“Tell the World!” was the theme for the 2006 and 2007 ASI International Conventions. During that time, ASI committed to participate with the General Conference of Seventh-day Adentists in its initiative to train 5 million lay people worldwide to share God’s end-time message of truth with the world.

Since then, thousands have been trained to use the New Beginnings DVD materials, developed in 2000 by ASI, to do evangelism in their own churches and communities. This lay-training initiative has been successfully field tested in Southeast Asia, InterAmerica, and the former Soviet Union. The New Beginnings DVD series has been adapted and translated for use around the globe. During the recent General Conference Session in Atlanta, Ga., thousands more received their own copies of the New Beginnings evangelism and Abundant Life health DVDs.

This webpage has been posted as an information and materials resource for those who have copies of the DVDs and who need further instruction and training. Additional resources and information will be posted as it becomes available.


Train Them Now! New Beginnings DVD Training Manual (PDF) 
Welcome & Introduction
Evangelism God’s Way: Union of Pastors & Laity
The Power of the Holy Spirit & Intercessory Prayer
How To Get an Audience
Organizing Your Meetings
Science of Effective Visitations
ASI Experiences in Lay Evangelism
Let the Holy Spirit Empower You
Elements of Effective Appeals
Getting Decisions
Preparing Candidates For Baptism
Appendix A–Sample Training Schedule
Appendix B–Soul-winning Sermons
Appendix C–New Beginnings Sermons
Appendix D–Commitment Forms
Appendix E–Train the Trainer Application Form & Checklist
Appendix F–Setting Up Equipment & How To Use the Program

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