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May 2019

Feature: How to Live and not Die: Is it really that simple?

I was only six years old when my grandfather had a massive heart attack and was sent home to die. Just before he left the hospital, his doctor told him there were some things he couldn’t eat anymore, including meat, milk, eggs, and white bread. This was no small order for my grandfather; he raised chickens and would normally eat six eggs in one sitting. If just one egg per day is too much for a person’s body to process… Read more

April 2019

Feature: The Power of the Word

One of the greatest privileges I have enjoyed is working at summer camp. The natural beauty, music, activities, and spiritual lessons all point to a Source of vitality and hope whom I can trust to get me through the challenges of life. You know who I am talking about: Jesus Christ. Through His power, I was able to minister to one of His children who was illiterate—unable to read or write anything except… Read more

March 2019

Feature: The Little Pastors

Mindanao, Philippines – Mike Cordes sits on a riverbank, taking in the sounds of the jungle: insect wings buzz, the river murmurs under a carpet of water lilies, a Kingfisher chirps nearby. He is listening for the rumble of motorcycle engines which will herald the arrival of his medical missions trainees. The trainees that are arriving live in a remote village and have faced an arduous 2-day journey… Read more

February 2019

Feature: Ayyad Meets Jesus

Ayyad was the leader of a terrorist cell in an east African country. He had directed many brutal operations against people suspected of being foreigners or traitors to Islam. He believed, as many do, that performing an act of jihad (a struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam) such as committing suicide while killing others will allow one to earn instant entrance into eternal paradise… Read more

January 2019

Feature: The Bible for All

“You and I have received a call: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). But how? When? Where? Last month, something extraordinary happened in Norway. A project called The Bible for All was launched with the aim of giving one Bible to every home and every family in the country. We at Matteson Mission School were responsible… Read more

December 2018

Feature: Rabbi Seeking Help

On November 26, 2017, a very sick Orthodox Jewish man was received at Migdalia. He was a Rabbi from Jerusalem and found out about our Lifestyle Medical Center from the Internet. When he arrived, he was barely able to walk because of severe diabetes. His legs and feet were swollen, hard and blue from lack of circulation. He was very obese. He had extremely high blood pressure… Read more