2009 Projects

Contributions to the 2009 ASI Convention special projects offering went to support 35 projects. The offering goal was $1,362,000. Any offering exceeding that amount was divided proportionally among the projects, up to a total of $1,767,250. Beyond that threshold, the overflow went to the Train Them Now and One-Day School projects.

Past Years Projects

1. Adventist Frontier Missions


One of the larger Middle Eastern countries has only 100 Adventists. AFM is running an outreach project in one of that country’s major cities, where a team of three missionary families has developed a home-based ministry with 30 people attending. A four- to six-story building will be purchased in the city, with space for literature sales, a worship center, missionary housing and one floor to lease out to generate income.

2. Congo Frontline Missions


For 50 years the Congo River Basin was essentially closed to mission work due to war, disease and poverty. CFM is reaching out to this region through colporteurs, church planters and a medical team. They also offer training in evangelism and agriculture. Funds will be used to expand CFM’s operations in the areas of evangelism, agriculture and health.

3. Eden Valley Foster Care Mission


Eden Valley Foster Care Mission provides foster care support for 800 AIDS orphans, other uncared-for children and elderly individuals in seven Tanzanian villages. Recently a nearby village donated 35 acres of land on which to build an industrial training school. A new church and an orphan home have already been built on the site. Six additional buildings will be constructed—two dormitories, an industrial building and three staff/children’s homes.

4. Fanantenana Training Center


In Madagascar, buying Spirit of Prophecy books is often prohibitively expensive. For example, one copy of The Great Controversy in the local Malagasy language costs one third of a teacher’s monthly salary. FTC will print and distribute Malagasy-language Conflict of the Ages sets and health literature in an inexpensive format. The sale of these books will also help fund future printings.

5. Israel Field of the Seventh-day Adventist Church


Today there are barely 1,000 Adventists in Israel. A bold plan has been put forth to plant an Adventist church in every major Israeli city, as well as to establish a Palestinian field. As part of this plan, a community service center will be launched in East Jerusalem to create a contact point for reaching Palestinians. The new center would offer health ministry, an English language school, and food, clothing and literature distribution to needy individuals.

6. Living Waters International


Living Waters has provided the village of Kaswanga, Kenya with clean drinking water and efficient drip irrigation systems and established a feeding center for local orphans. Next up is the construction of a storeroom, pantry and administrative offices, installation of two 10,000-liter water tanks, fencing of the two-acre feeding center and the purchase of both a projector for evangelistic and health seminars and 30 benches for the feeding center.

7. Maranatha Volunteers International

$250000 & 25000

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has seen tremendous growth in the region around Livingstone, Zambia. But while there are some 12,000 Adventists in the area, there are no Adventist schools. Using modified One-Day Church kits, two boarding schools will be built that will accommodate 500 students each.

In addition, some 35 One-Day Churches and 30 Sabbath school classrooms will be constructed in the Livingstone area in coordination with ASI Livingstone and Riverside Farm Institute.

8. REACH International


REACH has served more than 100,000 orphans since the organization was founded in 1973. As they expand their ministry, REACH will construct a new orphanage in Tanzania. Monies from this offering will help support the building project. Construction will be done in coordination with Kibidula Farm, also in Tanzania.

9. Riverside Farm Institute


RFI has a number of ministries, including a farm, Bible training school, agriculture training, food distribution, satellite training institutions, over 50 churches, health clinics and a lifestyle center. Funds will help purchase 16-passenger buses for transporting students, Bible workers, etc. In addition the agriculture program will purchase a wheat drill, greatly improving the sowing of the wheat fields.

10. Riverside Farm Institute


To support its many ministries, RFI generates revenue from several sources, chiefly a banana plantation. RFI’s banana plantation will be doubled in size, with funds from this offering providing for the purchase of new plants, irrigation and the preparation of the soil. A new truck will also be purchased to support RFI’s construction work across Zambia.

11. Centro Misionero de Salud


In addition to a lifestyle center, wholesale food operation, publishing and health services, CMS is adding a secondary school to its list of ministries. Funds will go toward the completion and furnishing of four classrooms at the school, with labor provided by CMS staff.

11. Living Springs Overseas Mission (Metro Lifestyle Ministries)


Living Springs operates three Bible seminaries and two orphanages in India. The seminaries provide training in evangelism, health and vocational trades. The orphanages care for 200 children who, in addition to academic training, learn a vocational trade and how to be medical missionaries. Project funds will help build a boys’ dormitory, dean’s apartment and guest rooms.
Visit the Living Springs Overseas Mission website.

12. God’s Helping Hands


GHH provides food and clothing distribution, a bilingual Bible course and basic medical and dental care to people in northern Guatemala. After unveiling a new clinic earlier this year, GHH will construct an evangelistic outreach center that will serve as a contact point for the community, providing health classes, workshops and more.

13. NAPS


The National Association for the Prevention of Starvation has launched an initiative to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to 100,000 people in the US, Africa and South America between May 2009 and June 2010. As part of this initiative, NAPS will build a missionary outpost in Guyana to serve individuals ministering deep in the interiors of Guyana and Brazil. In Africa NAPS will conduct multiple evangelistic campaigns in Mozambique, Malawi, Angola and Namibia.

14. People of Peru Project


People of Peru’s crisis center for abandoned girls has given the organization a recognized and appreciated presence in the local area. A new a dormitory will be constructed at People of Peru’s headquarters that will house 15-18 girls and include a kitchen and dining area, laundry, daycare and director’s residence. The dormitory will house older girls who are in transition to responsible adulthood.


15. Adventist Southeast Asia Projects


As ASAP expands their outreach in Southeast Asia, 500 DVD players and DVD sermon sets focusing on Adventist beliefs will be purchased. They will be used for outreach, new member nurture and for training ASAP lay pastors and youth evangelists. Funds will support the purchase of equipment, as well as the training sessions.

16. Generations Center


Generations Center Civic Association conducts community outreach using rented facilities in the city of Liberec, Czech Republic. Among their outreach projects is an English language course, which has resulted in a number of students attending Sabbath meetings. Overall, Generations Center has developed a meaningful connection with some 50 local families. Generations Center will enhance their facilities with new equipment, flooring and room remodeling. They will also purchase evangelistic materials.

17. Vietnam Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church


After the Vietnam War, the Adventist presence in Vietnam was almost extinguished. Today, while there are 13,000 Vietnamese Adventists, the church has little official presence. A new pastoral training center will be established on a 10-acre property outside Ho Chi Minh City. Funds will help provide classrooms, housing, a cafeteria, furnishings and equipment.

18. Advent Home Learning Center


Advent Home currently maintains a staff of 34, but has on-campus housing for only 25. Two additional family houses will be constructed. Funds will provide for the purchase of building materials. Offering suitable housing allows Advent Home to recruit and retain top-quality staff.

19. Creation Research and Educational Program


The Earth & Biological Sciences program on the campus of Loma Linda University offers the only accredited doctoral degrees in biology and geology in the world that incorporate a Christian, creation-based curriculum. Funds will support the EBS origins research and educational programs as well as provide for foreign student scholarships, programs which would otherwise be eliminated.

20. Eden Valley Institute


As part of its ministry, EVI operates Eden Valley Village, a state licensed assisted living facility featuring a beautiful country setting and an onsite physician. However, some of the center’s guest rooms are in need of modernization. Funds will be used to install in-room showers in 10 guest rooms.

21. Generation of Youth for Christ


This year’s GYC convention will take place in Louisville, Kentucky. It is anticipated that as part of the convention, more than 2,000 young people will participate in door-to-door public outreach. Funds will help provide literature for them to distribute, as well as support follow-up Bible work and an evangelistic series.

22. Heritage Academy


Last November, a staff house on the HA campus was destroyed by fire. The cause was a wood-fired furnace in the basement of the home. Another 14 HA staff homes are similarly equipped. These homes will be refitted with the furnaces relocated outside and roofs refurbished. Staff, students and volunteers will complete the majority of the work.

23. Institute of Archaeology


Modern archaeological research has provided substantial evidence for the validity of the Bible. The Institute of Archaeology on the campus of Southern Adventist University is leading archaeological excavations at historic biblical sites that are specifically targeted at providing further proof of biblical authenticity. Support from this offering will help sustain these excavations.

24. Origins and Creation Research


Art Chadwick, a faculty member in Southwestern Adventist University’s Department of Biology, has done significant research in the field of origins and creation. He will devote the coming year to additional scientific research on this topic and will also conduct a series of presentations at numerous locations, promoting a Christian, creation-based perspective on origins.

25. Pierson Institute of Evangelism & World Mission


The Pierson Institute of Evangelism and World Mission at Southern Adventist University operates a death row prison ministry in Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee, and in Scottsboro, Alabama. In cooperation with United Prison Ministries 2,000 Clear Word Bibles will be distributed to inmates in a number of prisons. Funds will help purchase the Bibles and also provide general support for the death row ministry.

26. The Quiet Hour


The Adventist Muslim Fellowship Association of Atlanta is one of the Quiet Hour’s outreach ministries to Muslims. It builds bridges between local Adventists and Muslims, and has a focus on community service projects and emphasizing the importance of Jesus Christ and the one Creator God. Funds will be used to progressively scale-up AMFA’s ministry.

27. Three Angels Broadcasting Network


The new worship center and children’s studio are tremendous blessings for 3ABN. To capitalize on the capabilities offered by these facilities, 3ABN will purchase equipment to fully outfit the worship center’s control room. Upon completion, the new control room will allow enhanced use of the children’s studio and enable 3ABN to broadcast a live weekly worship service.

28. We Have This Hope Christian Radio


We Have This Hope currently operates two outreach-oriented radio stations in central Minnesota. The FCC has granted them three additional broadcast licenses. One station is already in place and ready to broadcast. Funds will help develop broadcasting capabilities for the two additional sites—Warroad and Hibbing, Minnesota.

29. Weimar Center of Health & Education


Since partnering with Amazing Facts last year, Weimar has undergone significant changes. Weimar College has added new programs, campus renovations are underway and the NEWSTART program is seeing strong enrollment. A Licensed Vocational Nurse educational program will be established at Weimar College. Graduates will be prepared for practical mission service and have marketable skills in a high-demand field.

30. Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital


With individuals serving in numerous ministries, Wildwood has outgrown their current men’s dormitory. A new housing facility will be constructed, utilizing the same design as the new women’s dormitory. Providing such housing enables Wildwood recruit and retain personnel.

31. Better Living Ministry


Wildwood is assisting in the establishment of Better Living Ministry, a supporting ministry in Québec, Canada that will produce outreach-oriented French-language radio, television and Internet content. BLM will also produce programming for Radio 74, which will be targeted at the world’s 100 million French-speaking people. Funds will help BLM build a small media production studio.

32. Youth for Jesus


ASI Youth for Jesus is a month-long youth-led evangelism program held in the city hosting the ASI convention. YFJ provides young people with training from experienced evangelists and Bible workers. Then the youth go into the community, where they’re involved in door-to-door outreach, Bible studies, preaching the gospel and introducing people to Jesus Christ. Funds will provide ongoing support for YFJ.

33. Generation of Youth for Christ


GYC is developing a unique set of Bible studies especially for young people. It will contain 30 studies that lead the reader through fundamental Adventist beliefs. While written content will be donated, GYC will hire freelance graphic artists to design the lessons. Funds will also help develop an online training program and web-based Bible study lessons.

34. Missionary Assistance Plan


MAP provides modest monthly payments to supporting ministry missionaries serving in places such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Guyana, Madagascar and elsewhere. These missionaries are paid a tiny fraction of that they could earn back home in the US or other developed countries. MAP funds allow these missionaries to purchase adequate food, clothing and other basic necessities, and also help provide for periodic furloughs.

35. OCI Educational Assistance Plan


OCI’s Educational Assistance Plan provides college tuition assistance for the children of supporting ministry workers. Funds are supplied as loans—to be repaid over time if the recipient does not continue in supporting ministry work, or forgiven after several years of service at a supporting ministry. EAP funds are also available to supporting ministry workers themselves, should they choose to pursue a higher education.

36. Wildwood LIGHT


Wildwood operates LIGHT—Lay Institute of Global Health Training—which offers a short, intensive medical missionary course that can be easily conducted at locations around the world. Funds will help LIGHT achieve their goal of establishing at least one permanent training center in every union of the Seventh-day Adventist Church within the next five years.

37. The One-Day School

Overflow overflow

Around the world there is an acute shortage of Seventh-day Adventist schools. Some areas have no school whatsoever, while in other regions classes are held in dilapidated or cramped facilities. To help address this problem, schools made of modified One-Day Church kits will be constructed worldwide.

38. Train Them Now

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Train Them Now is a joint effort between the General Conference and ASI to train and equip Seventh-day Adventist laypeople worldwide for evangelism. Using multiple translations of the New Beginnings DVD set, the training—conducted by lay volunteers—has proven a successful, practical means for establishing sustained and effective local evangelism around the world.