The ASI membership application and approval process includes the following steps:

  1. An application is submitted to the ASI National office.
  2. ASI verifies that the application is complete and contacts the applicant’s local pastor for a recommendation.
  3. Recommendation requests are sent to the ASI Secretaries in the applicant’s conference and union.
  4. After all recommendations are submitted, the application is presented to the ASI Membership Committee.
  5. Applications approved by the Membership Committee are forwarded to the ASI Executive Committee for final review.
  6. Individuals who are approved for membership are notified via an email sent to the address they provide on their application. They are asked to confirm instructions for payment of their initial dues.
  7. An official, customized ASI Certificate of Membership is mailed to the new member.

Click below to apply for ASI membership:

ASI Membership Application
Organizational Nonprofit Membership Application Guidelines (downloadable and fillable PDF)
Supporting Ministries Guidelines (downloadable and fillable PDF)


Click below to make a dues payment and renew membership online. (Only current, already-approved members may make online membership dues payments. Prospective new members should submit credit card information or a check with their membership application. The first membership dues payment will not be processed until membership has been approved. Notice of approval will be sent via email.)