system used to categorize programs, including more than 23,000 Adventist sermons that date back as far as 40 years.

Fountainview Academy, located in rural British Columbia, is a lay operated Adventist boarding school for grades 10 through 12. Its goal is to lead students to Christ using biblical methods, and to train them in academic excellence and practical work experience. The school is partly supported by an organic carrot farm. In recent years, students have had opportunities to share their faith through music and media presentations made available for sale on DVD. Project funds will be used to produce a new 13-episode DVD series entitled God So Loved the World.

Over the years, hundreds of young lives have been impacted at Harbert Hills Academy, with many students going on to pursue higher education and lives of service for God’s kingdom. The school has never had a girls’ dormitory, and this year some applicants are already on a waiting list based on available housing space. Project funds will be used to build a new dorm that will house 24 girls, wtih additional rooms for music, exercise, special needs access, and deans’ apartments.

Holbrook Indian School has served the Native American population in the Southwest since 1946. The school provides students with a quality education, as well as introducing them to Jesus. Students are involved in community service and evangelism. Many take the message of salvation back to their friends and relatives on the reservation. Project funds will go to provide new roofing for one of the school buildings that houses vocational activities such as computer training, pottery, welding, and English.

Laurelbrook provides a Christ-centered Adventist environment for young people and is committed to training them for lives of Christian service through a balanced education program—half of a workday in the classroom and the other half in vocational training. Students are regularly involved in community outreach, church activities and and other pursuits that foster character development. The school operates a nursing home on campus that generates income and provides student work opportunities. Project funds will be used for the installation of a standby generator with all accessories.

28. Living Waters International


Living Waters is working closely with the Paradise Seventh-day Adventist Church and other churches in the Las Vegas area to help take underage prostitutes off the streets. Project funds will help the organization provide them with a home, counseling, and the opportunity to find other ways to make a living.

ESLUU has functioned at LLU since 1961, funded by both the university and the General Conference. More than 80 of their alumni are or have been employed by Adventist institutions. Their graduate programs foster positive approaches to understanding science in biblical context. ESLLU faculty and students have undertaken geological research with a biblically based view of earth history in mind, observing things other scientists often overlook. Project funds will support onsite examination of unique rock formations in Utah that exhibit evidence of the biblical flood account.

30. NAD Education Department


The NAD Education Department develops policy, textbooks, and materials for Adventist educational institutions. There is a need for a series of science textbooks for grades 1 to 8 that are inquiry-driven rather than content-driven, and that bring the evolution/creation debate into sharper focus, as well as adequately setting forth the biblical concept of creation. Project funds will be used to develop such a series of science textbooks for a potential market that reaches beyond Adventist schools.

31. Sanctuary Alive Inc.


Sanctuary Alive brings to life the plan of salvation through a full-scale replica of the wilderness tabernacle. They give tours complete with live animals, demonstrations of sacred tabernacle services, and an interactive marketplace. Youth evangelism is the backbone of SAI. Many youth serve as SAI tour guides, demonstrators, and worship team members. Project funds will support the continuing efforts of this unique ministry.

32. Sunnydale Industries Inc.


Sunnydale Industries is a nonprofit manufacturing business, owned and operated by the Iowa-Missouri Conference to generate income to support conference schools and churches. The business employs many students from Sunnydale Academy, helping them to pay school expenses, gain knowledge and experience, and learn responsibility. Project funds will be used to purchase 60 One Day structures to be used as greenhouse frames at the academy and at churches and elementary schools across the conference. This will allow churches and schools to provide fresh produce to their communities.

Wildwood’s LIGHT program has specific development plans that arise out of its medical missionary training school in Haiti. The organiztion plans to constuct two One Day Churches and two One Day Schools in the areas of Haiti where they will be working and ministering. Project funds will go toward the purchase and shipping of the One Day structures.

34. Advent Interfaith Initiative


Advent Interfaith Initiative empowers Adventists to share our distinct, end-time message with Muslims. Project funds will help produce materials designed for outreach to Muslims. These include DVD documentaries and two sets of literature sharing our prophetic message and Jesus through the Sanctuary. Outreach materials produced will be used to build bridges between Adventists and Muslims worldwide. These materials are supported by a specialized website.

35. Children’s Bible Lessons International Inc. / My Bible First


Children’s Bible Lessons is the nonprofit counterpart to My Bible First, which, for 11 years, has developed and produced colorful Bible study materials for children used widely across North American for child evangelism, family worship, and Sabbath school programs. CBL has been launched to extend My Bible First’s ministry internationally, translating the materials into other languages. Project funds will be used to translate the materials into Mandarin, French, and Spanish.

36. Descendants of Abraham Inc.


Descendants of Abraham is operated by a former Muslim who seeks to present the gospel of Jesus Christ in an appealing way to descendants of the biblical patriarch Abraham. Her main focus is in sharing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Project funds will be used to improve the ministry’s website and to produce television and radio programs that speak to the Muslim mindset and help to reach Muslims around the world.

37. Ellen G. White Estate Inc.


The Ellen G. White Estate manages the writings of Ellen White. The organization’s latest goal is to digitize all of Ellen White’s books that have been translated and printed in languages other than English, making them freely available to read online or to download in major formats. Currently, the White Estate operates a website that contains many of Ellen White’s writings in 9 languages. Project funds will go toward digitizing and posting more Ellen White books in translated languages.

38. Education Assistance Plan (EAP)


EAP began with the vision of three ASI members more than 20 years ago. With an initial investment of $100,000, they began providing funds to educate second-generation leaders for OCI member ministries. The purpose of EAP is to financially assist in the training and education of staff, young and old, and children of staff who are dedicated and committed to sharing the gospel in practical and relevant ways. Their educational loans are forgiven when they return to serve an OCI ministry for a specified period of time. Some applicants continue to work full or part-time with OCI while obtaining their education.
Visit the Outpost Centers International website.

GYC is a lay organization of young people committed to the Adventist Church and its end-time message of Christ’s soon return. The organization aims to motivate young people to action by providing workshops, training, Bible studies and inspirational messages at their annual conference. They also seek to foster Christian fellowship, create networking opportunities, and encourage young people to assume leadership responsibility. Project funds will support the upcoming GYC conference to be held this year in Houston, Texas.

40. Gospel Outreach


Operated by unpaid volunteers since it began in 1993, GO sponsors national Bible workers and provides video evangelism resources to facilitate outreach primarily in the unreached 10/40 region, including the Silk Road. Sponsoring national Bible workers is illegal in China, so project funds will be used to develop an Internet media evangelism ministry in Shaoguan, supporting 11 people in the work of full-time Internet evangelism. The project already has well over a million hits, with more than 10 million expected by the end of the year.

LBM is an evangelistic and educational ministry reaching out to the world by publishing gospel literature, presenting seminars, hosting television and radio programs, and serving as a resource center for translating and disseminating literature, audio and video materials. Project funds will be used to print and ship four containers of evangelistic literature to the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division for use in a massive evangelistic thrust throughout the division.

MAP began when ASI members had a vision to provide funds for individuals and families who leave their homes to serve overseas in mission work. The program has been supporting individuals from all over the world, including the United States, Switzerland, Romania, Norway, Belgium, Germany, France, and South Africa. These individuals have embraced a life of service far from home, some for more than 20 years, serving OCI ministires in countries like Zambia, Tanzania, Brazil, Indonesia, Peru, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The program is funded by ASI donations and managed by Outpost Centers International.

43. New Beginnings DVD Project

$25,000 + Portion of overflow

ASI’s New Beginnings DVD evangelism training programs have had a tremendous impact around the world. ASI distributed approximately 10,000 DVDs the first Sabbath at the recent General Conference Session in Atlanta, with thousands more distributed before the session was over. Project funds will support ongoing distribution of the DVDs, as well as training in multiple languages around the world. This is a joint effort between ASI and the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

44. Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Inc. (3ABN)


3ABN is a lay-developed international media broadcasting network and a supporting ministry of the Adventist Church. It operates numerous specialty networks with worldwide broadcast coverage. 3ABN broadcasts the yearly ASI convention, as well as hundreds of programs featuring ASI members and ministries. Project funds will be used to convert three low-power stations from analog to digital format, as mandated by the FCC.
Visit the 3ABN website.

45. One-Day Structure Project

$25,000 + Portion of overflow

The One-Day Structure Project is a joint effort between ASI and Maranatha Volunteers Internaional. Thousands of structures have been built—primarily in Africa—but an estimated 10,000 more are needed, with requests coming in from new regions and countries every day. Project funds will support this ongoing church and school construction project.

Wildwood conducts health centers and clinics, health and evangelism training, agricultural and practical training, and extensive outreach mission programs around the world. LIGHT is a Wildwood program that conducts both short- and long-term health evangelism schools throughout the world. Project funds will support the ongoing efforts of LIGHT to train medical missionaries and help them establish new lifestyle centers around the world.

47. WIN! Wellness (a division of Marriage & Family Commitment Inc.)


WIN! Wellness provides education and assistance to families through seminars, counseling, and written materials. Their programs strengthen homes and bolster the faith of individuals. WIN! Wellness is the only public series that follows the Ministry of Healing model. Project funds will go toward introducing WIN! Wellness programs to four regions of China and to certify at least 200 training instructors, as well as to translate materials into Mandarin.