Soles for Souls

Service, Outreach, Love and Engagement = Success

We often hear words in a mission tagline designed to inspire and motivate. But what about words like practical, helpful, relevant, useful? These words may not inspire a crowd, but sharing Christ in the marketplace is impossible without them. Imagine service that isn’t practical? Outreach that isn’t relevant? Or engagement that isn’t useful?

Soles for Souls is a project linking service and engagement with practicality and usefulness. It’s a project intended to reach the hearts, minds and souls of people in need in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s a mission to promote simple acts of kindness and a challenge to give back to a community.

How can you become involved? It’s easy.

  1. Bring a pair of NEW shoes and/or socks to ASI’s 2019 International Convention in Louisville, Kentucky!
  2. Drop off the shoes/socks at the Registration desk in the Convention Center.
  3. Smile because you made a difference. 😊

Join us as we serve others practically, reach out relevantly, and engage usefully. Together, we will spread the kindness and love of Jesus throughout the streets of Louisville!