Postponed to November 16 – 22

The First Worldwide Virtual Conference for Your Startup & Ministry

Register for the ASI-Hyve co-event to:

  • Hear presentations from industry leaders from around the world

  • Gain tips on scaling your business

  • Develop your startup strategy

  • Learn how to pitch your idea to investors

  • Network with like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Learn how to share Christ in your new business

Hyve Website

The ASI team is excited to announce an ASI partnership and co-event with Hyve!

Hyve is a faith-based community of innovators committed to positively reshaping the worldview and culture of society. Hyve is committed to seeing faith-based entrepreneurship reflourish in the world following in the footsteps of entrepreneurs such as James White and John Andrews.

Through this partnership with Hyve, ASI is taking steps to nurture Adventist entrepreneurship and ministry while simultaneously growing ASI membership and participation. Hyve is seeking to cultivate Adventist entrepreneurship in Young Professionals, individuals, ministries, and nonprofits.

The ASI-Hyve co-event will encourage ASI members to foster their business endeavors while facilitating relationships with Hyve attendees and encouraging their participation in ASI. Registering for the Hyve event will include registration for ASI’s International Convention, growing our family while cultivating Adventist leaders.

Attend the ASI-Hyve co-event to hear presentations from industry leaders from around the world. Learn how to scale your business, pitch your idea to investors, and develop your startup strategy in Hyve’s “Hackathons”.