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Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program


Includes all meals; and four complimentary books (valued at $85)

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Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program

The ASI Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program (NLCP) is an intensive leadership development program that is specifically designed for ASI members. This program will equip participants with strategies and professional skills to successfully lead and manage nonprofit organizations.

  • July 29 – 31, 2019

  • Louisville, Kentucky

  • $150 per Person

  • Includes 4 Meals

  • Includes 4 Complimentary Books

  • Registration Closes July 15.


Sung Kwon, Executive Director

Adventist Community Services
North American Division

Lilya Wagner, Director

Philanthropic Service for Institutions North American Division

Tim Northrop, President

Adventist Risk Management
General Conference

Karnik Doukmetzian, General Counsel

Office of General Counsel
General Conference

Celeste Blyden, Vice President

Communication Services
Columbia Union Conference

Lori Yingling, Director

Human Resources
General Conference